Expecting Energy

Another post in the Huggies series on expecting & parenthood :)

Actually, the first part of pregnancy, you probably shouldn’t expect energy. However, throughout the majority of your pregnancy there are a few things you can do to have some energy and stay sane! As part of this series, I’m going to share with you some things I did.

I was pregnant twice within fourteen months. My first delivery was at 39 weeks with Cohen, and my second pregnancy, with Knox & Sloane, went to 37 weeks. So I was pregnant for a while. I only had about six months in between the two pregnancies. I wouldn’t have changed a thing, but I will say that the second time around was significantly harder.

When you first become pregnant, your hormones are surging. Your body isn’t used to what’s taking place, and though it’s very capable of adjusting, it sometimes takes some time. Rest. Rest early because towards the end, it might be hard. When baby (or babies) arrive(s), it certainly won’t be easy anymore. When you are newly pregnant, you are exhausted and you can probably fall asleep the second you close your eyes!

Keep your feet up. If you are just sitting around, elevate your legs. This helps your blood flow, and the bigger your belly gets, the more pressure your legs and feet feel. Luckily, I avoided swelling, maybe thanks to this tip, but I know a lot of people get it!

Water. I can’t tell you enough how important water is. My OB told me if I could do one thing, and do it right, while pregnant with Knox & Sloane, it was to drink water. Water can actually help stop premature labor. Your body just needs water. It’s like a lifeline for pregnancy. It also helps with energy and keeping you hydrated. I can’t remember what daytime show I was watching, but a doctor said that lack of water is the number one cause of daytime fatigue. You will just feel better if you keep up your fluid intake.

Along with water, of course you need food. I always found that eating all throughout the day was good for me while pregnant. I felt most sick or nauseous when I was hungry. So, as long as I had at least a little something in my belly at all times, I felt okay, and it probably gave me some energy. I’m not here to tell you what or how much to eat, obviously. That is totally your call! Your body will take what it needs for baby. I gained 40 pounds with a singleton and 40 pounds with twins, so that is apparently my body’s number.

If you can go for walks, do! Don’t overdo it, but get your heart going. Exercising releases endorphins, and this also helps contribute to your energy flow.

As for sanity, try to relax. I know there are pregnantzillas…just like there are bridezillas, haha. I think it just depends on your personality. I don’t think I was one, but everything was “all baby” when I was pregnant. It can definitely consume you, and when we hit the halfway mark of the first pregnancy and found out about Cohen’s heart, the term “parent” really went to a whole new level for us.

Consume yourself with optimistic thoughts. It truly is out of your control. You can do your part, but everything will happen as it’s meant to be. Try to be as healthy mentally as you want to be physically for your babe.

Enjoy being pregnant. I know some people hate it, but I loved it both times. Both pregnancies were very different, but it’s just such a miraculous thing what our bodies do. And the feeling. I think my most very favorite thing about pregnancy is feeling the baby/babies move. I LOVED it. It’s time that we won’t ever get back, ya know. Embrace it

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    Megan, what a gorgeous pregnant mama-to-be! You simply radiate in this picture….a true testimony to that embracing of your situation. :)

    Lovely post. :)

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    I so agree with you. I swelled almost the moment I found out I was pregnant and I was a swollen mess the whole time. One of the only things I miss about being pregnant is the movement, there's something amazing about feeling your babies inside you.

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    Love this post. As someone who is 38+ weeks pregnant (and absolutely loved it), I agree wholeheartedly with all your advice. Rest, water, walk, elevate. All so important.

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