Midweek Randoms

  • How is it already Wednesday? I double checked my calendar just now. 
  • I posted some fun football goodies yesterday if you are looking fo fun ideas for this season!
  • My friend, Whitney (we grew up together), opened a Etsy shop and is making ADORABLE bows! Also, I feel like they are a great price. Still debating which ones to order Sloane :) See, cute….
  • Speaking of Whitney, she recently did THIS post on SMA. It’s in regards to a friend, very close to my heart. I posted about her here and here when her son went to Heaven. Please become aware and spread the word. 
  • I wish Whitney and I were neighbors and she would make me cloth diaper and coupon. She’s pretty much super woman. 
  • As you can probably gather, from my Twitter, Instagram and post on Monday, I’m having a hard time letting first birthday party things go. I thought I would be fine with getting these highchairs and using them for the party, then just getting rid of them. I don’t want to. After I tweeted/Instagramed the pic, everyone agreed I should keep them :) Thanks to sweet Aja for spotting them for me and to my parents for getting them painted. I still have a little cake to clean off 😉
  • I definitely don’t mind having all the flowers from the party around our house. There are about 100. Unfortunately, they won’t last forever…
  • Knox & Sloane have been loving their new toys! We gave them a few, but we still have a stash :) I figured I’d them like one a week that way they don’t get tired of things :) They got some of THE sweetest gifts!
  • The tunnel has been a big hit!
  • Some of my best friends came in town for the babies’ party and I loved it :) I’m hoping now that the babies are getting a bit older, than we can head out of town to parties, too!
  • Phone pics from the party turn out a bit red because the venue had lots of neon lights, from old signs, but the ones Brent’s mom took shouldn’t :) I’ll post all of them soon.
  • Knox & Sloane have their one year appt this week! Kind of excited for that. 
  • I would like to think he would confirm that we are done with formula, but we aren’t :( It will be at least the end of the month until we have Knox’s allergy testing back and then he is going to do a patch test. The Pediatric Allergist wants us to wait until we have a few things figured out before changing. Speaking of forumla, I may have saved a bunch of containers hoping our recycle guy could recycle them. Crazy? Maybe. I nursed to ten months and this isn’t even half of the containers. Woof. 
  • So, all my herbs died outside. They couldn’t withstand the 118 temps we had last month. I got two new basil plants and they are doing pretty good inside, but I need to use some soon. I’m craving pesto. 
  • Don’t forget you can buy some Stella & Dot sample necklaces in one of my posts from last week, here.
  • My parents’ anniversary is this weekend and they have been married FORTY years. Pretty awesome!
  • Okay, I must end my random thoughts. My day is filled with laundry and pulling out more clothes the babies can’t wear anymore :(

Have a good day!


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    Wow that bow is SO cute!! I'm going to save that link in case babe 2 turns out to be a girl! I don't think Reid would appreciate cutesy bows in his hair :)

    I can't believe your babies are a year old!! Even seeing all your pictures it is so hard to believe. Everything looked so perfect! I don't blame you for hanging on to those highchairs! My parents still have the one my brother and I used when we were babies. Reid uses it at their house all the time! My mom is going to paint it a fun bright color at some point. So cute!

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    My son is a couple days older than the twins and he has allergies as well. I thought we would be able to go off formula, but just got moved up to the toddler version. He is on Neocate Junior now. We are also trying to figure out what is going on in his little belly. Hope you get some answers from the patch test.

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    You can recycle the containers at whole foods, at least by me we can. They take #5 plastics and lots of other seemingly in recyclable products too.

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    The highchairs turned out so cute. I'm really hoping I can find one to refinish/paint for Caroline's birthday. I can't wait to see all the birthday party pictures of your beautiful babies. And seriously, how are they ONE already?! Time needs to slow down!

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