Eleven Months!

I’m a bit delayed on this, but Knox & Sloane turned eleven months old on July 19th.

At the time, they were both kind of sicky, so I waited a week or two to
take some pictures. I love watching them play and interact. It’s pretty
much impossible to have them sit on the couch together, for more than a
few seconds, as I’m sure you can tell below. Also impossible for them
not to take their monthly sticker off their shirts 😉 They’d rather chew
on it!

Their little personalities are so funny and pretty different!


You had some sickies a little bit this month, but you gave us lots of extra cuddles. I’m not quite sure I’ve ever known a little boy your age who liked to cuddle your age, sick or not, but we certainly don’t mind :) You will let us hold you and we love it.

You are still pretty quick to get angry if you don’t get your way, but I THINK you have gotten better. I know now that you are reading this, you are thinking to yourself, there is no way I was ever like that.

You give us the funniest laughs and smiles. Your teeth feel your big smile and it’s pretty funny!

You are almost taking a full step, but not quite. You are starting to let go a lot more and work on balance.

You are ALL boy. You love balls, throwing balls, turcks and building things with blocks. You are a bit more risky, as I think most boys tend to be.

You think dancing and music is so fun. You and Sloane both do. It doesn’t matter if it’s music from a toy or something you hear on TV, you start shaking your little booty. SO funny.

You are interested in everything. You constantly are checking something out.

You are sleeping pretty good still, thank you, although you’ve had a few times where you have woken because your little skin itched.

We are working to figure out your skin. You have your second rash, but it’s starting to clear up some. You are going in for an MRI in a few weeks so make sure it has nothing to do with the nerves behind your eye that cause your Ptosis.

You are saying mama and dada and a bunch of other jibberish. I’m definitely thinking you and Sloane have started talking in yall’s language to one another.

You are still on the small side, but you are doing much better on eating and getting over your texture issues.

You are the silliest, serious most adorable little eleven month old I have ever seen. I’m SO thankful your are our little baby man :)



What a princess! You are definitely our dainty little girl. You still have lots of sweet baby chub, and I’m hoping it sticks around :)

You are SO FUNNY. You will do anything to make us laugh, and we do. You stand on your head and raise your legs, sometimes your arms. You will laugh at us so fast just so we will laugh back at you.

You are quite the little mocker. We do it and you try it.

Your favorite thing right now is to blow kisses. You and Knox both love clapping your hands.

You are almost walking! I think you’ve taken about four full steps. Some days, you practice a lot and some days you act like crawling will be just fine. Sometimes you get silly when you are practicing and throw your hands in the air. It’s great.

You love food. You will eat about anything. Although, at a birthday party last weekend, you didn’t seem to interested in cupcake. I’m sure that’s changed by now. I’ll will have probably make you lots already.

You think throwing your paci out of your crib is funny. You only do it during your morning nap. I will go pick it up twice for you and then after that, you stop. I even put a second one in and you throw it, too.

You love to share. You will give your toys to Knox all day long. He gets angry if you take his, but you always hand it back once he screams.

You still have your little widow’s peak, but we are working on it. Your hair is definitely getting longer.

You LOVE the rocking frog. You are almost getting on and off by yourself, but if you see it, you immediately go up to it, stand up and try to push the music buttons.

You are a little poser. You like pictures. You aren’t turning your little chin down quite like you used to, though.

You are bashful and sometimes take a bit to warm up to people. That’s not a bad thing, but it makes it hard for me to ask you to blow a kiss. However, in the grocery store, everyone that comes up to you, you blow them kisses, haha.

You are the most adorable baby girl and I can see you turning into a little girl everyday. You keep us laughing and it’s the best feeling! We love you so much!


This picture melts my heart….


*Outfits from SheSheMade
*Sloane’s bow from Bloomies.


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    Megan first off I love your new blog design! Can the twins get any cuter?! I love their little popscicle outfits and girl Im gonna tell ya now picture taking doesn't get easier lol, Kelcee is five and she does this funny cheesy face now ha! ok so I love that they are almost walking and I loved reading all the updates of what they are doing these days! I will pray on Cohen's MRI I am sure it will be just fine! xoxo Summer

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    Megan, I look forward to these posts! They are seriously so so so cute! I literally book mark all of Knox's little outfits for our new little man on the way. They both always look adorable! I know you and Brent are just over the moon in love with them!

    And I have to ask…where is your green rug from?

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