Rug Love

Until recently, I had not gotten any rugs for the inside of the house. We moved in mid December so I figured it was about time. Not to mention, this white carpet will never last. I had been eying a few and watching flash sales.

I finally ordered one for the little living area and it arrived last week.

I LOVE it.

I ordered it from One Kings Lane. If you’ve been reading, you know my love for them :)

*I just got an email and Safaviegh rugs are actually on One Kings Lane today! That’s crazy. No clue if they have this particular one.

After a few Twitter requests, I found the rug on Overstock. I do love Overstock, too.

The next one I’m going to get is for under the breakfast table, which is just a few feet away from this rug. Yes, carpet under the table, boo. There is wood trim around the carpet, but not actually under, or we would just pull it up. I found one I like, but it’s out of stock, so I’m keeping my eye to see if it returns or for something else.

I have gotten some cute outdoor rugs lately 😉

This one is from and it’s on the porch outside our bedroom…

 I love the fun bright colors.  It’s also not faded AT ALL, which is awesome.

However, do you remember this rug I blogged last summer? I love the greek key pattern, but it has faded and looks AWFUL. It has not held up well at all. It’s under our outside dining table, so I’ll be watching sales, end-of-season, for a replacement.

This is at the front door and it’s from Target. I probably need something a tad bigger, but I needed something and thought this was cute…

You also probably know my love for polka dots. I got this at the DOLLAR TREE. Yep, it was $1! I hadn’t been there since we were packing and using tissue paper and randomly stopped a few weeks ago for…tissue paper. It’s actually not faded and held up well! Costing only a dollar, I picked up two of them. I have them on two of the three back porch doors, outside. It may be a little hard to tell since the sun was on it in the picture, but it’s kind of a khaki/tan color. I imagine it’s actually a kitchen sink type rug.

This one I picked up a few weeks ago on a sale rack at Lowe’s for $9. It’s big and thick and I thought it was fun! It’s in the garage.



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    Love the rugs, but OMG! I cannot believe you have a whole post without one picture of the twinkies. lol not even a toe in one of the frames. haha

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    They're all gorgeous. I was just telling my husband that in our new house I want to put area rugs down, even if it is over the existing carpet, especially in the bedroom to give it a cozy and decorated feel.
    I just wish I could find gorgeous rugs super cheap 😉

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    Gosh I love these & what u did w/ them!! I am so challenged when it comes to finding rugs that compliment or even create the looks in my home!! come shopping w me!! hahah

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    Love the rugs! We have been eyeing the blue/green rug you have on your porch. Although, we were thinking in our foyer. The website says it's indoor/outdoor. Do you think we could get away with using it in our foyer? I can't quite tell the material…

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    Check out I've gotten some there before and they are fabulous! Plus they have great sales around holidays…. right now there are several that are 75% off using coupon code "JULY75". Great customer service as well!

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