Midweek Randoms :)

Happy Thursday :)

  • Thank you all for the sweet comments on yesterday’s pictures. Sometimes they make me get teary eyed, too <3
  • A few emails about iPods from Cohen as well. Beginning this next week, I have a few fundraisers starting. I’m so thankful people have wanted to help. Brent and I have put this project in front of anything else we do this year, so while we can essentially cover the costs, it means a lot to us that people want to chip in for such a good cause! 
  •  Also, the revenue from my sponsors goes to iPods From Cohen as well :)
  •  I need to wash my hair very badly. It’s yucky. Not that you wanted or needed to know that. It just came to mind as I debated getting in the shower instead of doing this post. Fail.
  •  Knox is in SUCH a better mood since it cut his FOURTH tooth. Now, he has his middle bottom two and middle top two! Big boy!
  •  I honestly feel like I’m a human garbage disposal lately. I can’t get full. I know it’s hormonal because I can tell my milk is doing funny things, but man.
  •  My favorite dinner from this week was pulled pork sandwiches. They are quick and easy and oh, so good!  
  •  I’ll work to get some recipes up on my recipe blog soon. We’ve made some good things lately! I’m also itching to do a few things from Skinny Taste!
  • I try not to do many boxes or frozen type meals, but this looked so yummy at the store, and healthier than some, so I gave in. I had it for lunch one day this week. Loved it. 
  • I think all my tulips have died off. I forgot I snapped this picture a while back. I loved these. I also got these around Easter and they were SO pretty. The bulbs are going in our yard and will hopefully bloom next year!
  • I really need to get a roman shade for the kitchen window.
  • I’ve had a few more emails about breastfeeding that I have yet to
    respond to. I’m not sure I will ever catch up. I am planning to still do
    a post. As part of the series I’ve been working on with BlogHer
    & Huggies, I will include this. I believe it will be in the
    month of May. Maybe the first week or two.
  •  If you’ve not entered for the Darphin giveaway, do! I’m so thankful to be using this eye cream. Now that it’s been a few weeks, I can totally tell the difference.
  • I’ve been working this week on boxes. Some I’ve unpacked in the garage and others I’ve brought in and unpacked. Regardless, there are lots of empty boxes!
  • I suppose it’s time to rid the dead roses : /
  • How cute is this dish towel? My sponsor, Elle & Ollie made it and I just love it. Ruffle addict.
  • Knox & Sloane are getting so mobile. It’s crazy. They are moving around and Sloane is pulling up on me. I also think they are getting tired of some of their toys. They can totally tell when we add a new one in and then, they both want it, of course. Here they are the other day…
  • Have you all heard of Pink Papaya? It’s a beauty product line. One of their consultants wants to do a fundraiser for the iPods. She emailed me and then sent some goodies. They smell SO delicious! So far my favorites are the Exotic Body Butter and the Cranberry Orange Hand Sugar Scrub. 
  • We are going to see the Black Keys this weekend and I’m very excited :) I’m also helping host a sprinkle that will be lots of fun! 
  • A few emails about the color of the nursery dresser lately. It’s BEHR Sparrow & Gentle Rain.
  • Do you all love Baker’s Twine as much as I do? GroopDealz has a great price on it right now, right HERE :)

Hope you all have a good day!!


  1. says

    That dishtowel is adorbs.

    I can't wait to see your pulled pork recipe. I have one have adapted from PW.. but I am always open to trying a new one.

    I love the Annie's brand. They do a nice job of making those common food items a little more healthy for us.

  2. says

    Have you ever thought about making a generic blog post for others to post in their blogs about iPods for Cohen? Most people who read your blog know about it but I'm sure there are people out there who read your readers blogs who don't know. It's just an idea to think about… Everyone could copy or download a post that you wrote with links and such and they could post that in their blogs. I'm sure many people would take part!

  3. says

    I just finished eating pulled chicken for a week – yum. Do you make the coleslaw? ..I *love* Behr's Gentle Rain. And Lia- I was with you, I also didn't know what a 'sprinkle' was :)

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