Diaper Bag Duties

When looking for a diaper bag, I really wanted something that was versatile. I wanted to be able to carry it with any outfit I wore. I figured if it had animals or a lot of pattern to it, that probably wasn’t ideal. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are some EXTREMELY cute diaper bags out there, but for me, I wanted to make it essentially my purse as well. With twins, I knew I wouldn’t have an extra hand for another bag. So, I needed it to be all in one.

Also, diaper bags pop. Well, to me anyway. If I saw someone pushing a stroller and saw a pink diaper bag, I would immediately assume that she had a baby girl in her stroller. Well, I was having a boy and a girl, so that was something else I wanted to take into consideration.

I needed my diaper bag to have enough room to store two of everything. Double the diapers, wipes, toys, clothes, etc. I wanted something that had several pockets; that way I could attempt to be more organized. I also tried to see if I could find a bag that had a sturdy inside lining. There are bound to be spills of all sorts. I think outside material is important as well. This is a bag that is going to go ALL over the place. You can’t always help if you have to set it on the ground. It may not be there long, but nonetheless, you can’t think about your bag’s comfort when you have real precious cargo.

With all this being said, I did end up with three diaper bags, haha! I love each of them and actually do use them all. Two I purchased and one is a big that I use that I already had. It kind of depends where we are going or what we are doing as to which one I use. I don’t think it’s bad to have options. In fact, I’m an options kind of girl.

Here are the two I purchased…

The other one I use looks more like a handbag, but it’s huge. It’s leather and cleans easy, too!

One another thing: I think long shoulder straps come in extremely handy! This way, you can still carry your bag across your body but not have it be on your shoulder under your arm, where baby may need to be. My orange one has a permanent shoulder strap and the green one has a removable one :)

I hope this helps you when thinking about diaper bags!

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