Twin Treats :) 35 & 36 wks

Slaone and Knox are now 36 weeks! A little over 8 months :)

Sloane now has her two middle bottom teeth and Knox now has two middle on top and two middle on bottom. SO CUTE!

They are both really starting to mimic us. I like to think of it as learning :) Sloane seems to do it much quicker and Knox usually just laughs and her and her. She is giving us five, smiling and tucking her neck when we say “doggie, woof woof”..clapping for patty cake.

I feel like this week Sloane has been saying mama.

Since Knox got his fourth tooth Monday morning, he has been a MUCH happier baby. He is smiling SO much and just cheesing at us. It’s so cute and I feel like his teeth have really been getting the best of him the past two months! Those darn things.

Sloane is now teething harder and it’s causing a bit of separation anxiety just like it did with Knox. It’s hard for me to walk out of her sight without her getting angry.

Sloane LOVES the camera. You will see she has become quite the little poser. Knox is starting to more now that he wants to show all his new teeth off :)

Knox has become a little clown. He loves to put the activity gym on him, play peekaboo and squeal as loud as he can like a bird.

We went to the doctor last week for flu Boosters and Knox went this past Monday for a check up on his skin. He weight 17lbs2oz so he’s definitely gaining better! The doctor said his skin is just still SO sensitive. When it starts doing good, he naps or goes to bed and rubs it raw again. Never ending cycle, poor buddy. He said no sunscreen or bug spray this summer. 

We started sippy cups, mum mums, puffs, banana, avocado…what else..seems like something else. 

Knox & Sloane went to Sam’s and Lowes, together, for the first time this week. I push buggy; Brent pushes stroller. Yes, people asked if they are identical. Never fails.

Here is an iphone picture dump from the past two weeks (minus ones I’ve already posted;)

before his second tooth came up top..
she loves her pink chair…love the pic of knox & brent :)

 he looked like Elvis…and playing peekaboo…

he’s always looking up at stuff…I’m sure he will be a climber…

They love to lounge in their high chairs, haha…

Sloane, get your hands of my food!

sweetest little boy….

teething much? she would NOT stop chewing her high chair.

what’s a shadow?

happy weekend :)


  1. says

    Silly monkeys! These pictures make me sad that my baby is a singleton. They look like they have such fun together.
    I was thinking of Knox's skin issues while watching my little guy rub his face with his blankie before giving in to sleep the other day. I was wondering if the synthetic fiber of the blankie might be aggravating his rash? I am contemplating switching my guy to a silk and cotton blankie. Maybe I could make one for Knox to test out, too?

  2. says

    Oh my goodness! Look at that little model you have there!! Sloane is such a poser and Knox is just as precious. Ugh you have two stinkin' cute kids!!

  3. says

    hi megan! this is random but i tried it with my daughter when her face was getting irritated by the sheets and it helped SO much!! we started using satin sheets. they were kinda hard to find so i made some. they are super easy to make if you, or someone you know has a sewing machine. hobby lobby has satin for cheap and there are a lot of good tutorials out there. i used one from MADE.

    it's worth a try i guess! hope this helps.
    p.s. the kiddies are too precious!

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    What type of sippy cups did you get? My girls ( also 8 months) are still having a hard time with them. Just wondered if you used a specific kind that maybe I could try. We just started mum mums too. They are doing well but it's a work in progress. Your two are just precious. :)

  5. says

    I love Sloane's posing! Both of your kids are so cute! Do you have any tips for the sippy training? My little guy can drink from his sippy no problem, but can't figure out how to hold it up high enough to get stuff to come out without help.

  6. says

    That last picture of Sloane is definitely a "framer"… her eyelashes with her big blue eyes… added bow accessory… and of course the cutest little poser EVER:)! They are both absolutely adorable:)!

  7. says

    Could Sloane be any more of a poser :) She sure knows how to work the camera,and probably has everybody she meets wrapped around her little pinky.

    As for Knox – he is just the sweetest little thing,and reminds me of my 18 month old nephew.He also has that serious look on his face whenever you take his picture.

  8. says

    She is a DIVA!!! Seriously. Love all the pictures. BTW – In one of the pics I seen a Sophie Giraffe. I have heard some positive & negative things. Will you share how you feel about it. PLEASE!!

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