Cowboy Up

*Thank you for the thoughts and prayers yesterday for Knox's MRI.

Actually, I should probably say cowboy and cowgirl up :)

With Knox & Sloane's birthday celebration being a "One Year Round Up," I had some adorable "western" clothes made for them :) I love an adorable aplique, and let's be honest, I'm sure they do also, haha. These outfits are from Mary Kate's Monograms and they are so fun :) They had them on yesterday and I remembered to grab my camera and snap some pics.

Knox officially thinks the camera flash is hilarious. What is really hilarious is seeing his teethy little smile get as big as possible. SO funny.

Their grammy let them play with her water bottle and phone....

Sloaney girl was ready for BED. These were taken at about 5:15 and she starts yawning right about this time. We also let her have her paci and lovey a few days ago, out of the crib, when she wasn't feeling good. Now, she often tried to hang on to them when she wakes up from her nap. Once she lets the go, I usually set them out of sight. Her smile isn't as cute with a paci covering it ;)

:) :)


  1. What a great headband Sloane is wearing and yay for Knox!

  2. Look at those sweet faces. What time do Sloane and Knox nap and go to bed? I have a 13 month old and he naps around 1 and goes fo bed between 6:30 and 7.

  3. Awe! I love their western wear. They are always so adorable :) I hope they have a great birthday and wishing you all the best! xoxo becky

  4. How can these babies be one already? CRAZY!

  5. Megan, seriously... they are SO PRECIOUS! I just love them. Want to mail them to Texas for a while? I could just eat them up with a spoon! Loving their cowboy/girl outfits... SO DARLING!

  6. Love. Where is Sloanes headband from?


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