As for yesterday’s post…..

I know I kind of got on a soapbox for yesterday’s post, but as I’ve mentioned plenty of times before, it’s something I feel pretty passionately about.

I replied to one of the comments, but to none of the emails. I decided I’d just do a quick post in case anyone else was thinking the same thing. I feel like one of the comments, although I need to think of it as the commenter’s opinions, kind of attacked my post, but I also think they were missing my point. By human nature, part of me feels like I attacked back, lol. Though, that was not really my intention.

Of course yesterday’s post was my opinion, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t include facts. It is a fact there are harmful chemicals being allowed in foods and products. No, I didn’t list all the facts (USDA, CDC, NCI, etc.) out there and I didn’t list all the opinions. That wouldn’t be possible. There are going to be opinions that stem from facts, naturally.

I NEVER want to imply that my family is perfect. We are far from perfect. We don’t protect ourselves in every way possible. Of course we fall into what tastes good, feels good, helps us look good, etc. There are very, very few people who don’t.

We don’t and we can’t. It’s not all in our control. That was my point yesterday.

I have tried extra hard to give Knox & Sloane things that are clean and safe. Of course not everything has been or will be, but I will try. I’ll try to raise them to know there are things that are good for them and things that aren’t so good for them.

In posting the things I posted yesterday and this post today, I still struggle with the whole “we are only going to live once” scenario.

I understand we can’t live in fear and be scared of everything.

That doesn’t mean the way we live now won’t affect the future.

However, back to saying goodbye to one baby, I’m willing to do whatever I can not to have to go through that again or to maybe help another family. Even one family.

Of course it is my opinion that if enough of us fight against these type of issues with our food and products that maybe our future kin will be a bit safer. Maybe we won’t have to watch love ones die.

Maybe it’s just a never ending battle.

And don’t get me wrong, I do believe the government has changed some things for the better and that chemists are looking for alternatives, I still also know what makes the world turn in grand scheme of things.

People should still come before money.

In referring to “chemicals” yesterday, in a general sense, of course I was not speaking about them all. Perhaps they aren’t all bad. I was quite obviously talking about the ones that have proven to be bad or that are being researched for further evidence.

I was talking about the ones we eat, breathe and absorb.

In saying I’ve not done a TON of research, does not mean I haven’t done any.

That is my point, though. Why should we have to.

We trust people, although we have no other option.

I have read enough facts and have enough common sense to comprehend what is going on.

Doing my post yesterday, was me simply stating that we can tell the government that we want them to be EXTRA CERTAIN of things before putting them out their for our consumption.

No, I’m not going to lick super glue. I’m certain the chemicals in there were not made for consumption and probably not for human skin absorption. Would it hurt me? Probably not. Probably not the first time, but if I did it everyday, my guess is yes. Yes, it would.

My point was that so much is unknown by us besides the fact that more and more people around us are dying from cancer.

Of course we know cigarette smoke increases the risk of getting cancer. We know if we lay in the sun everyday, for more than an hour, that are risk of cancer is also increased.

There are things we can control and things we can’t.

I hate that people have to think about clean things being more expensive and even an amenity.

I won’t get into statics on the US versus other countries as far as all of this hoopla goes.

My point is you can speak up and you can make your own choices and have your own opinions. I was just expressing mine :) My opinion is that I think people should be aware.

I believe all of these sites have search tools, which makes it nice for research. There are often follow ups to articles as well. I know most of what I have read can be found on them as well.

NCI – National Cancer Institute –
FDA – US Food & Drug Administration –
USDA – United States Department of Agriculture –
CDC  – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

This post is a bit all over the place, but if you read it, I’m glad :)



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    Hi am sorry people attacked yo on your last post last time I checked it was your blog and you can say anything you want. And freedom of speech is something all people are entitled to in this country at least the moment. :) I have been a mom for almost 29 years now and always tried to do my best by my kids and I think that you are an incredible mom just trying to do your best by your children. Keep it up and stand tall you don't need to explain yourself to anyone. And people who have different opinions are also entitled to theirs but wouldn't it be nice if more people cold respectively disagree instead of attacking. Have a nice day!

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    I have come to realize that there will always be people in life who feel the need to give their opinion, even when it wasn't necessary. It isn't like someone forced them to read or forced them to make the same choices…..lame people;). I think you know what is best for you and your family, and no one can take that away from you :)

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    I totally get your point and respect your opinion. I have to say that I'm always concerned about too much government regulation though. I just don't want the government telling me what to do, and sometimes the government can go completely overboard in this dept. At the same time, I should have the option of buying healthy options for my family without breaking the bank. I think what frustrates me the most is that we don't even have the option to buy healthier products in so many instances. I understand wanting to protect your family. No you can't protect them from everything, but you do your best to protect them from whatever you can.

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    I loved your post. It is something that is really important to me and my husband. My husband is a research chemist and does A LOT of research (endocrine disruptors and sex linked disorders and genetics) on the topics that you mentioned. You have every right to be concerned which is what I think you are. I don't think you are hiding in your home with helmets on because the "big bad chemicals" are out there. You are being an informed and educated consumer. Too many people trust blindly that the FDA and other organizations will keep them safe because it is their job. The reality is that no one will take care of your family better then you can. There are so many more chemicals out in the world today because of progress and the constant search to make life easier. It is our jobs as moms and consumers to take the information available to us and make the wise choices. The United States is one of the only countries where we put products out on the shelves and recall them later when issues start arising. In Europe it can take YEARS for a product to hit the shelf because the testing regulations are much more stringent. In Europe for products it is guilty until proven innocent. It is the opposite in the United States.

    Some people probably don't really understand that by being really alert to avoiding certain types of chemicals (pthalates, BVOs, & parabens to name a few) you are merely being proactive in avoiding things that have been PROVEN to be harmful. We can't avoid everything but why does that mean we need to give up and not try to avoid ANYTHING if we know it is dangerous? No one will live a perfect chemical free life but to use that as a reason to downplay the facts and act as an excuse to not educate yourself is just unfortunate and lazy.

    I don't blame you for being passionate about this topic because it involves your families welfare. Why wouldn't you be passionate about that?

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    I stand behind what I said yesterday and that's that I support you 100% in this! You are doing a brave thing by speaking truth on YOUR blog and if people don't want to hear it, it's only because they aren't happy with how they are doing things! Keep it up!

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    I didn't read your post yesterday but just now skimmed over it. The problem is that many people rely on the government to tell them whats safe and whats not. There are many things that are deemed 'safe' when I completely disagree- such as vaccinations (if you are interested in chemicals, cancer rates, etc I suggest reading up on that. Dr. Tenpenny is a great source). Like you said, we can't live in fear. In fact as Christians we should not live in fear about chemicals, etc. That doesn't mean that we should not be aware of these things though and live blindly that everythings ok either. There's one natural Dr that I subscribe to his daily emails and his research is always talking about health topics along these lines. I finally had to stop reading them because it was just too overwhelming. Literally every day there is something else that we shouldn't eat or something we should take for our health.I felt that it was too obsessive because some of the things are literally out of my control (due to affordability or just in general). As Christians these things make us realize how wonderful Heaven will be- no pain and no fear! This is earth and these are things that we have to deal with while we live here.

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    Shame on anyone for thinking negatively about you educating us. My mother in law gives me a hard time because I wash off fruit before I eat it?!?! My opinion is the more we educate ourselves the better parents we are! I have learned SO MUCH about my diet and chemicals since I had Ella. Did you know even most of the crap and sweeteners they put in our food here is ILLEGAL in most countries because it's proven to cause cancer. Also since I've been eating REAL food, I have lost weight a lot easier and I feel so much better.

    Love from Houston! Keep educating us and sharing!

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    I read your blog often and I have never commented, until now. One reason I continue to read your blog is that you write from the heart and I appreciate your perspective. I find it refreshing. I come to your blog for a bit of cheer. When negative comments and opinions arise it amazes me. Really? You are simply passing on a bit of help and concern. Kind of like a friend telling another friend what they have discovered. be it baby clothes or great shoes or anything else ….Keep doing what you are doing. We love you.

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    I never comment but I find it strange how someone who took many fertility drugs to get pregnant is worried about chemicals in household items? Fertility treatments are linked to forms of cancer…hmmm no mention of that one huh?

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      Wow. What an incredibly low blow. Some how I doubt you are really all that interested in an answer and are much more interested in judging with the little amount of information that you have. I find YOU strange to think it is appropriate to attack someone in such a way.

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      Sorry. It was not an attack…..I am sorry about my insensitive comment. I do understand and have experienced infertility and the death of 3 children. I just am concerned myself about the issue. Sorry again.

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      I find it hard to believe that you would write "hmmm no mention of that one huh?" and then try to say that you were not attacking. What gives you the right to judge her? Then on top of that the first thing you say is that you never comment (to support her, thank her, etc.) but now you're going to comment just to bash her? Have you never heard "do unto others…"?

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      BottleWasherMom, I told you on your blog that I did think your comment was a low blow, but that I do forgive you. I know infertility can be a sensitive subject….and worrying can sometimes get the best of you. All we can do is hope and pray that our children lead healthy, long lives….and thank God for sending them to us :)

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      Wow, Megan!! You are such a classy and incredibly graceful woman!!!
      How many people out there can handle a comment like that with such dignity!? Not many!!

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    I totally get what you're saying, Megan. Thanks for expanding on yesterdays post, it was interesting to read more of your take on this. I'm totally in the your blog, your choices camp, and agree with much of what you've written here too. Love your blog – those babes are delightful!

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    As a scientist trying to develop new therapies for cancer, I think that I fall somewhere in the middle. First, I don't think there is much evidence that cancer rates are increasing. People are definitely being diagnosed with cancer more often, but that reflects both an increased sensitivity in our ability to detect cancer and also the fact that people are living longer because so many things that used to kill people can be treated now, and most cancers aren't yet curable so people get cancer. Also, once people are diagnosed, they live longer, so you are more likely to know them, and social media makes it much more likely to hear stories and "know" people with cancer. Also, obesity is a clear contributor to cancer and as its incidence increases, so too the rate of cancer increases. It's not just chemicals.

    There are clearly environmental carcinogens out there — Cigarette smoke is undisputed. But, we have to make sure we are watching out for the right toxins and doing the best things to make sure that we avoid cancer. Prevention is clearly the key.

    Our family lives by the beliefs that it is best for our environment and our health to eat a low meat, less processed diet that doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup, to exercise regularly, maintain healthy weights, and minimize driving, maximize recycling and composting, and minimize our contributions to global warming.

    I am not afraid of BPA — to me the data don't support its toxicity (actually I interviewed a scientist yesterday who did a bunch of studies looking for maternal effects of BPA on offspring and couldn't find any). IF there is a BPA free option that is about the same price as the non-BPA free, then I will buy that. But we don't use many canned foods, so our exposure to BPA is low anyway. I am also not afraid of aspartame, but in our family, I am the only one who drinks any soda, and I maybe drink one diet coke a week. We tend to do most of our produce shopping through local farmer's markets and a CSA that is organic, so our lifestyle does minimize pesticides. But, I buy conventional bananas, avocados, and other fruit and veggies with thick skins that we don't eat. We buy organic milk but not all our dairy is organic (butter, cheese, etc)

    To me it is all about moderation and doing what we feel is best.

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      Thanks so much for this. Kristen! I think it's amazing that you are working to help therapies for cancer! Thank you for that, too!

      I am thankful to hear this about BPA. I'm the same way, if they offer something without…I definitely get that. I just makes me nervous that it's being so questioned and the fact that the whole "BPA free" is even marketed, makes it seem that much worse, ya know? I just feel like most the population can only go on stuff like this…what they see or hear…but not so much, know.

      As for obesity, I need to find the book…but it talks about chemicals going in food that tell the brain to eat more :( …..therefore contributing to obesity. I know it can't totally be prevented, of course, but I feel like not much is done to prevent it out of the hands of the person eating.

      I totally agree about moderation, too! We can't always eat completely clean, but of course, the more often the better. We all like to have our indulgences every now and then :)

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    This post has generated a lot of really interesting debate and I have enjoyed reading all the perspectives. One quick note, though, that disapoints me. You mention, quite rightly, that you are concerned about exposing your children to chemicals, but you have also recently featured sponsored posts for an Oreo frozen dessert product that is packed full of so many chemicals that you couldn't even refer to it as "ice cream" and had to refer to it as a "frozen treat" or something similar. Not to mention the recipes from you and your Mom the use Cool Whip…again, all "chemicals".

    Just something I noticed that rubbed me the wrong way.

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      Totally understandable if that rubbed you the wrong way. As I started, we won't always eat healthy and perfect, but once again, my point is that these things should NOT BE OF CONCERN. We shouldn't have to worry what is in them. We should be able to trust no one would contribute to harming us through food.

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    I too fall under that category of long time reader but rarely leave a comment. However, I am absolutely disappointed in the criticism that has been projected on Megan and her choice for what she feels is right for she and her family…and perhaps a suggestion to others to help educate themselves. I am completely horrified at the individual that referenced Megan's struggle with infertility. You obviously don't understand the difficult struggles and choices that a husband and wife make in order to start a family when they struggle with infertility. And for the love of Cool Whip, if she elects to eat chemicals or any other frozen treat that comes from the dairy section at Target than so be it. Let a girl be passionate about something without facing constant criticism. She referenced that she isn't perfect. Give the girl a break and recognize her freedom of speech. Blogging about her life and being compensated for it is a choice that is only Megan's and her family. If you don't like the product, shop elsewhere.

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    Hi Megan, first time commenter here and I wanted to make you aware of a website that is dedicated to this type of thing. My cousin works for the EPA and turned me onto this website, it is SO helpful for determining what kinds of chemicals to avoid and what not. They even have a cosmetic safety database where you can put in your makeup and it will give you a rating of how safe/unsafe the makeup it. It is called the Environmental Working Group and the website is

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    Hi Megan, I don't always agree with you, but I appreciate your perspective. I just wanted to say that you are totally classy in your reply to "Bottlewashermom". IF stings and you shared so much and made yourself quite vulnerable, which takes alot of guts and I commend you for your openness. Cheers.

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    I loved these posts! I think everyone should take a more proactive role in knowing what they are consuming and what is going into their foods. I have two 10 month old girls and another on the way and it can be overwhelming, especially when you have to think about products such as diapers, wipes and topical products. Yes, there are tons of people, including myself, that have grown up using them and "are perfectly healthy" (so far), and that argument gets a little irritating. I don't criticize others for their choice to use said products, but people love to criticize my choice to try and keep things natural. I am my no means an extreme "natural" person, but I take every step I can to make adjustments for their exposure to be that much less. The blind faith that everything you consume is safe seems unwise. Thanks for bringing up the subject to spark interest and debate!

    Also, I am thrilled you added threaded comments!! There are so many times people have asked you questions and I would have loved to know the answer. I was actually going to email you and ask if you had considered threaded comments so thanks!!

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