Midweek Randoms

 Happy Thursday :)

  • If you didn’t see the Proctor & Gamble video I posted yesterday, it’s a must watch. 
  • Brent was gone on a business trip for the first part of this week. We missed him and we are glad he is home!
  • My mom came over to help me some while he was gone. Brent’s mom also came and played with Sloane while I took Knox to a follow up dermatology appointment. So thankful for grandparents.
  • I’m pretty sad about Knox’s little skin mostly because I know he is miserable and tired…. and I can’t fix it. Based on his biopsy and a few other things, he might have an atopic disease (which eczema, dermatitis, etc. can all play rolls in). We are going to an immunologist soon and will find out more. I’ll blog more when I know more. If your adding to your prayers, please pray that it’s treatable and that we can keep in control as well as comfort for our little guy.
  • On to lighter things…

    Since Knox isn’t wearing clothes all too much around the house, I’m thinking of ordering him some cute diaper covers. I figure Etsy will be my best bet for those, yes?

  • We are all scheduled for the iPod donation and Children’s and I’m so excited!! If you participated in the fundraisers, thank you SO MUCH for shopping for a good cause :) A few of them are still going on here and we will have a few others coming up! 
  • I can’t believe Cohen would be turning two years old so soon. I’m too hormonal to go there right now.
  • I’m behind on emails, per usual. If you’ve sent me one, I will respond. I just cannot give you a time frame. Please forgive me, but I know you know my hands are full :)
  • Something is eating my sage and it’s about to get the ax!
  • That cake I posted here, I had several people ask for the recipe… it was basically one of everything… one box of chocolate cake mix, one can of eagle brand milk, one package of cream cheese, one container of cool whip, one small jar of caramel (or as much as you’d like)…easy cake :)
  • I’ve carved out a little time stayed up way too late to read Fifty Shades of Grey. Interesting book, I must say! It’s kind of what I expected it to be since so many people had Tweeted about it. Definitely keeps the attention. 
  • The past weekend I got to meet one of my favorite blogger/twitter friends, Kari Beth. I also got to meet her sweet dumpling and mama! I really do enjoy meeting girls I’ve been internet friends with for a while, it seems! Kari Beth snapped this pic and I borrowed it from her. Yes, I cropped the bottom part because my shortness looked silly. 
  • Brent, Knox & Sloane also got to meet everyone! We had a nice lunch outside afterwards…
  • Saturday afternoon, we went to a birthday/graduation celebration for our friend, Kyle! Lots of fun and so glad to see our friends :) I snapped a picture of the pretty cake Jessica made. We left a bit early to get the babies to bed so we didn’t get to taste it, unfortunately! 
  • Brent’s brother and his girlfriend watched Knox & Sloane for a bit while we were at Kyle & Jessica’s. When we got home, we made dinner, watched TV and looked at old pictures :) I also thought of a way to mark stemless wine glasses. Duck tape is awesome.
  • On Sunday, early evening, we made a trip to Whole Foods. I say trip because it’s across town. They are actually building one just down the road from us, but it won’t be ready until next summer. There is a Fresh Market opening around the corner from it that should be opening any day now! Anyways, Knox & Sloane had fun and we opted to eat dinner there as well, which was a nice treat. Knox loves to people watch and Sloane sucked on her toes.
  • Sweet little man…
  • I should clearly get back to doing my weekend recap posts to keep things in better order 😉
  • We are still watching Revenge. Sometimes I get bored with it, but then it
    catches my attention. I’m back and forth. I’m still not sure how many
    seasons it can actually go on. 
  • I caught some of Bethenny, Housewives (OC) and Pregnant in Heels a few nights ago. I’ve not watched any of those in forever and it was a nice
    refresher. I love some junk TV when I can find time. 
  • I have been working on sorting through the babies clothes this week. So many they have already outgrown. Most they’ve only worn once, a few times or not at all. I’ve got piles to keep, piles for Goodwill and piles to sell. I think I will have a little blog sale or two soon! Ridiculous, I know.
  •  If you haven’t snagged the free printable and entered the giveaway I posted on Monday, GO!
  • I think we are close to deciding on some details for Knox & Sloane’s first birthday. Still can’t believe it will be here so soon.
  • Oh, before I go, I snapped a picture of my favorite thing from Whole Foods. It’s probably one of the most unhealthy things they have, but I love them. I’ll never admit to how many I ate when I was pregnant with Cohen. I took a few years off from them, but had to pick up some this last time.
  • If you are needing ANY goodies from Tiny Prints, the entire site is 25% off until Tuesday! 



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    Those scones are the best thing ever! I never buy them for home or I would be the size of a barn. But I have a sweet friend who gets them for me every time I go visit. It's a great way to get me to her house! :-)

  2. says

    I didn't know fresh market was opening so soon in Tulsa! I will have to go when I'm back there for school in august! Thanks for the tip!!

  3. says

    You look fabulous first of all! And I still cannot get over how big the twins are getting! And more adorable by the second (if that is possible!) you are all in my thoughts and prayers as Cohen's second birthday approaches! I know he is watching over all of you everyday! Xoxo

  4. says

    The adorable dress Sloane is wearing in this post I ordered a few weeks ago for our going home outfit! It makes sense now as to why it was titled "Sloane dress". Love it!

    Both babies are growing so much and soo adorable!

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    I would love to buy any of your "S" monogrammed things, as I am having a little girl Stella in July. I have been ordering from Mary Kate's designs that you habe revommended and injust libe everything. I am local in Tulsa, and would love to buy from you. Thank, Tiffany t_borucki@Yahoo.com

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    If you are going to sell your twinks clothes you should check out Moms of Multiples Resale on Facebook : ) There are always MoMs looking for coordinating B/G stuff

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    That cake looks AMAZING, and I'm a great fan of easy. Now that we know the ingredients, could you tell us how long and at what temperature to bake it? I'm sure I ask on behalf of amny, many inquiring minds 😉

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    I love the idea of the duck tape for stemless wine glasses. These glasses are a must for me because I seem to break the stem every time I clean them! Can't wait to use the next time we have people over!

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    I love your midweek randoms! I'm anxiously awaiting the opening date of our Whole Foods. Actually, I'm stalking their website…I want to work there. You know, for the 20% discount. Ha ha.

    Oh, and when The Fresh Market opens you MUST try the brownie pillow cookies. Ah-mazing!

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    Ugh, I just feel so terrible for Knox with his skin. I've got skin issues too and I know how miserable it is. Poor thing.

    I hope they can get to the cause of it soon. Unfortunately, stupid skin conditions are generally labeled as "annoying but not harmful" so of course treatment is sketchy at best. Hopefully he gets some relief soon!!

    I can't believe they are almost one!

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    Will keep Knox and his skin in my prayers! Where did you get that adorable Owl shirt he is wearing? We call our little man "Owl" and I am doing an owl theme for his first birthday and would love to get one of those shirts for him to wear! Tiffanyokon@ymail.com

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    First I totally want to eat that cake!!! I love fresh fruit! Also I know its not a diaper cover but iPlay has great reusable swim diapers (I am a swim instructor for infants & toddlers & all of my students wear them!) Lastly I hope you are able to figure out what is wrong with Knox in the meantime you could try this https://marcihummell.myrandf.com/Shop/Soothe (steps 2 & 3 are usually good for little ones!)

    Have a great Friday!

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