new car love :)

We FINALLY decided on a car!

We went with a Honda Pilot :)

We decided on a 2012 and we are loving it.

In the next few weeks, I’ll post my favorite features. I’m pretty sure I already know my favorites, but I’ll go more in depth soon.

If you sent me emails on cars, THANK YOU! Many of those helped us so much. 

We got it from Don Carlton Honda in Tulsa, OK. They are AMAZING; so helpful, honest and professional.  This is our second car to purchase from them. Our last one we bought there as well. We love them. Knox & Sloane love them. They giggled and played with many of the employees today :)

Sloane and I made a trip there yesterday, too, and they sent us home with pink & blue balloons (we got them today, too:) The babies love balloons.

 Thank you, Don Carlton Honda :)

Thank you all for the tips and advice…even dating back to this post, haha. I loved that so many ladies left my opinions on their cars. awesome.

*A few things left on the blog sale from earlier :)



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    We have a 2011 Pilot. I LOVE LoVe love it! My favorite feature: the DVD player with headphones. 😉 And not only is the vehicle great, but our local Honda dealer has shown us the best customer service. Lovin' that too!!

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    Great choice!! I just traded my 2006 Pilot in and did not ever have an issue. It had 150,000 miles on it too. Almost went with another one and some days I wish I had. They are so smooth and get great gas mileage.

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    I think you're going to be so happy with it! Can't wait to hear about your experience with it. It'll help me decide if I should trade my old one in for a new one! :-)

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    yay! You will love it! I have the same car and mine is white too. We got ours at christmas time and plan on driving the heck out of it. I do love some honda's. congrats to ya'll!!!

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