Midweek Randoms

How is already midweek again?

  • Honestly, the only difference in my weeks and weekends, is the fact that Brent is home and I have two extra hands, during the day, on Saturday and Sunday :) That’s nice. Also makes getting out and about a bit easier. Oh, and we have extra fun, duh.
  • My blog is getting a new look :) It should be done in the next week or so. It’s been brewing in my head for quite some time. I’m very excited. 
  • I’m rearranging some things to help better make the transition. Prayer requests and their buttons now have their own page. If you want to email me a button or request, I’ll be happy to post it in there. 
  • I also set up a new system for my sponsors! I’m using Passionfruit Ads and I have a feeling it’s going to make it easier for us all :) If you are interested, you can click the “Sponsor” button up to or go here.
  • I sat outside for a bit on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By yesterday, my arms had horrible spots on them from all the bites. Horrible. Red, ugly and itchy. Most people on Twitter said clear nail polish. While it’s probably not the healthiest thing, I was desperate. I showered (some people said scrub them a tad to clean and get out of hair follicle) and then I put the nail polish on. I still had yucky stuff break through. TMI, sorry. Any other suggestions? Oh, and how do I keep from getting bitten?
  • My friend, SuzAnne, who made Knox & Sloane’s bedding and first set of curtains, texted me this last night….
  • The fires in Colorado are so awful Can you imagine fleeing from your home and town trying to escape flames? My heart sank. Please keep them as well as everyone else there in your thoughts and prayers. Same goes for those dealing with the rain. 
  • We are test driving a Honda Pilot right now. We really like it. Thanks for the feedback on the Explorer. Someone also mentioned, on Twitter, that some Pilots have had some issues with their computer systems in the 2012 models. We will definitely check this out before hand, if we decide on this car. We are really like it, but are due to take it back today. 
  • Honestly, the smell of a brand new Honda is one of my favorite smells. Is that weird. I’m not sure if it’s the leather or overall smell, actually probably not just the leather because my first was cloth, but it smells so good. 
  • Oh, and I love that so many SUV’s have sunroofs these days. Also a favorite. 
  • Our friends, Sarah, Ava & Hudson are coming over this afternoon. So excited :)
  •  I’m working on a new set up for my necklaces and earrings. They are out of control. 
  • I still need to do a little recap of Father’s Day, but we took this picture and I love it <3
  • I’m not a huge meat eater, but every now and then pork chops sound good to me. They have to be cooked just right. There is one restaurant that has them, here in town, and I really like this one. We tried a new recipe and I actually thought it was really good. Posted it here.
  • My friend sent this to me the other night. She said it reminded her of me. So true. hahaha

Have a good day :)


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    Good luck on buying a car! My sister had a pilot and her only complaint was how close the back seats were to the front and how far she had to move her seat up to make it fit rear facing. They might have fixed this by now but thought I would mention especially since you have two at the same age like us. We have a highlander, got it before the twins, but it has been perfect with them. So much room between front and back seats. Our nanny can actually climb into the middle seat with no issues with big britax car seats rear facing.

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    I love all of your fun earrings!!! (That was random, I know!! haha!)

    I will be praying for your friends in CO; that has got to be so scary. I can't imagine.

    Good luck on choosing a car. I am on the search for a new one myself…it's a hard choice!!

    Have a great Wednesday!!

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    Not getting bit…. take a daily vitamin E supplement. the more vitaimin E in your blood stream helps clog the tubes of the bugs as they bite you. (gross but true)

    Laundry dryer sheets help too, rub your outfit w/ a fresh dryer sheet or keep them in your hood or pocket, they repel bugs naturally.

    Tea tree oil helps A LOT & reduces the immune response.

    We spray garlic powder mixed w/ water all over our yard each week, it creates a mini bug barrier! love it.

    Hopes it helps!

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    We bought out 2011 Pilot last year and I still LOVE it! I feel totally safe in it and it is a SUV without feeling like you are driving around a truck! Have fun! I recently came across these car seats and they look great and trim. Have not done any research on them but they looked neat. My 2.5 year old has a Recaro Pro Sport that I LOVE, but for #2 (whenever that may be!) I will def. look into these when they are ready to transition. Just wanted to pass it along as an FYI.

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    Hey Megan, ammonia works so well on bug bites! It's the main ingredient in the bug bite medicines like after-bite. It works wonders for me! Also apparently mosquitoes love bananas so if eat a bunch of them the bugs like to bite you more (weird, right!?) Good luck!

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    Walmart (and other places I'm sure) carry ThermaCELL Insect Repellant device that sort of looks like a tv remote and puts off no odor that you can smell. They are great and cheap. They run off of little butane cartridges and cover approximately 15 feet.

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    Babyganics brand bug repellent spray- none of the yucky chemicals/deet & it smells like lemons, LOVE! It's available @ BRU : ) Works great and is sfare for little ones too…

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    Someone already mentioned amonia. It really works. We use After Bite (a stick you dab on bites), it contains amonia. We use a combo of After Bite and a paste of baking soda and water on my son who has terrible reactions to mosquitos. So far this combo is the best we've found!

    Glad you like the Pilot, I love, love, love mine! I really love the cargo mat in the back – I've hosed it down with a water hose!

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    Love all your jewelry. You mentioned Flash Sales, what are your go-to sites for jewelry and such?
    Praying for your friends in Colorado and good luck in your hunt for a new vehicle.

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    We live in Central Texas and last September the wildfires were all around us. 1500 homes burned within an hour of us. We've been through devastating floods but I think the fires were scarier. The smoke just hung in the air and it felt so out of control. Praying for your friend (and obviously) so many others in Colorado.

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    Just wanted to hop on here and say that I have a Honda Pilot that's almost ten years old and it has absolutely been the best car. I have beaten the heck out of it and have not taken very good care of it and it is like a tank. It has never broken down and I've never had to have any work done to it besides oil changes and new tires. I feel like I'm ready for a newer car but hate to trade mine in because there's nothing wrong with it and it has almost 200,000 miles. Although I want something different, I'm thinking about another Pilot because it's been such a great car. Just wanted to throw this out there. I'm not a car salesman…haha!..Just had a really good experience with mine.

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    We've had a horrible time with mosquitos at our house and I called our bug/termite people and they came and sprayed the yard and we haven't had any bites since!

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    Hey Megan—I was nominated by a fellow blogger for the versatile blogger award. I had to blog about it then nominate 15 other bloggers and you are one of them! I've been reading your blog for such a long time, so I thought you'd be perfect. You can check it out on my blog and pass the award along if you'd like! :)

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    Love your blog! You are so pretty! I love the Target card your friend sent you. I am looking forward to trying out your new recipe, it looks delish!

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    I love Sloane's outfit. I actually got the same one from Zulily for my daughter. Did you know that it is actually a swimsuit?? On Zulily it said it was a romper and when I got it in the mail it was pretty tight. I googled it and turns out it is supposed to be a swimsuit. :)

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