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*Thank you all SO MUCH for the car feedback on yesterday’s post! I’m going to have Brent read each comment, too. I think it’s really going to help us on our car search. It’s nice to hear first hand from parents with more than one child and comments on specific cars in general.

*Also, I mostly thought the butter comment was funny. I do plan to try other things first….avocado, other oils, etc.

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This is another post in this series talking about motherhood, parenting, etc. :)

The good thing about a c-section is oftentimes you have a set date and time. My first delivery was a c-section, so my delivery with the twins was also. I knew for a full week what day the twins’ birthday would be and around what time they would be born.

The week before delivery, I had a thousand thoughts running through my head. With twins, I expected them to be smaller; I expected them to be in the NICU for an unknown time; I expected to, once again, be recovering from a c-section in the hospital. Thankfully, our duration in the hospital was very short. We were in and out and I am very thankful Knox & Sloane were good sizes and healthy. I tried not to let the ‘what if’ thoughts consume me. Of course, having experienced leaving the hospital without my baby in the past didn’t help all too much. As for mentally, the week before delivery, all you can do is hope and pray. Be optimistic. I knew no matter what our experience was in the hospital, it was part of God’s plan.

Our house, the week before delivery, was being put back together. We’d decided to have our tile replaced a few weeks before I was due. Smart, I know. Luckily, the company we had do it was very good and quick. Not to mention the tile looked amazing. I will admit that the last few days they were finishing I felt like it was never going to get done and I was nervous I would be heading to the hospital and leaving them there working. I didn’t want that. I figured we would be in the hospital for a while, so I wasn’t worried about coming home to unfinished floors. My advice on your house is don’t start any projects–big ones–close to your due date. 😉

Around the house, my first and most important item is hand sanitizer and soap. With visitors, the first thing they should do is get clean hands. We really didn’t have that many visitors once we got home. I know people assumed our hands were quite full and assumed we were doing everything in our power to keep the babies as healthy as possible. They were definitely right.

We had the house and carpets cleaned about a week before my delivery. We didn’t want to have it done too much in advance as we would still be living there and we wanted it to be extra tidy when bringing the babies home.

I know, I might be extra paranoid, but I can’t help it.

I think it’s fun to have festive treats around the house to celebrate baby. I had cookies and a few pink and blue things. Our front door had a wreath with none other than a pink & blue bow.

The week before delivery is a great time to make sure you have all the things you need for the hospital. I do recommend doing this prior to the last week, but it’s a good thing to double-check then to see if you are missing anything. There are lots of checklists that you can find online to help you pack your bag. For me, in the hospital, I needed comfy pj pants, nursing tanks, a robe, make-up & toiletries, a nursing pillow, clothes for the babies, blankets for the babies and, of course, my camera. I think it’s probably natural to over-pack just because you aren’t really sure what you will want to wear or how many times you will need to change baby’s outfit. 😉

The week before delivery, Brent and my brother installed Knox & Sloane’s car seats and took them to get inspected. Many fire stations will inspect them at any time, and in some towns they have scheduled times to do this. I know that some baby stores also offer car seat checks to make sure they are in properly. I think it’s very important to feel secure in what you will bring your little nugget, or nuggets, home in.

The week before delivery, enjoy your spouse and any other children, pets or activities that you are used to doing. A baby does change many things, but of course, for the better. Oh, and get some sleep because you may go without any consistent sleep for a few weeks. :)

The week before delivery is an exciting time, full of so many emotions. Enjoy it and just breathe. :)

Since, I’m putting it all out there….here I am the week before having Knox & Sloane. I know, yikes. Yes, I had 12lbs of babies, haha. I’m 5’2″ :)

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    I love all your posts! Thanks for the advise. I also had planned c- sections. Its kind of nice to know when you are going to have a baby. You can get a lot done ahead of time then. P.S. I think you looked beautiful while you were pregnant with the twins. Thats a lot of babies to carry all the way to 37 weeks!

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    Great advice! I so enjoy seeing the photos of Knox and Sloane. I was particularly overwhelmed with visitors in the weeks after the birth of our baby-sometimes its too much.

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    thank-you for sharing this today…it was mean't to be. i am scheduled for my c-section a week from tomorrow. my mind is going a million times a minute today…the anxiety and anticipation is setting in :)

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    This post is awesome friend!! And you looked amazing for twins!! Soo glad that Knox and Sloane were such a great size and that all went well!! :)

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    Well, you sure were adorable with your twelve pounds of babies! Guess they get their "adorability??" from their Momma! (and of course Brent too)!

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