Scheduling Confidence

Another post in this fun series! I just wanted to touch on scheduling and how it really has been great for us.

While pregnant, I heard from many twin mamas that schedules are essential. But I really didn’t think much of it! I thought we would kind of figure it out and Knox & Sloane would let us know what they wanted, when they wanted it.

Two weeks after they were born, I thought, there is NO way we can go on like this. We had started trying to feed them close together, put them down at the same time, and so on, but it always ended up being a mad dash to the first one who started squirming before needing to take care of the other.

When one woke up, that typically woke the other. One would stay up for thirty minutes, then one would stay up for fifty minutes. I kept thinking about how Brent would be returning to work outside the home in the near future. That would leave me alone. One person and two babies.

I was referred to Moms on Call, and I can honestly say they gave me confidence in structure. They taught us so much. They let us know that babies can really thrive on schedules. Sure, you don’t have to stick to a strict one, but trying to do things at close to the same time every day–and with twins, the same time for both babies–could make a world of difference! Since Knox & Sloane were only about two weeks old, they really didn’t have any schedules or routines that we had to break just yet. We simply implemented the new one and they caught on a little more every day.

We made sure we each spent one on one time with them, but overall, their routine of doing things was very similar. And can we talk about how sweet they were sleeping next to one another??

Brent went back to work and I knew what my days were going to look like. I couldn’t control Knox & Sloane’s moods, of course, but they began waking at the same time, eating at the same time, sleeping at the same time, playing at the same time. We all kind of knew what to expect. We didn’t feel like a juggling act in the circus. During the day, I was, and still am, one person taking care of two babies with confidence.

This also kind of helped me know what they wanted and when they wanted it. When it was time to eat, they would wake up, and I knew it was time for their bellies to be filled! It also helped my milk. I nursed them around the same time every day. My body caught on, and I think it also helped keep my production going as needed. I’ll soon do a breastfeeding post that will include more detail on that.

A schedule can also give you and your spouse a set amount of time to plan on spending with one another. Like I said, sometimes the babies call the shots, but the majority of days, they stick to their schedule because they like it as much as we do!

I can imagine one baby may be bit easier when it comes to deciding to schedule or not, but with two, I know it has been SUCH a major help to our family.

Now, they are still sleeping side by side, but in separate cribs. They also enjoy a little talking about playing before and after sleep :)

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    Oh yes schedules are a must. Although I was not a by the minute scheduler it did make life easier. The only thing I have run into, is that now they are 2 1/2 and my son gets upset if we do not stick to a routine/schedule. Be sure to deviate from the routine on occasion to get them use to change.
    Also smart move on the cribs on opposite walls, we had ours end to end for awhile and during naptime we would see they would be taking their clothes off and throwing blankets, clothes, etc into eachothers crib, cute yes but no nap -bad.
    But everyday I love having two, they just continue to get more entertaining.

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    I only have one child, but I settled into a routine as well. I certainly didn't plan on having a schedule, but it sort of developed. I am so thankful now that we did get into a routine because it does make life a lot easier. She is 2.5 years old now and we still stick to a schedule that has been modified over time. She likes her schedule and prefers to stick to it. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts!

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    Good post. Very helpful. I have twins (boy & girl) and we are still working on a schedule. My husband and I are still trying to figure it out. They are 5 months now and I can say it has gotten easier but it's still really hard! Any recommendations?

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    Schedules make things so much easier even if you just have one baby! I didn't have a strict schedule with either of my kids, but having a routine made it easier to figure out what they were crying about. It also kept them from crying as much because I could anticipate what they would need when they would need it.

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    I have 8 month old twins and a three year old and did not put them on a schedule, but let them find their own rhythm. They fall into their own routine if you let them and you'd be amazed by how predictable little ones are all on their own.

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    Our daughter developed a pretty good schedule on her own, mainly because she was sleeping 12 hours a night at 2 months. I wanted the same for our son who is 12 weeks, so I watched the Moms on Call seminar before he was born. He's a short napper due to reflux though, so I haven't tried the schedule yet. I'm tempted to see if they still do phone consults because with an almost 3 year old, more routine with the baby would help a ton. The unpredictability of the newborn stage is so hard for me.

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    that is the cutest video! what little darlings! I am a huge schedule person and I've only had one child at a time each time. But, I completely agree with everything you've said about it making everything so much easier and everyone is happy because you can all predict what the day/night will be like. Of course things/schedules change as kids get older. In my personal experience the kids sort of "wing" themselves off of depending on the schedule around age 2… we still have schedules/routines but they are a bit more flexible. I'm curious to know if it's like that with twins as well. You and another of my friends both have twins close to the same age.. it's so amazing to watch each of your journeys! Anyway, I loved reading this post and seriously.. that video.. oh my goodness, so cute! hugs to you and your family Meg!

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    OH my gosh the video was so adorable. i love catching moments like that with the twins. Scheduling is big and I think with two its important. We have a routine but try not to stick too much to time so we are allowed a little more freedom from a schedule on weekends etc but it makes a big difference.

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