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Thank you all for the sweet words on Knox & Sloane’s eleven month post yesterday :)

I remember the first thing I ever thought I wanted to “be” when I grew up was a teacher.

I was in Kindergarten and I remember thinking all the “stuff” was so fun and cute. Who thinks that being so young? Me. I loved the stickers, the teacher’s desk, organizing stuff on the desk, hanging things from bulletin boards and the list goes on. I quickly became all of my teachers’ helper. From Kindergarten until fourth grade I would constantly volunteer my special services, HA! I think it was more so I just felt like like I was getting to “play teacher” :) So yes, I was spending play time organizing jars of Play-Doh.

I can’t say that I will ever become a teacher at this point in my life, but who knows. I respect them so much and I still think it would be such a fun job! Not to mention, a great schedule to have has a mama. Oh, and I still LOVE the stuff. My email and Pinterest is overflowing with goodies, as August brings in a new school year, and I thought these were a few cute “back to school” ones :)

I don’t necessarily think this could hang outside for long in the summer, but I think it’s a cute idea for the classroom or even in your house :)

GroopDealz has some awesome back to school stuff. I especially love the personalized notebooks, rulers and the A+ teacher vinyl decal. It could go on anything.

What teacher wouldn’t love a tumbler and pencils? You could fill it with anything and you could personalize the tumbler and the attached message. Love it!

Very Jane has SUPER cute personalized notepads right now and they are so inexpensive at only $2.75
I’m pretty sure I’ll be a label junkie when Knox & Sloane start school These personalized labels are waterproof and can go on ANYTHING. Hopefully it keeps things from getting lost. 

I think these are cute for kiddos lunch bags :) It’s also a FREE printable HERE :)
Happy back to school month! :) Don’t be surprised if I show up here with more goodies we all NEED. haha.


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    So cute! I ordered personalized tumblers from Very Jane last year for my kids' teachers. For teacher appreciation week I filled them with the little water packets – they loved them, and it was nice to see them using them in the classroom for the rest of the year!

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    I love back to school supplies!! I can remember back when I was a student–going school shopping was my FAVORITE!! And then I would spend time putting everything neatly in my new backpack! There is happiness found in Crayola for sure!!!

    I even bought "new stuff" when I was in college!! Everyone needs a cute notebook for the first day!! :)

    I am now a teacher (I just graduated), and I know I will still carry on the "school shopping" tradition–just in a different role!!

    Oh & another good deal: Erin Condren teacher planners are $10 off this month!!! :) woop!

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    I'm so glad I am not the only one obsessed with back to school stuff. I think something about the fresh start of the year is so exhilarating. It doesn't hurt that most of my friends are teacher and therefore pin ridiculous teacher things on Pinterest. My feed is filled with all things school!

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    I was just telling my husband last week how my sisters and I used to play teacher, he just didn't get it!! That crayon wreath is sooo cute but you're right..too dang hot!

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    I have never heard of these sites! Thanks so much for posting them! I was a teacher before I was a Mommy and I did it for the supplies. It was a wonderful, rewarding career but there is so much more to it than you can ever imagine. I am not sure if I will ever go back to teaching but I still pin all the cute stuff!

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    I have been obsessed with Back to School shopping for as long as I can remember, and the Target school supply section still makes me giddy…. good thing I'm a teacher! I'm just about to finish up a crayon wreath like the one you posted for my classroom door. I'll be sure to post it when I'm done, it's so cute!

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    Total creeper!! Geez!

    Anyway — thanks so much for posting those back to school fun ideas! I just ordered some personalized notepads for my daughter's 2nd grade teacher for her to give her on the first day of school!

    Love your blog and your sweet babies! Thanks for sharing them with us!

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    We start back to school on Tuesday! I'm a fifth grade teacher! I would love those gifts! I might have to order a notepad for myself =). The babies are precious as always! Have a great rest of the weekend!

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    Megan, have to tell you my daughter (Susannah) decided at 5 years old that she wanted to be a teacher. Took her five years to get TWO degrees and sure enough, she is a teacher!! I always thought it was the school supplies that sold her!!!

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