One Month

Today, Knox & Sloane are eleven months old.

In just one month, they will be a year old!

How did that happen?

Didn’t I just have them?

I knew time felt like it was going fast, but it has gone really fast.

Everyday it seems like they are less of a “baby” than they were the day before :( I love the baby stage.

I’m probably a tad bias, but I think they are the most precious little nuggets ever.

Brent and I still look at them and can’t believe we have twins.

I love them so much :)

I’ll do an eleven month post soon. It’s been a busy month!

Brent’s mom took this picture :) I think they were about 8.5/9 months in it. This was in Knox’s rough skin days. His skin is actually a bit flared right now, but not anything like it was a few months ago.

Have a good day! :)



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