Weekend & Winner : )

We had a good weekend. I posted a few things on Saturday, but of course, I snapped some more pictures :) Knox & Sloane will get to look back on everyday of their life…as will I, when I’m old and grey 😉 Sunday, we went to lunch with some friends and then to a b’day dinner for our niece. Lots of fun. The babies sat around and played and it was sweet. I can’t believe they are sitting up playing together so much.

Our new sofa arrived….

The birthday girl..


Sloane gave me the funniest looks when I came down in the floor with them…

Snuggles. This picture melts my heart….

I love the weekends.

So, I’m obviously not too great at doing the giveaway winner posts on Sunday evenings. New goal. haha.

Thanks to all who entered the Vibrant Designs giveaway! A winner was picked randomly…

 Jess Ross from Seams Simple Enough….

You are the winner! CONGRATS! Email me for details :)



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    Love the everyday blog posts.. they are my favorite to look back on with my kiddos. I wish there was blogging when Kam was little.. or even digital cameras. Ha. I have so many printed photos of her and I have no idea what to do with them all! Owen is the opposite and I love that they can all be printed into a book.

    The babies are getting SO big! They are adorable.

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    Your little dumplings are the most adorable babies. I just love seeing them in your blog. They are growing so fast already sitting up and those expressions just priceless

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    I love their little outfits! I compared that 3 mo petit ami outfit I was telling you about to a 12 mo outfit in a different brand and they are the same size. Crazy! But at least this way maybe he can wear it next summer!

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    Recently my little family has hit a rough patch. I stumbled on your blog while trying to understand WHY things happen; and could not help but read your story from past to present. I marvel at your strength and am soooo happy to see the joy in your family.


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    Just wanted to say thanks so, so much for the wristlets from Vibrant Designs! I've never won anything before! lol I received them today & they are just lovely!!

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