Monday Brain Dump!

Hope you all had a good weekend :)

  • Actually, this is probably a combination of a brain dump and weekend recap. Multitask, right?
  • Did you all watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics? I thought they were pretty cool. I thought the music was great. 
  • We were supposed to go to our friends for the weekend, but with Knox’s skin being flared, he’s pretty itchy and miserable. We didn’t want to risk that being in the car or at someone else’s house. 
  • I know Katie did lots of cute things and I’m sad we had to miss it :( I loved seeing the pics on instagram the past few days.
  • I also came across the below and thought it was all SO CUTE!

  • I think it’s awesome what social media has done for the Olympics. I think it really brings it the recognition that it deserves. These are athletes doing what they love, without signing million dollar contacts. They work hard for so long to compete and it brings the world together. I think even four years ago, we didn’t feel as much excitement because we didn’t really grasp the hype that social media now brings.
  • Back to baby man, I know it probably seems like I’m constantly talking about it…but we’re trying to figure it out. After connecting with a dermatologist out of state last night, I’m feeling better. We had so much hope that he was over it since it’s been about two months since he was flared. This is a bit of what it has looked like over the past few days. The left picture is a bit hard to see (there is an insta filter on it,) but it was Friday at the doctor and the right picture was Saturday afternoon. I emailed the dermatologist early yesterday morning and then spoke with him on the phone twice yesterday. He told me to go ahead and get him started on a steroid. Thankfully, those are kicking in and his skin SO MUCH better this morning. Praying it stays that way. It’s amazing how quickly it can get bad and how after a restful night, it can improve. Our dermatologist thinks this could just be part of his immune system developing and his skin is reacting after virus. He said it’s definitely not the first time he’s seen it happen. He said after a few episodes, it might stop happening. Regardless, we can’t do another two month rash. My heart will break if he has it on his birthday and is miserable. We are heading to the doctor in a bit.
  • A few people on Twitter asked… He hasn’t taken an antibiotic before, so it’s not that. Heat does flare it, but doesn’t trigger it. Both times he has gotten the rash have been after a virus. 
  • It’s been insanely hot here. I’ll be curious how cool it gets when fall kicks in. I wish it were fall and spring year round.
  • Last week and all weekend I’ve been thinking of riding my exercise bike. We moved it out of my parent’s storage and into our room. We put it in there because there is no TV or blinds in the gameroom yet. Well, the exercise bike is now being used as storage : / Not for long. I’m for realz going to use it. We are also thinking about getting an elliptical. There just isn’t enough hours in the day for the gym. I know elliptical is better than running so we think it’s a good option.

  • Oh, that paint? Those are samples I tried out a few weeks ago. We thought about doing that this weekend. Painting our room. Eh, obviously not high on the list of things that need to be done. 
  • Dark paint and dark wood trim be gone! POOF. Don’t you wish you were Samantha, too? I mean twinkle your nose, and bam, it’s done. That would be nice. 
  • Party planning comes first right now :) I almost have all the invites mailed out. Only a few more to go. 
  • My bestie, since second grade, Allison, designed the invitations. Love them. I’ll post them soon. She also did my new logo up top :) 
  • I also found the most amazingly creative girl on Etsy :) I can’t wait to share! She is doing the sewing and DIY things I knew I wouldn’t be able to do. She is awesome. Oh, she has twins, too! I immediately thought of it as a sign!
  • This weekend, Sloane and I went to a birthday party for our friend, Walker. He turned three years old. Brent kept Knox at home, but they still had fun, as I received this picture while we were gone..

Such cuties.

  • Sloane and I had lots of fun at the party. Our friend, Saxon, loved the cupcake. She loved the pizza and goldfish, but she didn’t really get into the cupcake. She kind of skipped her morning nap, so after the party, she zonked out in the car, holding her balloon string <3 I woke her up to go to the grocery store. It was her first time to ride in the cart :) She LOVED it. People flirted with her and she blew kisses, haha. And seriously, doesn’t she look huge? She got a bit tired and in the last picture it was totally looking like she was going to lay her head down and go to sleep, haha.
  • They are so funny. 

  • Saturday night, Brent’s mom, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend came for dinner. Lots of fun and I must say, we picked good recipes :) HEY WILL! (we forgot the picture. next time. tomorrow?)
  • We did tilapia tacos and brussel spouts. Random combo, I know. They both looked good at Fresh Market, so I went with it :)

  • Yesterday, Brent went to lunch and the knife and gun show with my dad. I kept thinking, if he came home with another gun, it better be a pink one. haha. Men and their guns, pssh. He didn’t come home with one. My mom came and brought me lunch and played with the babies for a bit. Brent’s sister, our nieces and Emily also came over to hang out and play. Fun Sunday :) The girls love having a baby doll to dress up :)
  • I know, you don’t seem me post about them quite as often. They’ve had a big year and have been super busy. They are also growing up so fast! They are the funniest and sweetest little girls. Their brother, Beaux, also has a third birthday coming up. You may remember this post. Seems like he was just born!
  • Did the parent’s reactions during the gymnastics make anyone else want to cry last night? I just can’t imagine. Although, I’m sure I’ll be that in many aspects. 
  • There is a Groupon today for a hot air balloon ride. While they sound and look so fun, in theory, I feel like I’d chicken out. 
  • Also a great deal going on for some super cute scarves over at GroopDealz. I own lots of scarves and need to be better at wearing them with outfits, not just for weather purposes! 
  • I keep finding things I think I need, but luckily I’m still getting rid of a bunch that I don’t. I think I’ll have another blog sale this week. Not sure if it will be my stuff or the kids or a combo. There are still a few things left in the last post of things I listed here.
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Have a good day!



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    His rash looks exactly like the one a little girl in our church nursery gets from fragrances. They had her tested for everything too and that was what it was. Which reminds me, I am in there Wednesday night so no fragrances! Poor pumpkin.

  2. says

    Megan, just a thought, but he may need an antibiotic. My son used to have issues so similar to Knox. Avery would get skin flares that would get infected and he needed an antibiotic a few times to treat it. Just a thought…I know every skin is different.

  3. says

    Our child went to a childrens birthday party last weekend and came home in hives. The doctor told us that diet accounts for mosty skin conditions in babies and it's often supposedly safe every-day things.
    All the best

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    Our child went to a childrens birthday party last weekend and came home in hives. The doctor told us that diet accounts for mosty skin conditions in babies and it's often supposedly safe every-day things.
    All the best

  5. says

    aww, I hear you on Knox's skin suffering. I did later on in life 10-15 and it was rough, took a few docs & many medications to see what the deal was. I promise it gets better. Prayers for Knox & stoked for your blog sale :)

    • says

      Hi Krystal – Thanks for your comment. I am a bit weary towards vaccinations, too, but I know some families who have experienced a death because they didn't get them :( I know there are pros and cons to everything. The doctors don't believe Knox's rash is related to them. He hasn't had any vaccinations in almost five months. Both times he has gotten it has been after a virus. They believe it to just be his immune system building.

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