Weekend Wrap-up

Hope you all had a good weekend :)

Ours was nice, relaxing and pretty productive!

Friday afternoon, the babies and I went to a playdate at some of our best friends house. I wasn’t prepared with swimsuits, but we ended up playing in the water. Thankfully, she had swim diapers! Lots of fun. Knox & Sloane are definitely water babies…

It’s a little tricky having them by myself somewhere else. I’m trying to let them know it’s getting hard for me to carry them at the same time. So, we have a little follow the leader going…

Knox started standing without holding on to anything today. He’s been seeing Sloane do it for the past week so I guess he figured he better join in the fun!

Friday evening, after we tucked the babies in bed, we met Brent’s brother and his girlfriend at dinner. The babies’ papa & Kim kept an eye on them while we were gone. I know they wanted to wake them up and play 😉

Not the greatest picture at a weird angle, but…

 Saturday morning, we did lots of playing…

Knox is still obsessed with “playing the drums” :)

We went to Lowe’s….
It really is pretty funny how many people come up and talk to us. Knox & Sloane are pretty good at passing out smiles, but people truly love to make conversation!

We had a few things to get at Lowe’s and we are in the market for a few new fans. I’m thinking this one to replace the one in our little living area…

After Lowe’s we went to Chili’s. We hadn’t been there in, I don’t know, maybe a year or more, but it was close and quick. Pretty good salads.

Sloane loves her food…

Saturday afternoon, we did a bit more car searching. We still can’t decide, but thank you all so much for the feedback! We are going to do a little more research, test driving, etc.

Saturday evening, after the babes went to bed, I went to a friend’s house to hang out with a few girlfriends. It was so nice catching up after not seeing them in a while.

This morning, Knox woke up pretty fussy. He was not a happy camper. Pretty sure his 8th tooth is coming in. He didn’t take his first nap. When he woke from his second, he was even more fussy. He drank his milk and I took him back upstairs and rocked him. He fell right back to sleep. Sweet thing..

Needless to say, we didn’t leave the house today. Actually, Brent made another trip to Lowe’s.

After Knox woke and he and Sloane ate dinner, we played in the water some. I took some other pics, but I need to upload them. SO adorable.

Tonight, I’ve been working on emails and laundry. Our room seriously looks like a tornado hit it, but left piles of laundry to be washed. woof.

So, a little play by play of our weekend. I know most probably don’t care, but I know I’ll enjoy looking back on it, and Knox & Sloane, sorry I posted pictures with food in your mouth, haha. 

I stay up too late.

Until tomorrow….


  1. says

    People DO like to talk when you have the twinsies out. Sometimes I feel like a traveling 3 ring circus being out and about with them.
    Love the pictures of your water babies! We got the girls a splash pad at Target for their birthday. Can't wait to let them play in it.

  2. says

    Have you looked at the Honda Pilot? I went from a 3 series BMW and one infant car seat to the pilot and a toddler/Britax car seat and I swear I thought I was in elbow room heaven.

  3. says

    I love seeing pictures of the babies. I have a granddaughter almost the same age! (I have 7, almost 8, grandchildren). Your little ones are precious and I pray God continue to bless you all mightily!

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