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I’ve had the opportunity to review several of Olay’s products in the past and I have honestly been very pleased with all of them. Most recently, I tried out the  OlayÆ Total Effects Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer. I was excited about this one because I had seen it at the store and and I definitely use the help it provides.

Moisturizer is something I tend to be pretty lazy about. I know it’s one of the more important things when it comes to beauty routine or preserving beauty per se. But often I’ll just put some make-up on and go or wash my face, brush my teeth and hop in bed. I just think one more step can be kind of daunting. The thing about this moisturizer is not only does it moisturize, it helps with the appearance of discoloration and has some tint to it.

One of my favorite things about this moisturizer is that it really is light feeling. I don’t feel like I’m globbing a lot of thick, heavy lotion on my face. I found it convenient and most logical to put†Total Effects Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer on before applying my make-up. I simply pumped it out into my hand and rubbed it gently onto my face. It really only takes a very small amount to cover my entire face. I also feel as though it helps my make-up stay on pretty well and doesn’t make things look too clumpy. I think this is a moisturizer I can put on in the morning and not really worry about putting much else on, thanks to its light tint. This is especially nice in the summer time.

I’ve always had lots of freckles and, due to hormonal changes connected to pregnancy, I also tend to have random dark spots. I know many of them fade, but some don’t, so I think I’ll continue to see this moisturizer help the overall tone. I’m also thankful it has sunscreen, as that’s another way to help prevent discoloration and uneven tone. Plus it’s one less thing I have to put on, which makes things a bit easier! I still have some work to do on my routine, but I know having a good skin-care routine will probably save time and money in the long run and that’s what I’m hoping to do by adding Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer.

What are some of the things you do and the ways you make time for your beauty and/or skincare routine? Tell me about it in the comments for the chance to win a $50 Visa gift card!

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    i'm not very good at taking my make up off at night, but when I take a bath before bed I always use a nighttime moisturizer on my face and neck. And every morning when I do my make up I use moisturizer. I can't hardly put my makeup on without it!

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    I always use moisturizer on my face and neck. If your face looks great but your neck is wrinkly it gives away your age, so it's important to take care of both! :)

  3. says

    I must wash my face every morning and every night. I have never ever slept a night with make up on, and I use moisturizer religiously!!

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    I use Oil of Olay total effects moisturizer every day and love it… my clinique moisturizer that I had used for years just wasn't enough to keep my face from getting dry especially in the winter so after reading some reviews about the Oil of Olay moisturizer I switched and it's my new fav!

  5. says

    I always have to switch to something lighter for summer and I have to be diligent about using a pore mask through the summer as well to keep the oil under control.

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    i've seen this product in the store i thought $24.99 is steep! after reading about this product I'm anxious to try it myself. I hate putting on makeup in the mornings and if this has a tint to it then i can just get up, add the mositurizer and go!

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    My favorite skin-care tip is to NOT wash your face in the morning, but just rinse it with really cold water, and then apply your SPF moisturizer. It preserves your natural oils, so your face doesn't work overtime to replenish them. And it saves time!!

  8. says

    One of the best changes I made is SO simple. Just put your moisturizer on your nightstand and you can put it on really quickly as you crawl in bed. It feel much less like another step in your beauty routine! It's like you are treating yourself to something relaxing before bed.

  9. says

    I used to be really lazy about taking my makeup off before bed but now I make sure to remove it every night and apply a moisturizer afterwards!

  10. says

    Can't say I'm great about it, but spf moisturizers tend to get put on, even more regularly than make-up.

    skittles99_1 (at) excite (dot) com

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    i really want to be better about washing my face at night… i NEVER do it. i will say my new favorite new beauty product is the revlon just bitten lip stain… LOVE LOVE it…

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    I wash my face every.single.night before I go to bed, otherwise it breaks out like crazy! I also put a moisturizer on in the morning with SPF 30.

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    I currently, and have for years, use Olay spf 15 moisturizer for sensitive skin. This is the only product that I wear on my face (I do wear eyeliner and mascara, but no foundation). I think this tinted moisturizer would be just the coverage I need for the few dark (age!) spots on my face.

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    I've tried drugstore moisturizers, but unfortunately I have super-sensitive skin and they cause more problems than they help :( Right now, I'm using Cetaphil cleanser, a medicated cream, and a prescription moisturizer (think triple-digit cost…). While it's pricey, my skin is (knock wood) the clearest it's ever been. That's all a recent addition to my routine. The one thing that I have always – always – done is to put Carmex on my lips before bedtime. Every night. Not giving up this step unless my lips fall off!

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    I use a moisturizer on my face everyday before i put on my makeup and before i go to bed. I have a hard time spending a ton of money on that kind of stuff so i usually buy the store brand. All of my moisturizers have to have at least spf 15 in them or i wont buy them. I clean my face using face wipes by neutrogena. they have a great makeup remover wipe and a great cleansing wipe. i love the cleansing wipe because it smells like grapefruit. I also keep Burts Bees in my pocket at all times and apply it as often as possible

  16. says

    I use Olay face cloths on the nights I am feeling lazy about washing my face – they do a great job without overdrying! suzyqpon at yahoo dot com

  17. says

    I try very hard to remember moisturizer (and some wrinkle cream!) before bed every night. It sounds easy but it's tough for me – I just want to crawl into bed, makeup and all, some nights too! :)

  18. says

    Definitely going to give this a try!!

    I clean my face every morning, use aveeno moisturizer and eye cream.
    Then I use a baby wipe to remove my makeup before bed.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

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    Definately a mouisturizer junky!! Right now I'm loving Philosophy's Hope in a Jar! My best tip is to exfoliate!! IT really does wonders, especially when my skin is super dry!

  20. says

    I love using cleansing wipes because they are quick and easy and then always a moistuizer after that. I like the idea of a tinted moisturizer since i don't use a lot of foundation usually. Elizabeth
    She_ra2299 at

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    When I was younger, I always had such dry, flaky skin, but since I discovered moisturizer, I have been so much happier with my skin! Currently my moisturizer doesn't have SPF and I have been looking to invest in one that does. Thanks!!

  22. says

    My morning beauty routine is quite a rush. I try to save time on my skin care routine by choosing products that have dual/multiple functions. Such as SPF-ed moisturizer or moisturized body wash, etc. The Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer sounds amazing and I need to give it a try! Thanks for the detailed review!

    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

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    I put lotion on right after I get out of the shower and I put on a moisturizer with sunscreen everyday…and I don't wear makeup which saves a lot of time.

  24. says

    I just wash and lotion, it's fast so I can easily find time for it. I always use a lotion with spf15+. Thanks for the review and giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  25. says

    I can save some time by keeping cleansing wipes, moisturizers and such by my home computer and doing skincare while I am online.


  26. says

    I use the Oil of Olay mosturizer. I used to use Clingue but switched to Oil of Olay. Not only is it cheaper but I like it more. I really want to try this product. Having SPF and a tint is perfect.

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    I use lip balm throughout the day to keep my lips moist. About once a week, I give my lips a sugar exfoliating treatment by patting on and gently removing with washcloth then applying super heavy lip balm overnight.

  28. says

    One thing I do to save time is apply a mask 2 or 3 times a week first thing in the morning. Then it has time to work and dry while I make coffee, get clothes ready, etc. By the time I take my shower, I just wash it off in the shower and my skin feels so soft!

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    I heavy moisturize at night before bed. A lot of times I use my Biore pore strips while I'm blow-drying my hair and I always use a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen. Sometimes its tough to find the time to take care of my skin like I should.

    shel704 at aol dot com

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    I have really dry skin so I always wash my face before bed then dab a heavy moisturizer on it. I let it soak in for a few minutes before rubbing it in. Then I apply a normal lotion on top of that.

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    I have really dry skin so I always wash my face before bed then dab a heavy moisturizer on it. I let it soak in for a few minutes before rubbing it in. Then I apply a normal lotion on top of that.

  32. says

    I use good products on my skin, and always take the time to wash and tone my face before bed to remove makeup and the day’s dirt

  33. says

    I carve out time by taking a few minutes before bed to cleanse my skin properly and remove makeup and dirt.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  34. says

    I hate the feeling my body has just after putting on lotion. Plus doing it after you shower in a hot bathroom, just makes me feel sticky.

    Solution? Oil of Olay's in body body lotion. Its a huge blessing and time saver! My skin is healthier, my eczema is more under control & it lasts! plus the added moisture is renewing my skin!

    Another staple is cleansing wipes or make up removing wipes. Perfect to refresh my skin after a work out or go to bed with a clean face. Even better for when you make a tiny mistake on your make-up but don't want to take it all off & start over!


  35. says

    Keep makeup removal wipes, toner and moisturizer near your computer. You can do skincare while you read email and surf.


  36. says

    I take out time for my skin every time I shower! I love using sugar and salt scrubs on my body to really make my skin soft and shiny! I look for natural ingredients in my
    moisturizers like shea butter and essential oils.
    14earth at gmail dot com

  37. says

    I simplify my beauty routine by applying moisturizer with sunscreen and foundation follow by blush and lip gloss. It saves me time in the morning.


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