Beat the Heat!

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Time for another post in the Huggies series! These all focus on pregnancy and parenthood. The goal is to share stores and help other ladies out there :)

I’ve been pregnant during the hottest summer our city has ever had, and with twins. Needless to say, it was pretty miserable.

I tried to stay indoors, but it wasn’t always possible. Here are my tips for getting through the summer when you’re pregnant:

When preparing to leave the house, I made sure I always was in something comfortable and cool. There were a few times I caught myself in jeans wishing I would have been in a dress, which would have been much cooler. In summer, flip-flops are a must. When I was pregnant, I didn’t ever wear heels. In fact, with the twins I was told not to.

I always made sure to have at least one bottle of water in my purse. Sometimes when you are pregnant, you just get thirsty and need water! It’s not always easy to find it, and if you feel like you need it, it’s important that you do! If you are in a store, don’t forget most check-out lanes have coolers now, which is nice! There were many times I would drive my scooter up to the front to grab a cold drink. :)

Speaking of scooters, as you may have seen me mention before, I typically used a scooter or wheelchair in a store while I was pregnant. Gosh, after walking in the heat from the car to the store, that alone had me needing to take a break. I know that most women who are pregnant don’t need or use scooters or wheelchairs, but as a petite person carrying multiples, it was a must for me. Don’t feel silly if you need one. You can last a longer shopping trip that way, and you aren’t running your body down as quickly!

If you are going out directly in the sun, make sure to wear sunscreen! I always have some on my face, but I don’t usually put it on my body unless I know I’m going to be in direct sun for a period of time. One thing a lot of women don’t know about pregnancy is that your skin does tend to burn quicker and easier! It’s just one of those random things about pregnancy.

As for the air conditioner, I kept ours low. It probably didn’t help our bill or energy efficiency, but I had to. I also used a fan. Fans alone work fine for a lot of people, but I did need both!

While I was sleeping, I often got hot. I typically slept in a tank top and undergarments and that was it. I hardly ever woke up with the sheet on me. It usually got thrown off as soon as I got warm. What can I say, carrying two babies heats things up!

Water, water, water, not only when you are out of the house but when you are at home as well. Drink water. Heat just takes it right out of you, and so does pregnancy. You have to replenish. I know I’ve said it several times, but my doctor told me on many occasions that if there was one thing I should focus on, it was drinking water. I made great efforts to drink a lot. It kept me going to the bathroom, but I had to overlook that for the greater good.

Keeping my legs up when I wasn’t walking also helped me during pregnancy. I know during the summers that I’m not pregnant I tend to get a little puffy, and I think the heat alone plays a factor in that. I know keeping your feet and legs elevated helps the blood flow and prevents swelling as well.

Luckily, I didn’t have to work outside the house during the summer of my pregnancy, but I know many people are out there going to and from work and even out some for work. We are thinking of you.

Take it easy and good luck! :)

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    I'm 30 weeks pregnant with my third baby and we're having the hottest and most humid spell we've had in years. It was 102 earlier today without the humidity factored in. After this, I'm very thankful that my other two kids were born in the winter and spring so I didn't have to be very pregnant during the summer!

  2. says

    I'm the eldest of three and my mum had us all in our NZ Summer (Dec, Jan, and Feb). I can remember towards the end of her pregnancies with my siblings, my dad would sit at the bottom of our backyard slide, and mum would slide down backwards just to try and relieve some of the pressure!! Hahaha it makes me laugh to think about – it looked so funny! But it must have been hard being that pregnant in the heat :/

  3. says

    Those rider carts were a must for me too :) Not only because of heat but the early labor. I actually had folks look at me (even ask me to get off) like I shouldn't have been using it. Glad to see I wasn't the only pregnant mama who had to ride the carts :)

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