Sweet Saturday

I hope you are all are having a good holiday weekend :)

We are just hanging around. We had a few invites to the pool, but we aren’t sure how Knox’s skin would hold up in the heat. His little legs are pretty flared right now. The past few days I’ve kept him off the carpet and I switched off Gerber organics. His face seems to be doing a bit better. I put those play foam pads down on our carpet. Our carpet sheds little fibers really bad and I can’t imagine it would be soothing, but probably more irritating.

Anyways, I think we will get a little kiddie pool and see how he does here at home before taking him some place and it not going great.

We went to La Madeline for lunch early. They fell asleep in the car, so Brent dropped me at home and drove them around. If they fall asleep in the car, they don’t transfer to the bed well. They will wake up and won’t go back to sleep. So he drove them around for a bit and then took them to Sam’s. They returned with some food items and festive flowers :)

 I took this video yesterday of Brent tickling Knox. His laugh is hysterical!

Me with my nuggets today :)

Tonight we are going to just grill out :) yum

happy saturday!



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    The Twin Treats are too stinkin cute!! My eczema is actually much better with chlorine! I have less issues in the summer time with taking the kids to the pool :)

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    Megan- My daughter has very sensitive skin and eczema. Has since infancy and is now five. Summer is toughest for her. Heat, chlorine, grass and sand are terribly irritating to her skin and her steroid cream is the strongest available (I have to show my license to pick it up at pharmacy), reserved for summer use. The only drawback to it.is that she doesn't tan in places we apply it most (behind knees, in elbow bend, on cheeks). My parents have a chemical called Baquisil (sp?) in their pool and we have great times there and in a friends' saltwater pool. Two summers ago, Dr had us add 1/2 cup of bleach to her bath water 2-3 times a week. It kills the bacteria that causes eczema to itch. I dislike having my sweet girl smell like bleach and have a splotchy tan, but seeing her feel good makes me smile anyway!
    I've also noticed acidic foods seem to aggravate her skin on her face and some artificial sweeteners, too. Every child is different, but sure want to see sweet Knox enjoy the summer.
    Also, I do see improvement as she ages. Whether its going away or we have begun to master preventive treatment, I don't know. I am too busy praising God for progress to care!!

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    Oh I hope he does well in the kiddie pool, many hours could be spent in there this summer in the heat. I just hate that he is having skin problems right now!!

    I had La Madeline this week too, so yummy! I love their salad sampler, I don't feel so bad indulging in their yummy desserts eating that. :)

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    O.K. just when I thought the twins couldn't get any cuter they go rock the red, white and blue matchy matchy like nobodies business melt hearts why don't they, holy cuteness!! They are adorbs! Kelcee was like that when she was little, if she fell asleep in the vehicle she wouldn't nap later so we would turn on dvd player in car, sing, I would sit in backseat it was hilarious lol, she was the type that needed her naps and if she didn't get them she was more than miss cranky pants lol! HOw cute and different those flowers are…from your favorite guys how special…What kind are they?? Have a great rest of the weekend, I am starting to be able to do more, g suprised us with a pool membership to our neighborhood pool so off to pool with the neibors today whoop! whoop!

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    I hope you're having a great weekend!
    This sounds crazy, but you can try adding about 1/4-1/2 cup of bleach to the bath water. Not every night-every other night is best. Our dermatologist recommended that when Lexie had severe eczema, and surprisingly, it helped some!

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    the bleach in bath water thing boggles my mind! But then again i'm not in the US. Speaking of harsh chemicals coming in contact with precious babies, watch out for those foam playmats! They have been banned in many countries for the carcinogenic chemicals in them. Skip Hop has ones without that chemical though 😉

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    Eczema is tough! My son has had it from birth and when he was Knox's age, it was terrible. I just looked at him and cried because I knew he felt bad. He even had it on his scalp and we had to get steroid ointment for that! What has seemed to finally work for us is to put triamcinolone acetonide ointment (.1%) on him when his skin is still damp and then cover that with vanicream. (except you can't put the ointment on his face) We used cetaphil body wash for him. And his skin does pretty well for the most part. Seasonal transitions are tough, but we've found the pool can help his skin out a bit. Knox will get better with age, I"m sure. Oh, and the dr's said he wasn't allergic to milk, but we switched to Lactaid and Almond milk and it has helped a ton! Wishing you and your sweet family all the best! :)

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