I’m sure you’ve all heard about the awful tragedy in Colorado. If you have not, Google it. Perhaps grab some Kleenex.

I was a bit delayed in finding out. I didn’t log onto Twitter until mid-morning and it wasn’t until a bit after that that I turned on the TV, specifically to hear more.

I think everyone’s first initial thoughts are, why would someone do this? 

That’s a very good question and I’m not sure anyone specifically will ever know the answer.

I find comfort in knowing God certainly didn’t do this.

I do find comfort in knowing so many will cling to him to be thankful for their loved ones as well as to lift families up who are a victim of this incident.

Having a child who has gone to Heaven has, of course, caused me to ask the question “why?”

Again, we may never know, but I do find comfort in knowing God knows why. It wasn’t caused by evil, that is for certain.

I find comfort knowing that we will be reunited with Cohen. I find comfort knowing these families in Colorado have the opportunity to see their loved one again.

My heart aches thinking about people watching someone in that theater die, right in front of their eyes.

A few weeks ago, there was a shooting here. It was at a local Best Buy and believed to be g@ng related. A man was holding his ten year old daughter’s hand and was hit by a stray bullet, in Best Buy. His daughter watched him die holding her hand. Unfathomable.

I think faith can make or break you. Don’t get me wrong, if something happened to Knox & Sloane, I would be beside myself. I clearly haven’t been in that position and I don’t want to imagine how it would be. Though, having faith I’ll see Cohen again probably got me to where I am today.

I saw this post being shared around Facebook and Twitter a few days ago. I read it and just cried. I cried because I can’t imagine what she was feeling. She was ready to go and she thought she was. She had her two daughters with her.

This was her first post –

This is a follow up to the responses from the post –

When situations like Colorado and the local Best Buy shooting arise, it always makes me ask myself, am I ready? I am. I still ask, though. It makes me pray for those to have faith that they can overcome tragedy and have faith they will see their loved one again. It makes me pray for everyone to be ready.




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    I have two young daughters. They are my life and I can't imagine not having them in my life. I have Crohns disease and underwent a major surgery this past April. I had been deathly sick for a year beforehand. My girls were the reason why I got myself out of bed every single day, and why I went through surgery where I earned myself an ileostomy. Incidents like the one in Colorado constantly remind me of how fragile life is and how quickly your world can be turned up side down. I'm almost afraid to leave our home with them because of people like this out there. I can not even bring myself to allow my oldest daughter who is two years old, to go to daycare for interaction with children her age because I fear for her safety. No one can care for our children like we do. Unfortunately I will have to cut the cord soon and mentally and emotionally kick my fears to the curb and trust in the Lord to keep my girls safe from harm. I think of Cohen often and love seeing pictures of Knox and Sloane.

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    I live in Tuscaloosa, AL, and we too have just recently, in the last week, had a shooting/random act of violence. Thankfully, no one was killed, but more than a dozen were injured in what we consider a sort of "entertainment district." Makes me wonder what the world is coming too, but also makes me pray harder.

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    Beautiful post! It's always wonderful to see beautiful pictures of your super precious children, but seeing another side of you, about your hope and faith is very refreshing too! :) Some tragedies are SO unfathomable, but knowing that this life is a blink compared to eternity, and we will be with our lost loved ones again, with God, is truly an amazing thought!

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