What’s in the bag?

Honestly, I thought with two babies I would need tons of stuff. While I do need more than I would with one baby, I don’t think it’s an abnormal amount of stuff. The most important things to have plenty of are diapers and wipes.These two things can make or break an outing. If you are somewhere and little bit has a blowout and you are without wipes or diapers, you are pretty much up a creek. Now, if you are missing or short on wipes, you might be able to make something else work. Chances are, though, it’s not going to do the job quite as well and you are going to be worried about that little tush until you get your hands on some real wipes to clean things up. As for diapers, if you are missing those and you see or hear signs of a dirty mess, then you are clearly going to need to find a diaper, stat. There is just no way around it.

I’ve learned you can cram quite a few diapers into a diaper bag, and they really don’t take up quite as much room as you would think. As for wipes, these days I typically take the good part of an entire normal sized package. I have some really cute travel wipes cases but, as the twins have gotten older, I’ve learned that sometimes I just need a lot of wipes while cleaning up one mess. Now sometimes I just need one wipe, but what you will learn very quickly is that it’s better to be overprepared.

Along with the diapers and wipes, you have the changing process and cleaning up process. Since you never know where you might have to change babe, it’s a pretty good idea to have some sort of mat to use. That way, you’re not laying baby anywhere and everywhere. I have one of these that actually came with one of my diaper bags. Its rolls up quite compact and fits right into my diaper bag when I’m not using it.

If you change baby somewhere that wasn’t really meant to change baby, you probably don’t want to leave a stinky diaper someplace that it might leave a smell. We found these great little bags in a tiny little contraption that have been great to toss the dirty stuff in. You can tie it in a knot and then throw it away. The smell won’t spread everywhere.

These also come in great for blowout clothes. If babe has a blowout and you aren’t any place to rinse, wash, etc., you can put the clothes in this bag, tie it up and put it back in your diaper bag until you get home. Once again, no smell. Just don’t forget about it in the diaper bag

For those blowouts, always have at least one or two extra outfits. Though I say outfits, for my back-up clothes, I usually just keep a onesie in the bag. It’s pretty much a standard onesie that I won’t think about them wearing on occasion so it can just stay in the bag unless we need it. Now that it’s summer, that’s a little bit nicer as babe could just wear a diaper if needed, without that back-up clothing.

If your nugget is an on-demand type eater, always have a snack around. This way, you aren’t wondering if McDonald’s will soothe your crying baby. For bottles and such, consult your books, doctor and/or other information as far as how long a bottle can go once it’s made. Our twins are nursing and on solids, though also on a schedule. So I typically take food, spoons and bibs.

Our babes are in the teething stage, so Orajel Naturals and Tylenol can often be found in our bag. We really don’t give it unless one starts crying while chewing on their hand. We can usually tell by the crying, gestures, etc., when baby’s teething. Teething chew toys are also a must. This keeps them entertained and also helps those sweet little gums.

Toys in general. Always have something babe can look at or hold. You may think you can entertain your baby. But let’s face it, If you are at the checkout counter or your baby is rear-facing, your attention cannot always be directed toward baby.

For toys, tables, hands, etc. I use these wipes. They are green and I like that. They are non-toxic and do the job well.

For the most part, these are the the baby things I keep in my diaper bag. With that being said, I only carry one bag if the babies are with me. I don’t have the free hands for two babies, a bag and a purse. Again, depends where we are going as to which bag I carry, of the three. For myself, I’ve learned to go light. A small wallet, with only the cards I use, keys, phone and usually some lip gloss/chapstick, hand sanitizer, etc. Basic items.

I hope this helps your diaper bag packing! Be sure to check out my previous post on diaper bag selection here! (link)

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    Great Post! I am still learning just how much to pack when we go out. I don't ever want to run out of the necessities!
    My twins love their blankies, so we never leave home without those either!

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    I do the same thing! I only carry one bag and carry my wallet and other necessities in the diaper bag.. and I only have one baby, haha! I can't imagine two 😛

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    I just came across your blog and it is super cute! I love those little bags for the diaper bag. They didn't have these when mine were tiny and goodness knows I could have used them. New Follower!

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