Even the Seats

Over the past two weeks, we’ve converted Knox & Sloane into their big kid seats.

I say big kids, but they aren’t. They are still my bitty babies. Even the seats made me want to cry. Not sad tears, but happe ones. I’m happy they are here. I’m happy we made it through out first year, but I am a bit sad it’s almost over. Bittersweet.

I do look forward to year two and all the ones after. 
I still remember putting them in their infant carriers and Brent carrying them out of the hospital. Then, we took them into their nursery and it was quite surreal. I’ve clearly been reflecting quite a bit on on “coming home” post. Melts my heart.
I would say quite a bit has changed in one quick year…..
But really, how cute are they in their new seats? 
You can imagine I’m a sappy mommy this week as we come to a close on this precious first year. Bare with me 😉 


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    Aww how sweet! I remember reading your coming home post and I can't believe it's been a whole YEAR! They're so big and so stinkin' cute!

    Congrats Knox and Sloane on your big kid seats! xoxo

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    They look like little tiny doll babies in their infant seats, Megan! I cannot, CANNOT believe how quickly they've grown up! It's been SO sweet watching them on your blog! Love those bitties!!

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    My daughter is one week younger than your little peanuts, and we moved her into her Britax Boulevard (same model as Sloane's) in May! You most certainly will not be dissapointed with the carseats!!

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    I was so sad to say good bye to my daughter's infant seat, too…but I can't get over how cute she looks in her big girl seat, either, which made the transition a little easier :)

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    they are so so so adorable. i think at every age & milestone it is bittersweet & yet so exciting at the same time. my son will be 4 next month & i am having a terrible time with it. i miss the baby age SO much! enjoy each & every precious moment, but you already know that :)

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