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I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I love jewelry. I go through phases, though. Sometimes I wear it a lot sometimes, I just wear the basics. If I don’t feel like wearing jewelry, I still always have on my wedding ring and diamond studs. I just don’t go without those.

I’m pretty much a jewelry junkie when it comes to costume jewelry. I like options. If I find something I like, I get it in several colors. That’s just who I am :)

I have a jewelry box for all my fine gems, but I decided it was time to get my other necklaces, earrings & bracelets a bit more organized. I have a lot of each and I felt like they were kind of all spread out. Now, they are almost all in their own area, if you will.

This is what I did with the necklaces.

It works great for me!

No, it’s not all of them, but it’s most 😉 It’s the ones I wear the most, or am more likely to wear. I didn’t have any wall in my closet to hang anything, and I didn’t really want it out in plain view so we put it in the toilet area of our bathroom. Maybe a weird place, but it fits good…and I can add if I need to….and people don’t have to see a wall covered in necklaces 😉

Honestly, I didn’t browse Pinterest for ideas on organizing jewelry, but I should have. It probably would have been easier than going up and down the aisle of Lowe’s, with my husband, debating what kind of concoction we could come up with I could convince him to build or install. My earring holder may be a little far-fetched, but it works so good. It’s almost done and then I’ll post it :)

The holders in the picture above are from Lowe’s. I think they were about $6.50 each. They have great hooks and you can fit more than one necklace on each.

How do you organize your jewelry? I’d love links to any posts or pins!


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    I would have never thought of using the walls in the toilet area… but it's a great idea! I might have to start considering using my walls for something like this!

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    I'm so impressed with your organization. I had great intentions of organizing my necklaces when we moved… but they're still in their individual Ziplocs from the move! I think I've unpacked like, 4… the ones I always wear. And they're hanging out in a bowl by my sink :)

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    I love this idea! I just showed it to my husband and told him we are doing this this weekend!

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I had a random dream about you and your babies! Y'all moved to SC and you visited my church and left the babies in the nursery. Random I know! They were a little older though, like toddlers running around. I was just blown away that I had a dream about you and I don't even know you, just follow your blog and instagram!

    I thought I should share with you, lol. Have a great day! :)

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    You've got some gorgeous pieces of jewelry! I love the way you organized them. I have been searching for a way to store mine and I'm thinking about using a cork board somehow.

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    Having your necklaces in the toilet room made me laugh – but I love it! I've always thought we made our toilet room too big so now I can fill it with some pretty things. Love all your necklaces too!

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