The Donation of iPods From Cohen

I posted a few weeks ago about our trip to Dallas for Cohen’s second birthday. We had a nice trip and were able to donate 20 iPod Touches to Children’s Medical Center in memory of Cohen. If you are a new reader, you can find out more about our project here.

I posted links to the news clips hereThey were a bit harder to watch than I expected; perhaps just surreal. I intended to post these pictures after the links, but I need a breather. 

The hospital was SO kind to us. I really tried hard not to think about the many emotions I was feeling. I think if I would have, I probably wouldn’t have been standing. I truly think the little ceremonies we had, donating the iPods, helped take my mind off the hard parts, which is probably a good thing.

We interviewed with reporters and spoke to the staff in several different areas. We did let them know that many kind people wanted to help with this project and a portion of the iPods were purchased with donations. 

We are and will forever be thankful for those who wanted to help in memory of Cohen :)

I honestly didn’t think many, if any, news crews would show. I’m not sure why. I guess I just thought DFW would have other stories running. In saying this, I wasn’t prepared or expecting to really talk on the news. Brent did have a bit harder of a time with the surroundings :(

It just so happened as we were getting ready to leave the CICU that we ran into Cohen’s surgeon, Dr. Forbess. He is one of the pictures towards the end. He is an amazing doctor. We knew from the moment we met him that he would be Cohen’s doctor. I think seeing him brought back more emotions for me. He let us know that he as well as the staff held a special place for Cohen and that they truly did learn so much from him, medically and more.

We spoke with the music therapists, who will be leading the iPod program.

I have several more pictures of the gift that the hospital gave us/Cohen. It’s in the blue box I’m holding and it’s very special. I’ll share it soon.

The twins did great at the hospital. I think they were a bit tired as we woke them early, from their nap, to go. They weren’t allowed on the floor so they mostly strolled around the bottom floor.

I’m so thankful to have these pictures. Brent’s mom took all of them, expect one, and the Children’s photographer took it. It’s the first one of me holding the blue box.

You know what really helped being at the hospital?

BT was there, too….




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    What wonderful pictures and memories. It's so neat ya'll got to do this in memory of Cohen. And so many other kid's lives will be touched! xoxo Becky

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    This is so wonderful and so special! It is so beautiful that you were able to give back to the place that holds a special place in your heart. Honoring Cohen in this way is so touching, to me and so many others. Thank you for sharing.

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    Your story and determination to help other's in Cohen's memory is such an inspiration to me. I can only hope that one day "Erik's Rodeo" will touch people the way that Cohen has!

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    What beautiful pictures! Such an amazing, awesome way to remember Cohen and honor his sweet life!

    The pictures of BT always get me…such a special momento of your precious Cohen.

    I can't help but smile at pictures of Knox and Sloane, they are just SO SO SO precious! :)

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    This is such an awesome thing, Megan. I know it must have been so hard, but oh my goodness so many little ones and their families are going to be so blessed by you guys. All of the pics are wonderful, and you look beautiful! Xoxox

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    That certainly brings it all back, doesn't it! This is such a wonderful thing y'all are doing. You are touching so many lives with this and also helping the healing process for yourselves! And Knox and Sloane in the pictures are AWESOME!!! I know Cohen is so proud of his little brother and sister!!

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    Love this!! Such an amazing thing that will touch so many people! My husband is a heart nurse and used to read your blog when Cohen was in the hospital. He called me from work a few weeks ago and goes, "I think I just saw Megan and her husband on the news…" haha. 😉

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    These photos are wonderful. What a special day in memory of Cohen. He continues to touch lives every day thanks to you continuing to share his story.

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    I don't know if you realized or not but in your family photo at the hospital, there is a little Elton head at the bottom right hand corner! Pretty neat and definitely cute!

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    You and Brent looked so brave and I know it was an emotional day for you. *hugs* Not having experienced the loss of a child before, I can't even begin to imagine what it's like. I'm sure the feelings are always there and come in waves. Yall are remarkable to do the wonderful things in Cohens honor. And yes those cuddly twinks have helped ease some of the pain. You are in my prayers girl!


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    what an awesome way to carry on tour son's memory, he has touched so many lives including mine. those pictures warmed my heart, but made me bawl! thank you opening you heart, please know how much is means to me & everyone else!

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