Pin & Ride

Good Morning :)

Happy Saturday!

The weather is beautiful and we are taking a little road trip. I’m playing on the iPad and “pinning” things. I’m finally getting better at remembering Pinterest.

Seriously, what did we do before computers/smart phones on road trips? I loved looking at magazines, but they always made me sleepy. I use to wish the Internet would work on my computer. A few years later and here we are!

I could spend hours on end on Pinterest. It makes me want to cook, decorate, have parties & make things. For now, I’ll be looking & swooning as I hold & carry two babies…and when they walk, I’ll be chasing them :) But surely, SURELY all these pretty things & yummy treats will find their way in my home, right? I love seeing when people blog something they’ve been inspired to do after seeing it on Pinterest. I’ll try to do that, too 😉

Some things I’m eyeing….

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Yay for my first blog post from the iPad via car :)



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