Mar-L’s Tams & Togs

One of my sponsors, Mar-L’s Tams & Togs, sent Knox & Sloane the CUTEST little outfits.

I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with the little dress. I think it’s just THE cutest thing. When Sloane sits down and it covers her little legs completely, it’s adorable. Oh, and she walks. When she walks in a little dress and I melt. Of course, Mr. Knoxy is a super handsome in his tie, too.

PERFECT little outfits! I can’t wait to order a few more for fall and winter.

If you are interested in any of Mar-L’s adorable items, they are offering my readers a discount! From now until Friday, you can get 15% off your order by entering “WONDERFUL15″ :)

Let me tell you, it’s pretty impossible right now to get a picture of these two FAST little babes. I ended up putting the flash one some pics, so those are a bit brighter than I would have liked, of course. One day, I’ll take a class on how to work my camera. My mother-in-law gives me tips, but I can never remember and in the moment, I HATE missing pictures and getting blurry shots. It’s the worst :( A few from this shoot didn’t turn out and it bummed me out, but these are pretty sweet…..


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    I really don't think they could get any more beautiful than they already are!!! I love Sloane's dress and Knox's onesie – oh. my. goodness!!!!!

    So cute!!!

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    Those outfits are precious! Love the coordinating tie on Knox's shirt. I can't believe Sloane leaves that big flower on her head for so long! Your babies are adorable times 2!

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