The Naming Game!

I know I’ve talked about and shared our baby names before, but I thought I’d do a post that included them all.

With Cohen, we really weren’t sure what we wanted to name him. We had always had a girl name, but never a boy name! There were a few we tossed around, but nothing we were ever set on. Of course, our girl name that we were ‘set’ on isn’t the one we ended up using! Our girl name was Madison. The first date we went on was to see Swimfan. The crazy girl in the movie was known as Madison. Haha. We were pretty much set on Madison until two summers ago.

Anyway, Cohen honestly came from Seth Cohen on the OC. Cheesy, maybe. We liked it and really did not care what people thought. Of course, when I shared the name here, I did get a few ridiculous comments. To each their own. I just remember Rachel Bilson–Summer, if you will–calling Seth Cohen “Cohen.” I thought it was cute and liked the simplicity. I presented it to Brent and he was neither for it right away nor against it. We started using it in conversation and he soon decided he liked it as well. We called Cohen by his name for the second half (or a little more) of my pregnancy. His first name, Michael, is a family name. I love the name Cohen and always will.

For Knox and Sloane, we had lots of name-talking to do! Once we decided we did want to have more children, we determined that if we had a girl, we didn’t really feel like Madison fit us. I still love the name, but I just didn’t see us having a Madison.

We watched Entourage from the beginning to the end, and in the late summer/early fall of 2010, we decided that if we had a girl, we really loved the name Sloane. So, when we found out we had a bundle of baby girl cooking, she was Sloane. Her middle name went back and forth between two family names. We decided on Sloane Rose. We love it. Her nicknames are Sloaney, Sloaney Baloney, Sloania, etc.

For Knox, his name was a bit harder. We just could not decide. Honestly, we had a hard time liking many. We did know pretty quick we wanted to use a family name. The first Knox I’d ever heard/knew of was the last name of a boy I went to high school with. Most people called him by his last name, “Knox.” Always liked it. I’m not sure if it was that and a combination of frequenting Knox Street in Dallas, but it popped in my head and I wrote it on our list. Brent wasn’t sure about this one either. It definitely took some talking it out, using it in conversation, and referring to Knox as Knox before Brent was set. Knox often is referred to as Knoxy, Foxy Knoxy, Toof Man, and Tiny Baby Butt.

We then had to decide on which name would be Knox’s first name and which would be his middle. We ended up using James, which we knew early on would be one or the other. It is also a family name. We went with it as his first name. My dad never cared for having a first name but going by something else, but Brent has never really minded. Brent liked Knox as the middle name best, so that’s what we went with! I think James Knox is pretty stinking cute. Name and baby, of course. I will say, the ped’s office still doesn’t make it easy when I call and refer to him as Knox instead of James.

I blogged Knox & Sloane’s first names HERE and their middle names HERE.

Names are one of those things that you pick based on what you feel is a good fit for your baby. A lot of people wait until the baby is born to decide. We didn’t. We liked calling them by name ahead of time, and when we saw them, we knew those were their names and they fit them!

I think our names are perfect and fit our babies wonderfully :)

You will have names in your head and you will have people who make dumb comments about the names you like. Some people, in hopes of being funny, don’t often think before they speak. So, if you like a name, that’s what counts! If your kiddo hates it, it can always be changed, but I don’t think that happens all too often.

Something else I know that floats around is copying. To me, there is no ‘copying’ when it comes to naming your baby. There is NO WAY that ONE name will only belong to ONE baby. It’s just not the way of the world. Of course names become popular. Again, also the way of the world. If anything, just try to think of it as fun or flattering if someone has the same name or picks the same name for their babe. Name twins!

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    love this post!

    Knox is a family name for me and I think it is soo cute!

    I love that you said that no baby will have it's OWN name. I've known people to get upset about this very fact! :)

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    you've got great baby names for all three of your babies. :) and I love that Sloane and Cohen both came from awesome TV shows that I love!! :)

    and a big huge amen on the no copying thing. it's a name. it's not copying. naming a child is such a huge thing, i think people aren't thinking of "stealing names" when they use a name that someone else has used. they just like it! :) there are lots of little Hudsons these days and we know a couple of other kids named Hudson. and that's okay! i don't even think about them having the same name as my child.

    people sure do get upset about it though.

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    Amen on the copying thing – even though we are done with our two boys, I love to still think of names I would use!

    PS – where is your list of blogs you follow – I love to read so many of them and can not find it on your blog anymore!

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    I like the uncommon-ness of the kids names, my 4 are not popular either, which is the way I wanted it!
    I can see where there's "confusion" at the peds office—I'm sure he's in their system under his legal name, which is how they'd have to file insurance. I work in a dental office and it's amazing how many people get upset when they call for an appointment and say their name is Bob, but of course their legal name is Robert. "But I like to be called Bob". That's fine and we WILL call you Bob, but the computer knows you as Robert =)

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    We named our son Robby and got a lot of negative comments.. people would say when he's older he won't want to be called Robby.. it sounds like a baby name, not a grown man's name.. but I didn't want him to be Robert or have people call him Bob.. if he wants to go by Rob when he's older fine, but his name is Robby and I love it!

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    Love all three names! I think it's ridiculous that people criticize names that others pick out. I always say "conveniently, it's not your baby :)".

    p.s. where did you get those baby books or whatever they are?! we are having Bailey Grace in October and I have been looking for a baby book :)

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    We got a lot of funny looks and comments about our son's name, Leland, because there is a small town nearby with the same name. But we loved it, and still do. It fits him and us, and I can't imagine him having any other name! It was also the only one that we BOTH liked. Another name I loved was Cullen, but I think maybe we'll save that for when the whole Twilight craze calms down.

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    I love all 3 of your baby names. I tried to convince my husband to consider "Sloane" – LOVE it – but my husband said all he could think of was Ferris Bueller's Day Off (which I also love)!
    I have to disagree a little on the "stealing" names thing. No, your baby will not be the only one with their name but when someone in your family or a close friend uses a name you have expressly said you are going to use for your baby, that's mean! A friend of mine who was pregnant at the same time as me, trashed the name I wanted for a girl – was downright rude and hateful about it. A couple months later, when she found out she was having a girl, she told me they were considering that same name! She was trying to push her husband into it and acted like she had never said a thing about it or that I hadn't suggested the name first. I just thought that was callous. Thankfully, her husband vetoed the name and I had a boy so neither of us will ever use it.

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    So funny that you named Cohen after watching The OC. My husband and I loved that show and we were pregnant with our second when the finale aired. We decided if we had a girl, her name would be Sophie (the Cohen's baby girl) and if it was a boy, his name would be Brody after Adam Brody. Both of our boys have names that include family names as well…I think it's neat to give them that heritage.

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    My husband and I had the hardest time naming our son. He was 2 days old before he got a name (and we knew he was a he at 20 weeks)! We're pregnant with our second, and I'm petrified of it taking that long again. Haha! I love all your babies names. We have a girl cousin named Sloane who is close to 10, so yours is only the 2nd I've 'met'. I really like names that aren't the popular, trendy names (but not weird).

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    I love Cohen's name and the story! We named our oldest after a TV character as well. We like NCIS and Abby on there. So we went with Abigail. It is popular and I had friends say stuff about that but I didn't care. I love the name Abigail and Abby. I also love the twins name too!

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    I LOVE this post and LOVE your baby names.

    I'll NEVER forget when we shared our daughters name with someone they sat there for a minute and when we didn't respond they said 'oh i thought that was a joke'. Some people just don't know when to be quiet!

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    All wonderful names for your sweet babies! I agree about people getting too crazy and protective over names – particularly when they don't have children or haven't used the name. Unless the name is made up, there will be other little ones out there with the same name. It doesn't make it any less special a name for your own child. People sure do get worked up over it though!

    Interesting what you said about your Dad and your husband having different feelings about going by their middle name. The name we'd picked out if we'd had a boy would have had him called by his middle name and I thought quite a bit about how a kid would feel about that. I guess you can't really be sure how'd they'd feel! :)

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    I love all of your children's names! And, I love the stories behind each of their names. I think that is what I love about names the most…the stories that go along with them.

    As for copying…ugh…I'm tired of hearing about it. Clearly, I'm not the only Michelle in the world. Ha ha!

    My oldest is named Malia and when she was about a year old we met our friend Marc's girlfriend (now wife), Mary. One of the first things she said to me was, "Oh, my gosh! Your daughter is named Malia?! That has been my favorite girl name for as long as I can remember!" Fast forward eight years later and, sure enough, they have a Malia of their own. People asked if I was mad they copied me. Um, no. Not at all. It's a name. It's not original nor is it trademarked, copyrighted or whatever. In fact, I think it's kind of cool that she and I both have first-born girls named Malia. :)

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    With my first (a girl), we didn't really pick the name until I was in labor in the hospital. Worked in my favor though because after Hubby saw what I was going through, he pretty much agreed with anything I said, lol. With out second (a boy) we actually had a name picked out several months in advance, but didn't tell anyone what it was. This time around, I'm 7 months pregnant with a boy and we absolutely CANNOT agree on any names. I hate all of his and he hates all of mine. Personally, I feel that since I'm the one actually giving birth, I should get twice as many votes, but Hubby doesn't agree :)

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    We went with Bennett Seely for our son and Poppy Jane for oue little girl. We do get mixed reactions about their names, especially Poppy's,but we went with what we loved and don't regret it for a minute!…. I love the stories of how all your babiess got their names, especially Sloane :)

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    I first loved 'Cohen' from the OC too! Then after finding you guys and your blog, I just liked the name even more!!
    I think we are pretty 'set' on a girl name for our one day baby (although like you said, it could always change) but we do struggle for boy names.
    I know for sure I want my first born son to have my dad's first name (he was killed in a military accident nearly three years ago). But I don't know if it should be used as a first or middle name :/
    Ahhh the naming game :) I find names so interesting!!

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