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Another post in this fun Huggies series on expecting and parenthood!

Huggies provides us with prompts and we share our opinions/feelings/advice on them. This topic is: “My Hubby Wants To Be More Involved In The Pregnancy. What Can I Suggest?”

This may sound weird, but I knew after caring for a dog with Brent for eight years, that he would be there. He would be there for my pregnancy and he would be there for our children. When I say, “be there,” I don’t mean just physically. I knew he would be involved as much as he could be.
It seems silly referring to a situation with your dog and comparing it to one with your children. However, if you’ve had both in your life, you probably know that there are quite a few similarities as far as how you teach/handle/interact with both. Brent has been amazing with Elton since we picked him up. The day we brought Elton home, I remember getting butterflies in my tummy thinking about how sweet Brent was to that tiny little puppy. That was one of my first indicators that he would be a wonderful dad.

I was right.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that being involved in a pregnancy means your husband will or won’t be a wonderful parent. In fact, I think it’s normal and quite common for men not to be too involved in pregnancy. It’s definitely something that is a bit foreign to them.

I don’t think that means they don’t want to be involved.

With that being said, the question asks my advice if someone’s husband does want to be a bit more involved. So, in my opinion…

Talk. I told Brent how I was feeling. He asked. I didn’t over share…unless he asked. Pregnancy can be a tricky thing as far as TMI, haha.

I wanted him to go to a good portion of our appointments. He wanted to as well. However, there were times were he couldn’t make it and times where I didn’t really care if he went or not. I asked. I think appointments can be special as you are getting to hear and maybe see your little one growing inside you. It’s miraculous, really.

During the first half of my pregnancy with Cohen, I didn’t have to go to my OB much. Things were going fine and all was well. In fact, when that midway appointment came along, Brent had a meeting at work and I almost told him not to come. I cannot imagine him not having been there. Needless to say, appointments were a bit different for us after that point. With the twins, getting good news after that anatomy scan was something we were able to experience together. Very thankful for that.

A lot of times I would tell Brent when I felt kicks & punches. I would ask him if he wanted to feel. Sometimes he could even see it. Of course the feeling of movement that you have, no one else can experience from the outside, but to them it might be pretty cool, too! That was my favorite part about pregnancy, movement. I loved it.

Ask him if he wants to register for baby goodies with you. You might not think he has an opinion, but he might surprise you!

I know that baby showers are traditionally given for the baby and mom, but I think these days quite a few showers are given to celebrate baby, but both mom and dad attend, along with friends and family. If it’s an option, ask your husband if that sounds like fun to him. It’s definitely a way for them to be more involved.

If you see someone at the supermarket and they chat with you about baby or ask about you and your husband, congratulate you, etc., tell your husband. He might enjoy hearing that you saw someone and they sent well wishes for his family.

I think these are some great ways to include your husband in your pregnancy!

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    Oh my goodness I love your knew logo/header thingy! James was at most of my appointments too. When I got to the NST's, there were so many that I told him he didn't have to worry about coming anymore.

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    For our wedding shower we attended and my husband enjoyed it that way. I think we will plan to do it the same way when we have babies too! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on having our husbands involved during pregnancy!

    Cassie from True Agape

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