Twin Treats :) wks 48 & 49

Forty-eight and forty-nine are close to fifty-two, huh?

I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a Twin Treats post. I always say I want to get back to it, but honestly the process of getting all the pics off my phone usually seems like a process. I’ve GOT to be better at organizing pictures. Soon, it will just be Twin Treats, with no weeks behind it. Then, pictures on my computer I’ll just put in monthly folders instead of weeks. MUCH easier :)

Anyways, we’ve had a good few weeks :)

Knox has had a rough month. Poor buddy. He has a doctor’s appointment today.

Needless to say, there are far more picture of Sloane in this post as he has been a bit grumpy, but a nice little cuddle bug, therefore not in front of the camera much.

Sloane had about a week of a virus, but then she’s been back to good.

They are both standing and Sloane has taken a few steps! I think she did four at once. She will go a few days and practice a lot, but then go a few days and act like she doesn’t care. She seems to do it a bit more when her daddy is around 😉

They are both waving hi and bye. Sloane is blowing lots of kisses and Knox is starting to. I can also tell Sloane to give Knox & Kiss and she will leave over and put her lips on him. So funny.

They are both eating pretty good, but Knox is still more picky.

I still need to do an eleven month post that reminds me.

I was going to start weaning to regular milk, but now that Knox’s skin has broken back out, I’m going to wait a bit.

They are using sippy cups pretty good.

I’m debating on doing something other than cow’s milk, but I can’t decide.

They talk to each other in the cribs and it’s the most precious thing I’ve ever heard. I basically just sit and watch the monitor and listen to them, haha.

They are still doing a morning nap and afternoon nap. The past few weeks, occasionally one will skip one nap or the other. I don’t mind too much because it gives me nice one on one time with the other, but then they are usually a bit tired in the late afternoon.

Still doing 11/12 hours at night. Knox usually wakes up earlier than Sloane. She could probably sleep until 8:30, but he’s a 6:30/7 waker.

Both are saying momma and daddy, hi and a few other things. Sloane will say done if I ask her if she’s done. Knox pushes whatever I’m asking him about away.

They are both dancing to music and it’s hilarious to see them shake their booty.

I love these jammies and his sweet smile :)

Sloane got her first baby doll last week, and she’s obsessed. You can tell her to give it a kiss and she does!

Picking her favorite…

Hanging in his baby boy bloomers :) They are from They came with a cute shirt that I’m going to do eleven month pics in… a bit delayed 😉

They love their toys that have slides so they can put things down them. Brent picked them up another one this week and they were so excited when they saw it.

Napping with grandpa

Knox loves this rocking thing and Sloane loves standing on her head and raising her legs…

Self portraits by daddy…

The venue where the birthday party has a Ronald statue. Sloane wanted to sit by him and she she wanted to wave, haha…

The hat is a bit too big to wear, but she likes trying it on, lol….

He gave me a few smiles yesterday even with his itchy skin. I love him. I did instagram, but you can kind of see it through the filter. 

The other day, Sloane grabbed Knox’s bib and started swinging it and hitting herself and just laughing so hard. It was hilarious. I also really loved the little romper she was wearing. Something about tie strings. She was also trying to walk quite a bit…

Sweet baby man…

Yesterday, Sloane and I went and met up with Sarah and her little ones, Megan & Lindsey and baby Jack. Lots of fun! Sloane and Maeva…

I love the pinafore back of her outfit.

My parents kept Knox while we were gone. It’s SO hot, I knew his skin would be miserable.

Knox has been playing with drumsticks for months, but Sloane discovered it yesterday..

Happy Friday


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    such precious, sweet photos! Elyse has that same navy & white romper that Sloane is wearing…I love it! I'm such a sucker for non-pink colored things for little girls!

  2. says

    So cute!! I have a 15-month old and was worried about cow's milk too…but I guess it has more fat that they need-so I mix cow's milk with either almond or soy milk and it works great!

  3. says

    They are yummy! As for milk, I know you have a lot of factors to weight, but all things being equal, I'd just go with plain old milk. With toddlers – esp with two – there will inevitably be many, many last minute trips to the store for milk. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find "your" kind! And the same is true when you are traveling. Just a thought.

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    Just curious, what do you plan to do with all those customized/monogrammed clothes? Was just wondering since I know a lot of mommas take them to consignment or give them to a friend and obviously with those you can't!

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