Bathroom Makeover is Complete!

So, if you’ve been reading, you know we decided to do a bathroom makeover! The first post is HERE and the second post is HERE.

I’m still debating on a chandelier so that’s really the only thing we lack doing!

As a reminder, here are the before pictures

See what I mean by paint makes a world of difference?!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color! We went with Sherwin-Williams “Rainwashed” and it’s perfect. It is exactly what I was going for. In some lights it looks green and in others it looks blue, which you can tell from looking at the pictures.

Notice the brass knobs before? We also changed those out! We already had nickel light fixtures, towel racks and faceplates on the light switches, so we went with nickel for the knobs as well! We will eventually change out the hinges as well.

Based on the palette I went with, I decided on white towels, though the rug we got would allow us to pull some brown in, too. I found the mercury glass soap dispensers I was eyeing at Target. We already had nickel light fixtures and I think they go well with the color!

Had to have my pink flowers :)

Using Chip It! helped so much when deciding on a color scheme. It gave me a good visual on how everything would go together!

I think finding a paint and a palette helps you feel a little less overwhelmed when it comes to wondering what will look good with what. It’s a little bit like a cheat-sheet.

Sherwin-Williams is also a great place to find samples. You can try the colors in your palette and have them lightened or darkened. This is a plus because it allows you to adjust the color you want according to the feel you’re going for.

Don’t forget, you can drag and drop the Chip It! button right on your toolbar. That way when you’re browsing online you can chip any picture in hopes of finding a good color palette!
Chip It!

The Chip It! video, here, explains everything!

Happy color fun!

Now onto the giveaway! 

Tell me about a room in your home that you’d like to make over using the ChipIt! Tool for a chance to win a $1,000 Visa gift card and $200 Sherwin-Williams gift card.


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The Official Rules are available here.
This sweepstakes runs from 7/23/12-8/10/12.
Be sure to visit Sherwin-Williams’ brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

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  1. says

    We are building a house and having an opportunity to win paint for any of our new rooms would be awesome! I would probably paint the nursery for the new baby with it.

  2. says

    My house was built in 1904, and my bathroom looks like it was built at the same time!! Not true, but it is probably the ugliest room in my house. It has a small tub, with the cloudy plastic pull doors that stick, and you bang your shins when stepping down into the tub,,,yuck!! Did i mention the walls are purple????

  3. says

    You don't have to change out the hinges. We had the same issue in our last house, and we just removed 13 doors, took off the hinges and spray painted them.

    SO cheap and easy!!

  4. says

    I'm so glad to read about Chip It. We are in the process of making over our spare room to a nursery and I have no idea what color to paint. Glad to find this!!

  5. says

    The color looks amazing!

    I would LOVE to redo our master bathroom. It needs a new coat of paint, but my husband came home last week with a drawing he did of how he would like to redo the bathroom. Gulp!

    I would use the Chip It feature to help match some colors from our bedspread…you know, to tie everything together. 😉

  6. says

    The room I would love to revamp would be our living room. It is our office, playroom and living room. Boring old black furniture and white walls. I would love to see it become a seamless, stylish and versatile room :)

  7. says

    I would love to re-do my kitchen..we painted it dark burgundy when we moved in and I'm just getting so sick of it! I want something fresh and new!!!!

  8. says

    In 7 years we have managed to paint every room in our house except 1 bathroom. It always gets pushed down on the priority list somehow and I HATE, HATE, HATE it's current color so I would definitely do that room!

  9. says

    I would love to use it to paint my girls bedrooms. We're currently living in a rental and we are only allowed to paint their rooms. I could make the rooms look amazing with some paint!

  10. says

    Your bathroom turned out really pretty, so soothing! I clicked on CHIP IT! and WOW, so fun!
    I would love to redo the walls in my new guest room, I bought drapes from IKEA and did the Chip It with that to find so many choices for the walls! Love this idea!

  11. says

    I love your bathroom!

    I would use chip it to make over our family/living room. We are slowly redoing a 13 year-old house and we haven't done this room yet. I'd like a light brown sort of warmish color.

    Thank you!

  12. says

    This sounds right up my alley because in September we are closing on a new to us but definitely not new house! It needs a LOT of paint (as well as the ceilings scraped, new flooring, new cabinets, removal of paneling, new lighting….think 1970's people!) You get the picture. :) Anyway, that takes a lot of moola that we don't have. This would help!! Thanks for the giveaway and I'll definitely check out Chip-it!

  13. says

    I would love to use Chip It for my family room. We still have the terrible builders grade paint because I am having such a hard time finding the perfect color. Winning the gift card would help!

  14. says

    I am wanting to make over my kitchen. It had horrendous wall paper (the people, likely the builder) put wall paper directly on top of the sheetrock, then mudded the seams and put the EXACT same wallpaper on top of it and the seams do not line up. We have tried all the possible ways to remove the wallpaper and so far I end up ripping the sheetrock OR the wallpaper doesn't come off. My kitchen is in the middle of my home and it is seen by anyone who comes in my home. I am wanting to redo it but our money just went to replace some not-so great-spring-a-leak galvanized pipes.

  15. says

    Love it!! It looks so fresh! I would love to makeover my living room actually. I have a few pieces that I love, but I think it needs a little refreshing with some pretty colors.

  16. says

    I would love to makeover my master bath as well. We have lived here for almost 3 years and it is still a blank canvas. I love the color palette you chose. It looks fabulous!

  17. says

    Oh, how my life would be brightened if I could paint my dark, 1950s knotty pine kitchen! If you know what Betty Draper's kitchen on "Mad Men"looked like when she was married to Don, you know what mine looks like!

  18. says

    Love your bathroom remodel! I'd love to remodel our master – it needs a fresh coat of paint in a bad way! And a new fixture wouldn't hurt either!

  19. says

    There are so many rooms in my house that need a makeover, but I REALLY want to update my dining room. it looks like it's stuck in the late 1980's!

  20. says

    I am moving into a new place in 3 weeks and would to pick my new living room/ dining room. I want to use the dining room as a play room for my 16 mo old.

  21. says

    Our entryway and front sitting room are desperately in need of a makeover. I've already used the ChipIt tool on it, and it would be a dream come true to save money on buying the paint. We plan on using Sherwin-Williams as we've used their paint in the past and love it!!

  22. says

    I'd love to repaint our kitchen & get a new table in there!

    My bed& bath are the same color & I have the same light fixtures except in oil rubbed bronze.

  23. says

    Grgeous! I pinned that same wall color from Pinterest to look at for my bathroom! Seeing yours reeeeally makes me want to go for it but I'll have to make bedroom changes also… but that might be fun too!

  24. says

    I really need to redo my guest room. Plus, my husband is renovating an old building for his new office, so the gift cards would be a huge help!

  25. says

    It is time to make a big girl room for my daughter so I would use Chip It! to turn my inspiration pic into a real room for Arden. PS – Your bathroom looks great :)!

  26. says

    We just painted our bedroom Rainwashed 2 weeks ago and I love it and have gotten so many compliments already. We just moved and I would love to paint more and have used Chip it!

  27. says

    I would redo my living room. i was going to paint it a really similar color to what you chose for your bathroom, but unfortunately, the little two inch paint sample looked drastically different on my wall. it was like an easter egg explosion. I ended up painting over it the original color, and am still hopeful to get my match one day. (-:


  28. says

    Your color selections are lovely and so tranquil.

    I am preparing to re-do my daughters' bedroom. We are transitioning our 16 month old from the crib to the big girl bed and the 3 year old from a single room to a share-er. Right now the room is pink, like medicine, making me want to gag whenever I look at it. We painted it when we moved in 6 years ago and haven't taken a brush to it since. Now I am ready to REALLY embrace this space and create a fun little girl room that can grow with the two of them. I want to find lots of colors to build a chevron pattern on one wall and then spread solid color on the other three. We shall see what happens!!!

  29. says

    I would like to redo some parts of my master bedroom. It REALLY needs a good paint color, but it is a big room with black furniture so chip it would be a HUGE help since I'm not sure what type of color would work best!


  30. says

    We also recently
    Moved into a new house and every single room is just basic beige. So the next room
    Our list is the nursery for our baby arriving in December. I LOvE the color u chose- looks similar to what I am wanting to do in the nursery. Thanks!

  31. says

    I would love to makeover my craft room! I just ripped out the carpet today! That is a least a start! :) Paint and floor would make a huge difference!

  32. says

    Just a hint to save you a few dollars…don't buy new hinges! Just spray paint the ones you already have :) It does take the time to take down the doors and hinges, spray paint hinges and screws, allow to dry, then re-hang…but well worth the amount of money you will save :):)

  33. says

    We're building a house and I need to use ChipIt for every room! But ecspecially for the exterior paint color because I want to match a house from a blog I love!

  34. says

    Looks great! I am hoping to repaint my living room this fall and this feature from Sherwin Williams will certainly help me get the right colors!

  35. says

    i'm dying to paint my kitchen! white cabinets…counters…it needs a pop of color! love the color you chose for the bathroom.

  36. says

    Not only does the paint make the world of difference but the knobs do too! I actually used ChipIt! for my guest bath and love how it turned out. The next room would be our master bedroom. Every room in our house is the same color and it drives me nuts!

  37. says

    I would love to makeover our larger bathroom. It's not the master bath, but the one we all use. It has hideous green wall paper with a 'beachy' boarder. I would love to transform it into something sheik and silvery with black accents.

  38. says

    I have a nursery to decorate and this would be SO helpful! I've installed Chip It on my toolbar and am ready to go!

    Your bathroom looks great!

  39. says

    I absolutely love the color you chose!

    I really need to re-do my dining room and would love to win the money to do so. It's been driving me nuts for the 4 years we've lived here!

  40. says

    I would love to use Chip It to redo our spare bedroom. I am expecting a baby in January and we are in process of figuring out how to turn it into a nursery for our little one!

  41. says

    we just built a new house and i used chip it to pick out all my paint colors! unfortunately i was feeling a little uninspired (read:broke) by the time i got to our guest bedroom. would love to finish that room!

  42. says

    I just bought my first home in April. I would LOVE to paint my guest bathroom! It's so plain and drab! I would love to use Chip It to help me pick out all the colors!!!!! (

  43. says

    I love the new look! If I could have a room remodeled, it would be our kitchen. We are in the process of buying our 1st house and the kitchen is blinding. I'm talking BRIGHT teal! It is so horrible that it's almost fabulous! 😉 I also tweeted your sweepstakes here:

  44. says

    I have lived in my house for 12 years. It was new when we bought it under construction. I would love to redo my kitchen using chip it to help me pick out a rustic orange pallette. That's what I see in my mind anyway!

  45. says

    Would love to repaint every room but would start with the kitchen/den combo. Would love to also exchange the brass knobs everywhere to nickel. Love your new room.

  46. says

    We just put in an offer on a house today, so we could use lots and lots of paint! Especially in a blue-box-mac-and-cheese master bath! 😉

  47. says

    What perfect timing! I am struggling to choose paint colors for two bedrooms and my kitchen. We haven't painted in 9 years (gasp!). I've driven my husband crazy trying to find the right colors, and have almost agreed to just go "white". Ugh! This would be a great help!

    We're also working on Lilly's new "tween" room and the extra money would mean an extra special room for my deserving girlie!

  48. says

    I can't wait to redo my step sons bathroom!!! He deserves his own space that he doesn't have to share with his sisters!!! Love your blog!

  49. says

    I just bought a house, and I would LOVE to update the kitchen. The gift cards would be a good start to new appliances and a farmhouse sink…cement counter…backsplash…new cupboards…sigh, I want it all!

  50. says

    I love the new paint choice. I agree, color makes the biggest difference when it coems to paint. It can completely transform a room.

    I have been longing to give both my boys bedrooms paint makeovers. After our youngest was born with heart defects everything was kind of put on hold and our entire world has revolved around caring for him. He is five and his room still looks like a baby nursery. I am hoping our budget will allow for some makeovers come this fall because both boys deserve it!

  51. says

    What a fabulous giveaway. It's hard to choose, as we have many rooms that could use a makeover, I would use ChipIt to makeover our bathroom – we have lived in our house 9 years and it's never been painted by us. I needed this inspiration!

  52. says

    LOVE the paint color!! we'd love to make over our girls' bathroom. it's still decorated and painted the same way from when we moved in. i'd love to change it and make it more "kid friendly" and "girly" :)

  53. says

    A little paint can make a huge difference. I love your new color and the name is so appropriate. My bedroom would get a paint makeover if I were to be lucky enough to win. Thank you so much.

  54. says

    We are closing on our 1st house on August 1st, so I feel like we will be painting every room! Everything is an antique white right now.. We need color on those walls stat! I love your new bathroom color. It's gorgeous!

  55. says

    We bought a house that was a rental for over 30 years and completely gutted it, every room is done except for the half bath off of our main bedroom! I so want to finish it and possibly turn into a walk-in closet along with a bathroom!!

  56. says

    I would love to makeover our family/kitchen area. It is one long area that flows together. It's hard to pick a color that would work great without being too overwhelming. Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. says

    I would love to make over my kitchen, as it looks like it is directly out of the 1950's. My kitchen is in need not only of a floor facelift, but also a new cabinet treatment, and new paint on the walls. Thanks for the opportunity.

  58. says

    I love the large variety of colors that Sherwin-Williams offers. I would use Chip-it to update my kitchen. I had friends over this week & was kind of embarrassed with how outdated my kitchen looks.

  59. says

    Love the colors you chose for your bathroom. I would love to remodel my living room! It was painted an ugly mustard color by the previous owners, and it has got to go!!

  60. says

    Were going into a completely white house and I would love to use the chip it tool to design my bedroom some kind of baby blue. I saw one at my daughters wedding and fell in love with it.

  61. says

    I love how your bathroom turned out. I have been wanting to repaint my basement for a few years now. What was supposed to be a deep burgandy is now more of a purple/eggplant. It needs to go!

  62. says

    I'd like to change my bedroom. It's been far too long since it has been painted and I'm tired of the bland cream color.

    willitara [at] gmail [dot] com

  63. says

    So beautiful! I actually work for a non-profit pregnancy clinic and I want to makeover so many rooms…including a client bathroom…with similar colors. Teals and golds and navy…Hoping for a win!

  64. says

    Wow, that color is amazing. And I adore the accents around your tub. I can't change the color of my bathroom, but the accents give me ideas on what I could do with my bathroom. Thanks for the inspiration.

  65. says

    Your bathroom is not comparable with others bathroom. I am jealous when i saw your bathroom. What a great piece of work you have done in your bathroom. Your bathroom's window is inspiring me. And i want to see your other stuff like kitchen interior, living room furniture, dinning room stuff etc. Can you share with us ?

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