Life Planner Attempt #2

Last summer, I fell in love (like many of you) with the Erin Condren Life Planner. I ordered one and planned away as I waited on Knox & Sloane to arrive. Although I didn’t plan much because I was soon to have two new babies. I basically just admired the beauty of the planner.

My first one can be seen here. You may really realize I’m obsessed with Erin Condren goodies if you remember me posting my notepads, stationery,  return address labels, and gift labels. What can I say, I think they are bright and fun designs.

Well, Knox & Sloane arrived and they were the only ones planning things… eating, changing, sleeping and playing. My planning other stuff went out the window.

When I did pick up something to focus on, it was usually my phone, computer or Bible. I didn’t really have time for anything else in the mix. I would pick the Life Planner up every now and then, but then I was just get annoyed that I hadn’t been using it and think, what’s the point in starting? Crazy, right? Yes.

With that being said, I was not organized when it came to anything else besides the babies. I would get invitations for parties in the mail and think, oh I’ll remember that. Then, I wouldn’t. Then, I couldn’t find the invitation to reference back to. I have gotten pretty good at storing things on my phone calendar and setting an alarm. I must say I like that it beeps and reminds me. That’s a definite plus.

I knew I wanted to give the Life Planner another go because I really do think it’s a great planner.

My favorite part….it can be personalized :)

Seriously, LOVE. These are just a FEW of my favorite pictures from this past year. A few are from our family photos, when the babies were about 9 months,  one of them in the bath (which I think is so sweet) and the other from Cohen’s Heart Walk. You can see brother and sister on the back of their shirt :)

{My mother-in-law took all the pics except the bath one.}

That was my life for last year and it will be my life for this year and I love that I can look down and see those pictures when I’m planning more fun “life” stuff, haha.

If you’ve not seen one of these in person, the front and back covers are both a laminated type of finish, so that makes it nice and sturdy.

Other things I like?

I love quotes. Always have, always will. I think, back in the day, I used to put a quote at the bottom of each blog post. I know I did with Xanga :)

I also love they give you a pocket for storing things and a zip pouch, too.

Did I mention personalization? Sticker love!

I will use this planner and these goodies :) Do you have a planner? I want to see!

You guys probably know I’m a huge fan of Tiny Prints. They don’t carry the Erin Condren Life Planner, but they DO carry her “Notebook with Monthly Calendar” which is VERY similar. You can read a comparison HERE. They also have the notepads and acrylic trays, too. You can get 10% off your Tiny Prints order HERE using code “10AUG” :)

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Happy Planning & Happy Friday! 


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    I also bought an Erin Condren Life Planner last year, but when I had my twins in March 2011, it was put on the bookshelf and forgotten. I would grab it once in a while and try to use it, but I was just so busy with the babies that I couldn't find time to organize anything but them. I finally grabbed it again when I went back to work again in March 2012 and it has been a life saver. I just received my 2012-13 version a couple weeks ago and I love it! Hope you find your second life planner as useful as I do :) P.S. You have such a beautiful family!

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    I bought one last year — and it's sitting in between the seats in my van. :( I did use it religiously for a while, and then I just kind of stopped. I want to order another one, but I know it would probably be the same kind of deal… maybe if there's a good coupon code for it I will, lol!

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    So cute! Funny, we ordered the same planner last year & the one I planned to order this year is the collage. Just haven't done it yet because mine doesn't end till Jan.

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    I've been wanting one of these for a while now, but I'm forcing myself to refrain until I'm back home in the states. The OCD freak inside me is drooling over yours! I love that you can personalize them and they're SO bright and colorful! :)

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    I ordered an Erin Condren planner last year for me and a gift for my sister for Christmas! When I make myself use it I absolutely LOVE it! Love how you put all your sweet pics on the front cover of yours. May have to consider putting family pics on mine for next year! :)

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    Ordered mine last year after seeing yours……love….it goes everywhere with me!!!! I was just looking last night at the new designs….I am so OCD..and want to order the 17 month one now because I already have so many 2013 dates I want to write down….waiting for a groupon or awesome deal….got mine half off last year…but would so pay full price….love the cover of yours!!!!

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    I really love my notebook – don't feel I need a 'planner' but at 50.00, don't think I will replace it unless I get another 25.00 off coupon!

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    Through the many blogs I read I was introduced to Erin Condren and her products. At first I was holding out since this is not a cheap planner. However, I am on my second planner that goes from july yo july. I did not have pictures put on just picked a cute design. I am in love with the pad and set of pens that can be added. I am a little anal when it comes to the puns that I use. Since I have a chronic illness and spend lots of time seeing specialist this planner makes sure I don't overbook, and or forget to make an appointment. I am in LOVE with my planner and can go on and on about it. I also have note cards with return labels and when I use them I always get a compliment on them. The money spent is so with it !

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