She Pulls Up!

Guess what Sloane did last night? Yep, pulled up in her crib! We sat her in there while waiting on her turn for diaper change. She was giggling so I got the phone on. The next thing I knew, she was pulling up!! Brent was just a few inches from her and of course, you can tell by my giggling (causing the phone to shake) and telling her to sit her booty down, I was not expecting it! She’s been pulling up on me in the floor, but not quite like this! She was so proud.


Yes, I said, “sit yo booty down”….and Brent threw in a “girlfriend” haha!…didn’t know we were so slang 😉

We know, mattress lowered 😉

Hoping to get a Twin Treats up later!

Happy Friday!!



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    Oh my!!! This could not have made me smile any bigger! Love everything about it! Her cute little self, your giggling and "Sit yo' booty down!" and Brent's "girlfriend." SO GREAT! :)

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    It's fun to see how 'proud' they are when they do something new isn't it? My cousin has 18 year old b/g twins and this year they go to college. They are still best friends and have never been apart.

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    Awwww, SO cute! Yay Sloan! She's such a big girl now! Now the real fun begins…haha before you know it they'll be tiny terrors getting into EVERYTHING!

    Thanks for sharing that with us Megan. Made me smile big time :) xoxo

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