Emotions in Pregnancy

No, I’m not pregnant :) Another post in the fun Huggies series!

I’ve talked quite a bit about this already, but for this series, Huggies provides us certain things they want us to touch on, so here I am again. Of course, I’m happy to share my thoughts and opinions. These aren’t necessarily facts, just my own experiences.

Have you ever heard that hormones control everything in your body?

It’s true. They honestly do. Along with babies, weight, etc., they also control your emotions.
So, you can imagine that when you are pregnant, your hormones are surging! They are doubling and tripling.

I don’t think there are many women out there who can say their emotions didn’t get the best of them at one point or another. I’m not necessarily saying we get emotional in a bad way, but just emotional. Your emotions are just on overdrive, so perhaps “hypersensitive” is a good term to use.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I don’t always think hormones give you accurate emotions, but then they aren’t really something you can avoid.

With pregnancy, I was pretty happy overall. However, a lot of that happiness came with tears. I cried because I was happy. I was happy to be pregnant; I was happy to be having twins. I cried because a movie was sad; I cried because friends were having trouble conceiving. I cried because of pain. I cried because I felt so happy that I was going to be having children. It sounds as though I was a basketcase. Maybe I was, but with the noticeable circumstances in my belly, I (and probably everyone else) felt it was justified.

While I was pregnant with Knox & Sloane, I had several ‘big’ things happen, if you will. I experienced Cohen’s first birthday and the milestone of having gone a year without him. It was tough and it was emotional. I handled it better than I thought I would. Of course I shed many, many tears. My heart physically hurt, but I got through it. I could feel his brother and sister physically and mentally, and I could feel him. It was a pretty crazy, bittersweet experience.

During this time, we also got devastating news that a dear friend, also a victim of congenital heart defects, passed away the day before my baby shower. Talk about a mess. I was a mess. I remember Brent telling me to calm down so I wouldn’t go into labor. I just remember seeing the news on Facebook and I felt like I had been stabbed. I couldn’t catch my breath. Terrible.

So, those are emotions that my hormones probably had no control over.

However, when I was pregnant, I would also cry if I saw a guy holding a child’s hand. I would cry during commercials, whether it was for the SPCA or someone getting a new car. Those? Those were probably hormonally induced.

So, expect to be a little emotional when you are pregnant. You are NOT crazy. I do think it happens to everyone! Did you have any crazy, hormonal emotions when you were pregnant?

I don’t think I looked crazy.

I would definitely say I’m a bit more emotional now that I’m a mom. I can seriously look and Knox & Sloane and just cry thinking, I can’t believe their mine. I often cry praying, thanking God for such blessings. 

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    Megan- this is such a beautiful post! What a roller coaster your pregnancy must have been for your emotions especially losing a dear friend- you are so strong and I admire you so very much!

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    It's funny at times what will make you cry when your hormones are all over the place. I teared up the other night at dinner because the food was so good. I never would have done that before pregnancy!

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    My husband needs to read this post! I cry regularly because he is a pilot and gets to fly all over the country while I sit at home and throw up among other things 😉 I'm having twins and lately I've been crying over the sonographer only getting a 3D pic of baby A. Why not, right? Thanks for sharing :)

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    Megan this is such a great post. I loved reading about your pregnancy emotions – the happy, exciting, sad, heartbreaking. I love that picture of you and Brent. So gorgeous. If you don't already, you NEED to have that baby framed! :) xoxo

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