Midweek Randoms

Hi Everyone,
In case you missed my review of the great new Baby Orajel Naturals teething product, you can still read it here (though the giveaway has ended). I also wanted to let you know that if you are one of the lucky women attending the BlogHer conference in NYC on August 3-4, 2012, you can visit the Baby Orajel folks at Booth 1100 to learn more about taking care of your little oneís teeth and gums! They may even have some product samples to share with you so be sure to stop by.

Hope you all are having a good week :)

  • Don’t forget to check out the Moms On Call special offer & giveaway HERE. It’s a great deal and program!
  • We are having a pretty good week around here. Not too too much going on. Weeks are passing by so quickly. 
  • Knox still has a bit of a snotty nose and a little cough. Just like six months ago, when he got sick, his skin has flared back up. I think stress contributes to it, somewhat. Since he cleared up before the allergy immunologist appointment, we haven’t gone. I called this morning to see about getting him in. 
  • I thought I would start working on weaning them over to milk, but I think I’m going to wait until after their birthday now. I don’t Knox to have a reaction and be miserable. 
  • Speaking of finding things out about your little one, everyone needs to read THIS blog post. It’s something not many people recognize, but it’s important that it is caught quickly! 
  • I’ve gotten several comments and emails about the chair in this post. I posted about it a while back, but I think new readers are the ones wondering. It’s from One Kings Lane. I do think they’ve had it since I’ve ordered it once or twice. 
  • My mom picked me up some white roses yesterday. Love white roses. 
  • Have you all tried Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla Iced coffee? I love it. I put a little Cold Stone creamer in it. So good. 
  • I wish I was going to BlogHer. I think I’ll try next year. If I were, I’d order super cute contact cards from Tiny Prints :) I just got an email that they are 50% off right now if you use code: DOD0726 Would it be weird if I ordered for next year? haha Remember that time I was going to spam deal emails? Yeah, need to do more of that. 
  • I mean is it me or do they look like little kids now. Melts my heart.
  • My sweet sponsor, Shared Joy, sent me these cute earrings! I love pink and polka dots :) I know of lots of things I can wear them with. She also sent Sloane this adorable headband. I need to snap a better pic next time she has it on!
  • We really want to see the new Batman, but it just seems weird now. My heart still hurts so bad for the victims and their loved ones.
  • We did rent Drive, which was super bizarre. Not my type of movie, at all. We also watched the new Sherlock Holmes. I wish I would have paid closer attention to it. I was hunting for party stuff. 
  • Party planning is in full force! Sheriff badges for all :)
  • The babies have lots of festive western attire they will be sporting all August :) I can’t wait!
  • Another random drink I’m loving. Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher. I like the Hibiscus one, too, but I like the lime better :)

  • I’m meeting with some friends this afternoon and excited!

Have a good day :)



  1. says

    I like the new layout.

    Is Drive the movie with Ryan Reynolds? If so, I agree that it was very weird!

    I saw Batman on Monday. It was so good! But I have to admit, I kept watching the exits and the people closer than normal. But I will not let some messed up individual take that joy of going to a theatre away from me. It isn't the producers/directors/actors faults either.

  2. says

    hEY mEGAN-
    My twins are one month behind yours and I am so looking foward to hearing about the weaning process. I am going to transistion mine from breastmilk to cows milk and have no idea how or when. Love the western theme. Wayyy cute.

    • says

      To Abby S.–

      You are the mommy :) but most doctors that I've ever talked to recommend weaning at 1 year, whether a baby is breast or formula fed. I have breast fed 1 past the year mark, one to 8 months, one to 3 months (this was my first and he was allergic to some foods. Scared me away from breast feeding) and currently a 3 month old. It will help you to go ahead and begin working with your twins on sippy cups NOW. You can give them infant juice or just water. (we also watered down any juice to cut back on the sugar in it) Then when you decide to wean them to milk, they should already know what they're doing with the sippy cups. Waiting until 1 year is recommended to help keep the baby from forming a milk allergy. It's completely up to you though. Good luck!

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    YAY for Green Mountain Coffee! As a Vermonter I am SUPER happy you're loving this and sharing its goodness on your blog. High Five, Megan! Help support my teeny-tiny state! haha!

    As a polka dot addict I am not only loving those earrings, but I'm loving your new look. Super cute!

    Have fun with your friends today! :) xoxo

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    I had to laugh when you said they look like kids. In 2 years, you'll look back that picture and think, "they were just babies!" :) They definitely grow too fast. Ember is now 3 months, sitting in a bumbo seat…I swear. One of these days I'm gonna turn around to cook dinner and when I turn back she'll be driving away to college!

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    Love reading your blog! My 2 year old had eczema & sensitive skin & it would flare whenever he had any sickness, even a little cold. The Dr. told me that was typical for eczema so that's probably why Knox's skin is flared. :( Hope he feels better. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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    I looovveee those sweet candid photos of the twins! So cute! I am addicted to the iced french vanilla coffee for keurig- delish!!! I hope the allergy-immunologist can figure out what has been causing poor Knox's skin to react like that! Hope you have a fabulous rest of the week! xoxo

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    We saw Batman. It was ok. My favorite part was the ending. Tillie is all better now but Tens seems to have a snotty/stopped up nose for a couple of weeks now but no fever or change in behavior…just having a really hard time breathing and nothing seems to work. I'm glad we are going for their WCC tomorrow so we can figure out what to do. If you need anything for the party, just let me know! :)

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    love the lime one too!……….. was just wondering, did you ever blog about the blue box the hospital gave you at the ipod donation?

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    Orajel maximum strength nighttime formula is THE best for teething! My daughter was screaming in pain when her molars were coming in and she stopped within 20 seconds of application. She's almost two and has a few teeth still coming in and will ask for it when her gums hurt! I wanted to stick with the natural stuff, but sometimes you need the real deal!

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