For Sale!

Thank you for the sweet words on yesterday's post.

Today, I'm linking up with the Lamberts Lately for a blog sale.

This post is baby clothes, but if I'm hoping to get a post up of maternity clothes and one of normal clothes, so keep checking back!

I may even add some to this post. My previous baby clothes' sales are HERE and HERE There are a few items left in those.

As for baby, I have TONS. So this won't be the last. For stuff they are wearing this summer, I may not post until next spring, though because no one will really need their size they are wearing now going into fall & winter...or that is what I figure anyway!

To purchase, please EMAIL me and include the number of the item you want in the SUBJECT line.

Prices INCLUDE SHIPPING & TRACKING - those together are usually about $3-6.

From what I can tell, these are all stain free. I hang most everything to dry except jammies and some onesies. Sorry for the wrinkles, some were in boxes, even on hangers. . Most things have only been worn a few times, if that. Some still have tags.

1. SOLD - Ralph Lauren - 9m, $11

2. SOLD Circo, newborn, $8

3. SOLD Gap, 0-3, $10

4. SOLD Ralph Lauren, 9m, $12

5. SOLD Dwell Studio (sweater material), 3m, $9

6. SOLD - Ralph Lauren, 3m, $10

7. Koala Kids,  0-3, $8

8. SOLD Monday's Child, 18m, NWT, $16

9. SOLD Children's Place, 3-6m, $11

10. SOLD - Ralph Lauren, 3m, $11

11. Old Navy button up 3-6m, Baby Gap Onesie 0-3m, $11 for both

12. SOLD Ralph Lauren, 3m, $12

13. SOLD -  left to right: 
Carter's 3m
Baby Gap (that's a tag/sticker on front, it hasn't been worn) 3-6m
Genuine baby 6m
all for $10

Happy Shopping!


  1. I would like to purchase #1, my paypal account is katie_clements@yahoo.com


  2. Is there anything cuter than pink ruffles? Lol. Love it.


  3. I'm doing a blog sale this Thursday and would love for you to come and join and link up ... here are the details:



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