Facebook :)

I hope you all had a good weekend!

I finally decide to make a Facebook page for my blog :)

For a while, I didn’t really see a point, but lately I’ve had quite a few friend requests from people that read my blog. So, I thought I would keep my personal page for those I “know” :) However, I can’t wait to “meet” those that I don’t, on my Facebook blog page!

If you want to join along, you can find it HERE.

And because they were extra cute all the time this weekend…..

..sweet smiles from my almost-one-year-olds.

I’ll be in the corner crying as they grow too fast.


  1. says

    They do grow too fast. But atleast you have this blog and tons of pictures, to help savor the memories, because as they get older it seems to go faster and faster.

  2. says

    I LOVE the way you always have the twins dressed so cute! I have loved dressing my little boy in smocked outfits, but just found out this next baby is a little GIRL! I feel like I'get m totally clueless on where to get cute girl clothes and headbands for infants. Any way you could share where you shop/order from??? Maybe a whole post on it?!?!?!?

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