On Sunday, my parents celebrated forty years of marriage. Forty. 

Actually, we all celebrated. Brent and I had them and the rest of our family over for dinner. It was a really nice time.

My parents moved here, from Texas, when we found out Cohen’s heart was broken. I think that alone says what kind of parents they are. They had been living in Texas basically of of their lives.

Brent has all of his immediately family here and they’ve been so welcoming to my parents and to me. I’m very grateful for that. I know combining some families can be tricky, but this one wasn’t at all.

My parents met in college, in Texas. They got married when my mom was 21 and my dad was 27.

They had tough years like I know most marriages do. They also tried to a baby for eleven years and were told their chances were one in a million. Can you imagine how stressful that could be on a marriage? They adopted my brother and we are all very thankful for him. A year to do the day that they brought him home, I was born.

I’m glad God brought my brother and I to my parents. They deserve us and we deserve them. Brian and I have tried to be good children and respectful children. He has had struggles, but we’ve always supported him.

That’s what we will always be, their children. We are adults now, and the parent/child relationship often reverses with age, but we are children from their marriage. They worked on their marriage and tried at their marriage. They succeeded at their marriage.

I hope Brent and I do the same.

I can obviously say we’ve gone through trying times. Not with our marriage per se, but experiencing what we did with Cohen our fourth year of marriage wasn’t exactly something we were prepared for. And let’s be honest, who is ever prepared for twins? haha. We are grateful for both experiences and I know both things have actually been good for our relationship, but hard at times.

Thankfully, Brent and I both have been raised by parents who have shown us what a relationship is. His parents are divorced, but both found love again after. It’s not always a walk in the park and sure there may be times where you want to yell at the other one, but I think we’ve gathered how we want to be and how we don’t want to be….in our relationship. We will have been together ten years on September first. Ten years seems like a long time when you say it, but that’s the quickness of time.

I know we will make it to forty years…and fifty years…and sixty years…and who knows how long :)

I know these are kind of a bunch of random thoughts. When I’ve told people we were celebrating my parents anniversary or that they’ve been married for forty years this year, I usually get the, “wow, that’s awesome and such a long time.” It has just made me think what their marriage means to me.


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    Such an amazing thing to celebrate. The older you get the more you realize the love and effort two people put forth to go through life together, and when you see how many people don't make it, it's truly amazing and wonderful when two people do! Congrats to your parents :)

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    Congratulations to your parents! Marriage is hard work. I recently finished the book Babyproofing your Marriage and found it to be the best best book on marriage and parenting that I have ever read. Lots of great tips and reasons why women and men think the way they do. I know that I am from Venus and my hubby is from Mars. HA!

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    That is such a special time.
    In April, my parents celebrated 51. They have had health issues in the last few years. This year alone my father had a stroke but is doing ok. My mother just 11 days ago had her second aortic dissection in 6 months. My father has been there for her every day each time.
    All the best for many more for your parents.

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    I love your thoughts on marriage Megan! I feel the same way. Russ and I will have been together for 10 years in February.. Time really does fly. Congrats to your parents on 40 years! What great examples they are :)

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    Such a wonderful post Megan! So happy for your parents on FORTY years! That is such a wonderful a accomplishment and deserves a celebration for sure! Xo

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    My folks just celebrated their 40th in February this year. Happy 40 Years to your parents! They sound like a wonderful example for you, Brent, Knox and Sloane.

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    I think so often when marriages get tough people quit. But when I look at my parents and other couples (such as your parents) that have made it through, and really love each other, I realize that it's not about it being easy all the time. It's about sticking it out. It really is about for better and for worse. I think marriages were probably a lot stronger when quitting was not an option. Congratulations to your parents.

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    Awww – that is so sweet. My parents will celebrate 60 years of marriage next weekend – we will all gather for a family dinner to help them mark the occasion. My parents are my guardian angels here on earth – I am who I am because of them! They have had hard times, especially losing two grandkids already (my newphew 9 years ago and my son this year). SO HARD. But they are stronger because of it! I wish your parents a very happy anniversary!

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    So wonderful to be able to celebrate 40 years of marriage! My parents just hit their 30th anniversary. It makes me excited to spend that amount of time with my hubs. Congrats to your parents!

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