First Birthday Party Planning :)

For the twins’ first birthday, we decide on a western theme :) It will be the one year round-up!

After quite a bit of debating, we decided not to have the party at our house. I’m pretty paranoid about it being SO hot next month and between that and our house still kind of being a work in progress, we felt like having the party elsewhere would allow us to focus on it more. I didn’t want to be worrying about whether or not I had clean carpet and a particular house setting It’s not about the house, it’s about Knox & Sloane and their first birthday :)

We are pretty certain of the venue. We are heading there this afternoon to get it finalized.

I was also concerned about having “entertainment” for the younger kids and this place had that.

I’m really not very good at DIY’ing party stuff. I’m not awful, but I think it’s finding the time or actually executing the ideas that are floating in my head. Therefore, I’ll probably be hitting up Etsy pretty hard over the next few days.

I’m doing burlap, pink & blue as the color scheme :) I figure they won’t go for pink and blue forever so I wanted to do it for their first.

I have gotten several things, all of which I LOVE. I think they will be perfect for the party :) It will be western and rustic. 

Now, where do I find baby cowboy boots?


*I’ll post pics and where I got everything after the party. 



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    I love it! I'm sure it will be absolutely adorable! Not sure if you have one in your area, but we found baby cowboy boots at Shepler's and I know Cavenders has them too. I can't wait to see pictures of their party!!

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    Can't wait to see the cuteness! This is a great idea too. First birthdays are so much fun to plan! A HUGE milestone for you guys as parents. Congrats to both you and Brent and those little nuggets of joy. They are growing up to be SO cute!

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    If you need baby cowboy boots just let me know! They are all over the place in the Stockyards here in Fort Worth…just send me their sizes :) Love the theme! They need some stick riding ponies too!!! Giddy Up!

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    So exciting! We have horses and our little boy loves them so we'll be doing a birthday party in the western theme, eventually, so I can't wait to see what you do!

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    Oh what a cute idea. I just thought of the theme for Quinn's first birthday. I still have four months so that gives me a ton of time to make it out of control!

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    Not sure if this is correct, but the chalk board sign looks like the ones they sell on Save On Crafts. I bought some that were arrow shaped for my wedding a few years ago from them.

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