I’m a bit MIA, but we are planning for birthday fun :) Already started as you can see…..


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    OH MY GOSH at the cute in this picture.I was looking for an ENT for Connor on our hospital's website last night & saw one with the name Michael Cohen. Made me think of you guys. 😉

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    Oh my GOODNESSSSSSSS!!! This picture just put a smile on my face on a day I needed it the most. TOO SWEET for words. Loved yesterday's pictures too. What a fun week celebrating your precious little bitties.

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    I think I saw your husband today at Sport Clips. I took my boys for a back to school haircut. I may be wrong, but I could've sworn it was him. I wanted to ask if he had twins named Sloane and Knox and tell him I had been reading your blog since Cohen's birth, but I chickened out. I didn't want to creep him out! Ha! 😉 So, if it was him, small world! I didn't realize you lived in Tulsa! :) Love reading your blog. Your babies are precious!!

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    Oh my gosh, they are too cute! Good for you being MIA – more important happenings in your life! Have a blast celebrating their big day – and yours, mama! Can't wait to see the party pics.

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