The forecast has said it was supposed to rain all week, but it really hasn’t all too much and if it has, it’s been during the night.

We decided to let our yard do it’s thing this summer so we could see what would bloom before changing things. So far, I’m not impressed, haha. Actually, there are a few pretty things in the front, but a few awful things, too. Things that shouldn’t bee in flower beds. I really want a ton of flower bushes. Maybe not in the front, but down the sides of the house perhaps. Do you know how much money I’d save instead of buying fresh flowers?

My mom’s rose bush….it’s out of control.

She brought over these…

I turned them into this…

LOVE. Now to decide where to put them.

I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday. This week has gone by SO fast.

We are going to a first birthday party this weekend and are very excited. We ended up missing several when Knox & Sloane were sick :( I have lots of gifts to deliver still! 

Today, we went out to Brent’s office for a little luncheon they were having. It was fun, yummy and nice to get out for a bit. 

He’s thinking of a plan to rip that bow off her head. His little rash was bad today. Not sure if you can tell, but under his little chin was so irritated :( This picture actually makes it look good.

I’m hoping to get a twin treats up tomorrow! Though, doubtful anyone noticed, I still haven’t posted the seven months post. FAIL. I think I may just go insert it in at seven months when I do the eight month post this next week :)

I think my hormones are definitely changing. I know after six months things start to change. I feel irritable, which is annoying. I feel like I catch it quick, but still, argh.

Does anyone have a flapper dress I can borrow??

I still have an Easter recap I want to do. Knox & Sloane were so precious and sweet.
The summer line for Stella & Dot just came out!!! It’s SO cute! Love all the bright jewelry. Don’t forget, my Stella & Dot sponsor is doing a fundraiser for iPods for Cohen. Details HERE :)

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    Hi–I don't ever comment, but I love reading your blog. My son had severe ezema and was advised to give up dairy. So I did…and within days it was almost gone. Just thought I would let you know!

    Thanks for sharing your sweet babies!

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    Your mom's roses are gorgeous! If you want to add roses to your own flower beds, Roses Inc over in BA is awesome. Not sure if you've heard of it before but he has the largest variety of roses I have seen. These are good quality name brand roses too, not cheapie $5 ones. I just picked up 2 a couple weeks ago. It may be another couple of weeks before all their bushes are in bloom though. I've bought numerous bushes from him in the past 5 years (at least a dozen now) to plant at each now house and they have ALL done wonderful. Sign up for his newsletter on the website and there is usually a monthly coupon too.

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    Is Knox drooling a lot? My son has this rash under his neck as well. It was from all of the drool because it has stomach acid in the drool and it can cause a yeast infection . They gave me a cream. Worth checking out!
    Amy Mumaw

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