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Thank you for the thoughts and prayers on yesterday’s post. I know Katheryn and her family are very thankful.

We’ve had a nice Saturday morning. Well, I guess it’s afternoon now. The babies are napping and Brent is in the shower and I’m here..blogging, even though I have 100 other things I need to do, too:)  When you have the itch, you go with it. Anyways, I finally got Knox & Sloane’s little seven month pics snapped. Although Knox really just wanted to pull the stickers off both of them. So really not many face shots. I’ll post those soon.We are doing family pics next weekend so that is exciting :)

I’m obsessed with these sweet potato chips and if you haven’t tried them, you should. I got them at Target.

While on the subject of food. This oatmeal caught my eye at Target as well. Also, really good! There are five packs and they have you fill the pouch with water once you poor it in the bowl. Easy measuring for ya there! There are five packs in the box and I think it was only $1.69.

We got some herbs potted and I’m thankful to have them back around. It’s so easy and convenient to have lots of basil versus paying a ridiculous amount for it at the store.

We are really trying to start cooking again and planning our meals more.

I’m going to try to do a little project this weekend. It involves these things and I’m sure something else that I won’t have, but need.

They are installing some of our shutters on Monday. Sheets can finally come down!! I mean, seriously, our neighbors have got to be wondering about us, haha.

I picked Knox up a blue hat at Hobby Lobby. I thought he could wear it for the heart walk. I think I’m going to get a red heart applique for it :) It looks so cute on him.

The Heart Walk snuck up on us as Easter is about to. I can’t believe it’s next weekend!

Last night Brent and I went to a birthday get together for a friend. We had a nice time. I kind of ran out of time for shopping, but who doesn’t love vino and a Starbucks gift card?


 I’m always debating on picture sizes. I posted these at “extra large” and they just looked huge, so I made them to be “large”…hmmm

Have a good day :)


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    First of all I absolutely loveeee that birthday gift!! And next- you and Brent are such a beautiful couple!!! I hope you enjoyed your night out!! You both deserved it!! :)

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