Dreaming About Fall Clothes

So for the past few years, actually three years, I’ve been pregnant or very postpartum. Therefore, thinking about fall and winter clothes, makes me kind of think that I’ve not really purchased anything in a while. A few pieces here and there perhaps.

I know my wardrobe is probably going to be a tad bit different as most of my days are spent at home chasing babies and working around the house. However, we do try to get out quite a bit on the weekend during the day and some evenings.

I’ve seen some super cute outfits pop up on Pinterest lately, so I decided I would browse a few sites that I like.

I’m loving these from ShopSosie
I actually ordered this one and I can’t wait to wear it :)
from ModCloth
From SheInside
From Nordstrom
From Forever21
From J.Crew
I must admit, I was pretty excited when I realized polka dots were going to be in style for fall/winter. However, these caught my eye on Zappos and while I love polka dot and especially this color combo, I just can’t decide. I guess that’s kind of the same as thinking I loved chevron, but I wasn’t sure if I could wear it. I now own a “zig zag” top. Anyways, I have yet to decide if I would wear these, but I do kind of think they are cute!
I know there is quite a bit of hype over the bubble necklaces. They became popular way quick. I love them and I’ll wear the few I have. I saw that GroopDealz has some mini ones today for only $9.99! I think they are cute and I kind of like that they are smaller and may go well with a busier shirt.
Also, I saw a few people on Twitter wondering when their bubble necklaces would arrive from GroopDealz, so I emailed them to check on mine. The owner was very nice and told me they had some vendors that weren’t expecting such a large shipment but they were working to prevent this in the future. He said they would be doing most of the shipping on their own from now on. He also told me they had a specific vendor they were having an issue with, but that customer service would be sure to take care of this with all the shoppers. I was glad to hear this. I’ve always had a great experience ordering from them! 
What do you have your eye on for the cooler months?


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    Glad I'm not the only one lusting over fall clothes! Each year I forget how excited I get over cooler temps aka clothes! I'm thinking denim shirts with colored jeans are a must!

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    There are so many cute things out there! I just bought a pair of yoga type capri's at Sam's! The brand is Green Tea & OMG I'd wear them EVERY day if I could. So soft & just super comfy. I think they'd be perfect for chasing babies & they're also cute enough to run errands in too.

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    i'm soooo ready for fall!! target has some cute polka dot sweaters too! i live in the in pacific nw & i have to say that i haven't seen the bubble necklace until i saw it on a few blogs. hmmmm…maybe i'm out of the loop? :)

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    Hey Megan – thanks for posting about the bib necklaces. I bought 4 of them to give as Christmas gifts! I also bought a few sets of the chalkboard clips s gifts too. This can be very dangerous for my wallet, lol!

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    I love reading your blog, mainly to check in on those beautiful babies. However, I'm sad to say that the continuous posts regarding sponsors is getting tiresome. I understand the reasoning behind it, but I'm just disappointed I suppose. :(

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    Ha! Found your blog by googling, "groop deals mini necklace didnt receive" HA! I ordered not one but FIVE mini bubble necklaces for SIL's upcoming birthdays… and all of my friends that ordered them received theirs a week ago and I haven't gotten mine! OR a tracking number- I've contacted the seller 3 times now!

    Anyway, LOVE this blog! Happy to have found it! A few other bloggers & myself are doing a "Fall Fashion Week" link-up starting today – would love to have you come join in on all fashion frenzied fun!

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