One of my sponsors, SheSheMade wanted to share a WONDERFUL discount with my readers today! 

They have SUCH cute things! Knox & Sloane have some adorable outfits and some they will soon be wearing :) I can't wait to see them in them.

As you can see, SheSheMade has super cute smocked outfits as well. We love our smocking around here and I also can't wait for Knox & Sloane to start wearing their spring and summer outfits.

So, the exciting part....

Sheshemade is offering a 15% discount right now on their smocked items! Enter code "easter15" ----Speaking of Easter, they do have some still in stock, so get it now! Easter Anavini items are already marked down and this discount will be lowering it even more. Definitely the lowest prices around on Anavini!

Happy Shopping :)



  1. Love the ocean theme! Beautiful!

  2. woo hoo, Megan!! stop feeding my addiction, please ;o) it's SO fun to shop for our twins, huh?? it's kind of dangerous...


  3. Ahhh so cute! I miss the days of having a little girl to dress up in those cute outfits. Enjoy the time while you have it!

  4. Luke doesn't have anything smocked or monogrammed. I'm gonna have to get on that...

  5. I purchased the pink smocked dress with sheep for my g-daughter who will be 4 months old on Easter....Adorable!


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