Moving Announcement :)

This is a bit delayed. If you have been reading since December, you may know we moved houses. I thought it would be fun to do a moving announcement :)

We plan to be in this house for a while and we were in our previous house for about four years, so I thought why not!

With this being said, it has taken me a while to find time to sit down and address these. I've sent more of them out, but I still have a few more. So, if you are reading this and you get one after the fact, sorry for spoiling the cuteness ;) Better late than never, right? 

I had been swooning over ALL of Ashley Brooke's designs that I had seen so I really wanted her to do something for us. Thankfully, she was happy to! She is SO sweet and SO SO talented! Her and her staff were wonderful to work with.

I gave her pretty free range to do whatever and it is exactly what I had in mind! I went with the nursery because I knew it was something that wouldn't always be the way it is now. Our babies are growing before our eyes and they are already lowered in their crib! I wanted to remember this sweet little vision :) I also had her do a design without the writing so that I can have a print made and have it framed.

 addresses edited out, yes.

Adorable, yes?

They are pretty much exactly identical to our cribs! Nursery pics here and here.

She created all this fun stuff! I already had books of stamps I had previously purchased, but I did order a few of the Elton ones, too! Love them :) I believe I can also order more in the future! I did get the note card print as well!

I had also previously ordered Erin Condren return address labels. I picked ones with hearts :)

If you need any custom designs, I highly recommend Ashley Brooke Designs! She also has a great selection of pre-mades that she does seasonally!

Have a good day!

*Don't forget about this week's free printable & discount code HERE!
*Speaking of Erin Condren, she is on HauteLook right now!



  1. Megan those are absolutely adorable! I love all the little details like the K & S on the crib, the mobiles, everything!!

  2. Those are super cute cards!! Perfect for your adorable family!

  3. Those cards are adorable! The details are amazing and make the card that much more special

  4. So darling!! Love every single detail.

  5. I can't get over how wonderful the cards are...so detailed and so personal!

  6. How adorbs! They really do look like the picture of the nursery you have shown! Well haven't you been a busy momma! New house, new babies, yay! Love the note cards and how stinkin' cute is Elton sitting in the middle super heart them! I will so keep her in mind!

    love ya

  7. SO cute!! What a perfect annoucement!

  8. I can't get over how adorable the announcements turned out. She is extremely talented!

  9. Those are the cutest moving announcement ever made. So precious and so appropriate for all of the "newness" in your life over the past year :)

  10. Oh my goodness this is ADORABLE!! What a cute idea! She did a great job!

  11. SO cute, Megan! I love the entire suite and the address labels!

  12. Those are absolutely adorable! Like I might want twins just so I could copy those. LOL! :)

  13. OH MY GOODNESS, they are perfect! Love them so much!!!! Ashley is so talented. Love that you got a print made too-- what a sweet little memory!

  14. So so so cute!!!! Those are just so creative!!

  15. love it! so adorable...and I love that you're going to get a print, that will be a great thing for Sloane & Knox to have for years to come!

  16. That is DARLING! She did such a great job. Love, love, love it.


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