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Hi friends :)

I intended to post this Sunday evening, but for some reason, blogger is only letting me access a portion of the comments in the Erin Condren giveaway post. I’m not sure what the deal is, but I now have a new widget for giveaways which will make things much better!

A winner was selected randomly…..

Little Miss Southern Loves….

You are the winner!! CONGRATS :) Email me for details!

I’ll be hosting another giveaway for one of my sponsors starting this afternoon, so watch for that :)

So, on Saturday I blogged about being on a little road trip. Well, we traveled just over an hour and a half to go to a new outlet mall. We met up with Katie and her sweet family. I might have mentioned this before, but Katie and I met when we were just tiny tots. It’s crazy that we both are now married with kids! Anyways, we had a nice lunch and chatted. They had been shopping in the morning so they headed home and we shopped around some.

Me with miss princess….

 We’ve determined Knox really likes to ride in the Bjorn. Pretty cute. And how adorable is Chloe?!

Katie with my sweets….

Sloane was being a little ham once she finally warmed up. She just kinda sits and stares for a few minutes….

 I could have just eaten a dozen cookies for lunch. SO good…

They had a really cute Easter bunny and we were going to get the kids picture with him, but just kinda forgot about it.

It was nice to get out and about, in another town, on a beautiful day :)

Knox got some shorts, few shirts & a hat and they both got sippi cups. Sloane is pretty set in the clothing department. I got a necklace and top from J.Crew & Brent got some shorts there as well. Success.

Knox & Sloane did great on the car ride there. However, on the car ride home, Knox started getting really fussy. I got in the back seat with him and I could tell his little face was getting really irritated and a little puffy. I couldn’t tell if it was his car seat rubbing or what. I knew that morning he woke up looking really irritated around his chin and neck, but I figured he had just rubbed his face on his sheet throughout the night and was drooling, as usual. It was soon determined we needed to get him checked, as his face was looking more swollen and he was starting to scratch, which he doesn’t typically do. He was also getting it on his neck and by the time we got to Urgent Care, he had a hive like reaction on his tummy. Sure enough, Urgent Care said he was having a reaction to something. We still aren’t sure what it was. I’m really hoping it was just pollen or something random..and not food. All he ate that day was breastmilk and peas. Both of which he had eaten before. He’s on steroids for a few days and we have our delayed six month appointment today, so it will be addressed then.

Sweet love, can’t catch a break it seems..

Hope you all have a good day!



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    They are adorable! And you look so skinny!

    Have you changed your lotion, perfume, makeup? Or has Brent? He might have had a reaction to something like that? I hope he gets better soon.

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    Hey Megan..

    I'm sure the doctor already mentioned this, but I also wanted to just because I have a niece who has an anaphlactic reaction to peanuts, cashews, and peas.

    When she was around 1 year old, she became allergic to peanuts. My sister had given her a bite of a peanut butter cookie and immediately she vomited. Didn't think too much of it. She later had tried a type of candy with peanut butter in it, same thing. Just thought peanut butter was too rich or something. She then was given something with actual peanuts in it at age 2 and that was the time her throat began to swell and immediately broke out in hives. This was when we really realized it was the peanuts she was allergic to. It didn't use to be such a common allergy (she's 14 now) so it didn't hit us right away that's what it was (or the docs for that matter)

    Anyway, my point here is that peas are in the peanut family. My niece also breaks into hives and her throat starts to swell when she has anything with peas in it. I just wanted to make you aware, just in case you hadn't thought of it possibly being a peanut allergy. Peanut allergies seem to be becoming more and more common, not sure why.

    The babes look adorable by the way! I am so ready to start getting out more! We have been keeping Miss Lillie from being out and about too much just because of her being premature. She was receiving the RSV shot until last month, so being extra careful these last couple months until RSV season is over! It's so nice to get out and take walks though, since we avoid going to many public places! The fresh air is so great for them! :)

    Sorry I haven't commented in so long, L is keeping me busy, especially since I am back to work 3 days a week now! I do read your blog everyday still! :)

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    They are growing way too fast for me! I love Knox's little outfit. T had one just like it in blue! :)

    And the poor little fellow, hopefully all the sickies will be gone soon!

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    Oh, Knox. You sweet little turkey! Give your mama a break!
    Both babies look so cute – I want Knox's romper for my own sweetie. (and I would love if you did a post about breastfeeding-fashion. I'm stuck in the same two boob-accessible tops and its getting really annoying)

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    Poor Knox, we are also dealing with allergies with my little guy. He is already allergic to cows milk and soy and now looks like he might have some seasonal as well. I hope he gets better!

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    I've never commented on your blog before, but I read ever day! Anyway, I hope Knox is feeling better. I also wanted to say that you should get an ergo, so much better for babies than the bjorn and way more comfortable for Mom and Dad!

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    how sad about knox's allergic reaction.. i hope that they figure out what was causing it.. i myself have food allergies that i have suffered with since i was young and now i am 30 and still dealing with them.. can be scary and challenging at first.. hopefully that is not the case with knox.. my son robby is 18 months.. luckily we haven't had any allergic reactions yet, but we keep him away from peanuts, tree nuts, melon, avocado, kiwi and latex (all of which are my allergies).. we are hoping to get him tested soon, but the pediatrician keeps insisting that they wait to test until they are a little older.. :(

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