Fresh Food Fridge

It’s important to me to keep a fresh kitchen. Not only do I want the feel of the room to be fresh, but I want the food to be fresh, too. We aren’t always successful at eating fresh, but we do make it priority. 

I really try to buy organic fruits and veggies, especially when buying for Knox & Sloane. I want it to be as fresh and clean as possible, although sometimes I don’t think organic lasts quite as long. I assume this is because of the way it’s “treated” or how it’s grown and even processed. Therefore, it can be a bit tricky storing it and eating in a timely manor.

We buy lots of fruits and vegetables. I’m not a huge meat-eater and, honestly, I could live mainly on fruits and veggies. I enjoy my fair share of carbs too, though, and won’t ever have a pasta-free diet, though I like brown-rice pasta pretty well.

It’s not easy to keep fruits and veggies fresh for as long as we’d like. But the GE French Door Fridge seems to be top of the line at keeping fruits, veggies and other foods at their freshest for as long as possible! It uses a dual evaporator system to help prevent food from going bad before you remember to eat it. It’s also Energy-Star-qualified and has a double filtration system that’s useful for drinking and cooking.

Check out more great features below.

To test the refrigerator, GE connected it to a generator, filled it with fresh food and drove it across the country. Once it reached its destination the fresh food was used to cook a meal for a homesick scientist who was working in the desert. Check out the trip in the Freshpedition webisodes HERE!

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