Midweek Randoms!

Hi friends!

Do you all still want to do a Easter/Spring decor/food/clothes/etc. link up? If so, this afternoon? Tomorrow morning?

  • A new giveaway started last night. Check it out here :) I think it’s so nice people want to give things away!
  • I gave in and got “Draw Something” :) I must admit, I’m already pretty addicted. I’m not sure how many games I can have going at once, but my username is “lifeofmegan”. Also, can I leave a game and go back to it? Do you all buy colors?
  • Knox & Sloane had their delayed six month appointment yesterday. It went pretty well…besides the fact that I hate shots and I’m still not too fond of the nurses at our office. The doctors, I love. The doctor didn’t seem too concerned about Knox’s allergic reaction the other day. He said there are a number of things it could have been with him having been outside for several hours, weather change, food, contact, etc. He said let’s hold off on peas for right now. He also said Knox has a great metabolism. So, he wants us to add butter to his food! Sloane was in the 25th percentile for weight and Knox was under the 10th. Little bean..though soon, he will be butter bean, haha. He was half an inch shorter than her and her head was half an ich bigger than his. 
  • We a few more fundraisers for iPods from Cohen that I’ll be blogging about soon. One is a Stella & Dot and very grateful and excited. LOVE Stella & Dot! 
  • The Heart Walk is coming up at the end of April. It’s April 21st. If you are local and want to participate, please let me know. We would love to have you on Team Cohen!! We had an amazing time last year. I posted about it and pictures here and here. Love the pictures and they kinda make me emotional. I don’t think I will be able to get shirts out in the mail this year since I have pretty full hands : / 
  • Brent got a call yesterday and our new couch is in. I honestly kind of forgot about it. We ordered it a few days before Knox went into the hospital, in February, and it was supposed to ship within eight weeks. So that’s exciting.
  • My chairs also arrived this morning! I can’t wait to get them set up!
  • We gave this easy recipe a try the other day. It is just Kraft cheese, bacon and bread crumbs. It comes in one package, from the cheese section. You put the check directly in the bag to coat it and put it in the oven Simple!
  • We’ve had two business cards on our front door lately for lawn services. We think people are trying to tell us something and hopefully it’s not our neighbors, haha! We were going to try to see what bloomed before making any large changes to the yard this year. However, we do have some work to do to make it nice looking and then maybe a large over haul next year. There is a Japanese Maple in the front that is way overgrown and needs to be trimmed. It drives me nuts.
  • Speaking of neighbors, I saw ours had their pool company out the other day to open things up. I kind of feel like Clark Griswold looking out the window and imaging pool parties and then I remember it’s not our pool, haha. Honestly, I have no desire for a pool because I’d be paranoid about kids going in and I know I’d have an itch to be tan all the time and both of those can lead to no good. But hey, maybe they will invite us over? 😉
  • So, I’m finally sending out moving announcements/address change cards. I thought it would be fun, although better late than never, right? One of my talented sponsors made them and I’ll be posting them soon :)
  • Have you all seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? I really liked it. There were parts that I couldn’t watch and we fast forwarded through, but overall, I thought it was a really good movie. I haven’t really the books, but now I’m kind of itching to.
  • I own Hunger Games and still haven’t read it. Chances are, I’ll also see the movie first. I just can’t find time to read lately. If I have extra time, I’m wanting to read blogs or Pin :)
  •  I am going to do a breastfeeding post soon. I’ve had many emails and comments lately requesting so I do want to! I’ve started one, but I need to work on finishing it. 
  • We sold one of our cars yesterday. It was the good ole car the day I turned 16. Yep, she still runs like a charm. Though, we hadn’t driven her in quite sometime. She was a two door and she was a Honda and she was great to me. She is still in the family, so I can still see her if I feel the urge, haha. We are on the hunt for another car. Well, we want an SUV. We had, and loved, our X5, but we sold it when I was pregnant with Cohen to save on costs. We aren’t sure what we will go with now. Do you have an SUV? Do you like or hate it? What is it?
  • We tried out this “one-pan” recipe that I saw on the Today Show and thought it was good. I’m not a huge pork person, but Brent really liked it. It is easy and delicious. I could have eaten every potato and onion once it came out of the oven. I posted the recipe here.
  •  One of my sponsors, Paper Clouds, has a special I wanted to share. For the next 5 orders placed she is offering FREE SHIPPING with the code “FIRST100″ in honor of her first 100 sales! The 100th sale gets a big surprise!
  • Be sure to check out my post on ‘dressing while expecting’ here, brought to you  by BlogHer & Huggies!
  •  I have some great sponsors coming up in April! If you are interested, shoot me an email. I’m also working to respond to some today.



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    We have a GMC Acadia and we love it! It is roomy, pretty good on gas, third row seating that folds down, two sun roofs, and a tv for the princess :) We have had a few problems but ours is an '08, so i think we just got a lemon. The twins are so precious! I love reading about them.

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    I have a Nissan Murano and I love it! It drives really great, has a back-up camera & a sunroof and is just perfect! I had a little Honda before, and the SUV definitely takes the cake — I can fit anything in that thing, and it's our main "driving" car. My fiance has a pickup truck, and it's just NOT as comfortable as my wonderful Murano! :)

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    I love the chair fabric!!! I looking for fun fabrics like that but I cannot seem to settle.

    We have a subrau tribeca. I love it. We have had it for 3 years and NO issues. I love it and can fit three carseats nicely. There is a third row for extra seats but when folded down fits my double stroller great!

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    I can't wait to see your post on breastfeeding!

    On the SUV … we bought a GMC Terrain just before our little nugget was born last year. LOVE it – mileage is great, there is a back-up camera and more. The cargo space is pretty decent too.

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    Several comments:
    I LOVE DRAW SOMETHING! I am so addicted!
    Elle's skin is SO sensitive and she reacts to EVERYTHING! I wash everything in free and clear detergent and only use scented fabric softener on Aaron's running clothes and our towels and sheets. If she wears something new that hasn't been washed she always breaks out! She reacts to tomatoes really bad too! It always takes me back though :(
    We watched Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Sunday night and I seriously felt sick to my stomach several times but loved the story line! And so glad she got the "rapist pig" back :)

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    We have the Chevy Suburban ltz and we absolutely love it. It has everything a mommy could want…latch system in both seats, DVD, navigation, rear cameras, automatic start and good gas mileage!!! It's big but easy to handle and very safe!!

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    I have a tahoe and absolutely love it. We had a murano before that and just felt like we needed more room, definitely got that with the tahoe. Gas isnt the greatest but honestly no full size suv is going to be great. Good luck!

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    I've never heard of giving butter to a baby. Would you mind explaining that? Thanks!

    Also, Total Ground Care is AMAZING and not as expensive for lawn care as the big companies. His name is Andrew Nelson and his number is 918-497-8885.

    Get a VAN!! They are so nice for hauling extra kids around, their baby equipment, and they are cheaper on gas then SUV's. Plus insurance is lower on a van as well. I have a Nissan Quest. But I hear amazing things about Dodge Caravans or the Toyota vans too.

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    Megan, you are AMAZING! I love your blog. I have never seen/met (though we have not) a more down to earth person as you are. I love that about you! Seriously. And thanks to you, I know what WE will have for supper tonight! And speaking of percentiles.. I took my 2 month old for hers today, she is 75% weight 25% height. Poor thing is going to be short! Haha! I am too, sorta. :)

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    We have a 2010 Toyota Highlander and I LOVE it! I was a nanny for twins and both of them and all their gear fit perfectly with room to spare. Plus, the gas mileage is awesome! And it drives like a car, not an SUV as it sits on a Camry frame.

    Good luck finding a new car!

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    I love your random posts! I bought a similar cheese/bread crumb thing from kraft. Going to try it this week. I drive a mini van with all my kids. Swore I never would but its better on gas!

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    Yum, the chicken looks great. I will seriously have to try that because it not only looks yummy but easy. And anything easy with 2 kids is great. Love the chairs too. I've had several SUV's (Jeep Commander, Jeep Liberty, Nissan Rogue) however even though I said I would NEVER drive one I now drive a Toyota Sienna and actually LOVE it. My 2 year old can climb in on his own and even when my hands are full I can simply press the button and the doors open on their own. So easy with 2 kids. And the luggage space is awesome. Even with a big SUV you don't have that much space unless you put the 3rd row down.

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    I need to check out Draw Something-I've heard SO much about it the past few days. …We have a '12 Jeep Cherokee and love it. Have you done a house tour lately? I'd love to see it!

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    We have a Lexus SUV and it's a great & safe family car. If you want a great car with good re-sale value, go Honda/Acura or Toyota/Lexus. I have worked with a lot of American cars and they always seem to have problems. Good luck!

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    We have an Explorer and I love it! Although now that M works for Nissan Corporate we will probably switch to an Armada or Infiniti JX in 6 months.

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    We have a Honda Pilot and LOVE it. :) Lots of good choices out there and I'm sure you'll find something great.

    Your chairs are awesome! Love the pattern and would love to see the room set-up when you are done.

    Also, I've never heard of giving butter to a baby either. Always fed mine avocado to fatten them up and sprinkled healthy oils on top of a few different things I fed them to help add good calories as well. Curious about that one as well.

    Always enjoy your pics. Knox and Sloane are adorable and you have great taste. :) I always love what you and the twins are wearing. Thanks for the randoms!

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    We have a 2011 Toyota Highlander, and are about to trade it for the 2012 or 2013 Toyota Highlander. We had a Nissan Armada before, but it was just too big for us, and had a few problems. We LOVE the Highlander!!! It has 3 rows (3rd folds down for shopping trips :), great gas mileage for an SUV, and is very nice and roomy!! Navigation is a plus, and it is so affordable! And the resale value is amazing!! We also love the fact that it comes with Toyota Care, and we don't have to pay for oil changes or maintenance for the first 50,000 miles (we opted for the extended package–the first 25,000 miles is free). It is awesome for kids, especially since it has a DVD player in the back. We LOVE :))

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    I drive a Honda Pilot and I LOVE it! The 2nd row big and my 2 boys (ages 3 and 14 mos) ride comfortably in their car seats. There is an optional 3rd row seat. Most of the time I have the 3rd row down so I have plenty of room for stroller, groceries, etc. I drove a Lexus RX before my Pilot and loved it too but we needed an SUV with 3 rows.

    Good luck with the new car search. Love the fabric on the new chairs and can't wait to see pictures of the new sofa. Your babies are so precious! I can't believe they are 7 months old already! Thank you for sharing your life and beautiful family with us. :)

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    i love my 2010 toyota 4runner but i also test drove a 2012 toyota highlander and it drove really well and had tons of room. i wish i had gotten third row seats on our 4runner. i love your blog btw.

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    I LOVE your chairs! The colors are beautiful & the pattern is so fun. We watche Girl With The Dragon Tattoo this weekend also. I liked it as well but couldn't look at some of the parts. I read the books and really enjoyed them – the second and third even more than the first.

    We have a Volvo XC 90 which we really like. My parents have an X5 and I love it. The Volvo has more trunk space but the BMW has more backseat room.

    Thanks for sharing the pork recipe – sounds easy and delish!

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    I have an SUV and wish I had a minivan! I swore I would never drive one of them, but it's hard getting kids in and out an SUV. At least with a minivan, you can step inside to hook them, etc. Also, they get much better gas mileage. My next car will be an Odyssey.

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    I have a 2008 Chevy Equinox and love it.

    Note on seeing The Hunger Games: I've heard from several that saw the movie, but didn't read the books, that they hated the movie. I read the books when they first came out and I loved the movie, but I would say if you haven't read the books you might not get what is totally going on or even like it for that matter. Just a thought.

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    I have an SUV and wish I had a minivan! I swore I would never drive one of them, but it's hard getting kids in and out an SUV. At least with a minivan, you can step inside to hook them, etc. Also, they get much better gas mileage. My next car will be an Odyssey.

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    I love that you are going to add butter to Knox's food! True Southern boy. :) Don't let anyone tell you butter is not a "healthy" fat. Everyone needs saturated fat and it is only the extreme excess of that fat that people eat that puts them at risk for heart disease, etc. It's the same reason why we give toddlers whole milk; they need it!

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    I am a Registered Dietitian and I am concerned about adding butter to Knox's food. When it comes to adding calories, I would never recommend adding butter. There are much healthier ways to add calories to ones food, such as avacado, healthy oils, etc. I don't want to disrespect or imply anything about your doctor whatsoever, but I would strongly encourage you to research some healthier ways to add calories to his diet. I mean this comment in the most positive and helpful way positive. Healthy babies are very important to me and seem to be to you as well. :)

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    I am glad you posted about a car because we have a Yukon Denali and honestly, I don't think it is all that friendly to children with young families. My boys are 5 and 2. It sits so high it is hard for kids to get in without help (and even hard to get me in their carseats) and without banging the car next to us in the parking lot! It is also a challenge for anyone to get around the kids in the car seats to get into the 3rd row. We have the regular, not extended version and if the 3rd row is up there is NO storage – only a small stroller fits back there. The third row seats are extremely heavy to move in an out of the car. I think this would be a great car for when kids get older but we are actually looking forward to selling it and getting a van instead. Hope this helps:).

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    We have a GMC Acadia which we love. It has the captain's chairs in the center aisle which are totally awesome! And with my older child having friends ride with us, the third row is perfect for them. My Acadia is a 2007. It's actually one of the very first ones to arrive at our local car dealership. We have had zero to no problems until recently. A part of the transmission had to be replaced, but it was covered under the 100,000 mile power train warranty. Other than that, we have had minimal issues. Our friends also have an Acadia and they love theirs just as much.

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    My kids have always been super skinny (my daughter has always been between 15% and 1.3% for weight and my son has never been above 20% and is currently down to 4%), and my doctor told me to give them fatty foods to try to get their weights up, but I've never heard of giving butter to a baby :) My son (22 months) is on pediasure every day right now or he loses weight. Of course, he won't eat anything that I could sneak butter into, lol.

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    I have a GMC Terrain and LOVE it!! It has plenty of room for my 2 kiddos and storage in the back. It also gets great gas mileage. Before it we had a Durango which I also loved, but ut drank gas.

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    I don't know if you're one who resists the idea of a mini van, but I highly recommend one. With two kids, in and out, and all their stuff, it's so much easier in a van. I currently drive a Town & Country and I love it. I had an SUV before and my husband has had various company cars/SUVs, but when it comes to transporting the kids, nothing beats the van.

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    I will not get Draw Something…I will not get Draw Something…I will not get Draw Something.

    😉 I feel like I'm the only one who DOESN'T have it yet. I would be awful. Maybe.

    KRAFT recipes are the best!

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    First off, I'm a first time commenter, but started reading when you were pregnant with the twins. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and all 3 of your babies are just beautiful.

    I also have a GMC Acadia ('08) and I love it. It is easy to drive and very roomy. Just a couple of things to think about, the ONLY reason I think minivans have a leg up on SUVs is because you don't have to worry about kids swinging doors open into other cars, and sometimes when I am in a tight parking space, it is hard to open the door wide enough to get my 10 month old into her carseat. Minor inconvenience. Our Acadia has two captains seats in the middle as opposed to a bench seat. The one good thing about a bench seat is the ability to place things in between your kids' carseats that they might be able to grab when they are a little older. My daughter just loves to throw her toys to the ground – not so easy to get them back to her. Ha! Also, the Chevy Traverse is the same car as the GMC Acadia (so is the Buick Enclave, but I think it looks like an old persons car, ha!).

    Hope this helps!

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    Oh please don't listen to the silly butter recommendation from the doctor. That's just processed lard :(
    There are many healthy fats you can add instead that won't lead to poor health and poor eating habits. That sounds like really old school, uneducated advice. I know it's from a doc but they are people too and can have flaws 😉

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    I drive a suburban and am in love! Has tons of room. I have 3 kiddos ages 14y, 11y and 5y. The 11y sits in the way back while the other 2 sit in the middle. The 5y still rides in a carseat(britax frontier85) that is huge. It is in the middle seat and the 14y old still has room. He is the size of a grown man,5'11 and is still growing! We have plenty of room in the trunk part too,we have a maclaren stroller we keep in there and usually school days all of their bookbags go in the back as well. My 14y is into archery and his bow case fits back there as well. I owned a mini van and hated it. I think a suv is very verstile. I wouldn't go back to anything else. Hope this helps.

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    I highly recommend reading The Hunger Games before seeing the movie. I don't think you'll fully understand or enjoy the movie without reading the book first.

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    I am also a Registered Dietitian. While I understand other commenter's concerns about the use of butter, adequate weight gain at this age is also equally important. That being said, it doesn't have to be butter. You can also use oils such as olive or canola added to foods to promote weight gain.

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    I have a tahoe and love it!! I love the captain seats so as they get older you don't have to worry about them "bugging" one anoother. It does have the thriw row seating option or you can take it out ( I do) to have room for the strollers and things. Very roomy, big and safe, pretty good gas mileage !

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    Another vote for the Dodge/Chrysler line of vans. *LOVE* the captain's chairs in the 2nd row, so easy! Also, another vote for a healthier fat than butter. I did the same to help my first gain some weight, and our ped had us choose a healthy oil, instead of butter…we chose safflower.:)

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    We have an Acadia and love it. We easily have 4 carseats in there…our big boys in the back and the twins in the captain chairs. Not much storage room though 😉
    I'm so excited to hear your breastfeeding post…very curious to see your schedule. I'm having trouble right now–one twin is tongue tied which makes nursing painful at times and the other has had trouble gaining so we have to fortify my milk for her which means lots of pumping so she can have bottles.

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    I love your random midweek posts! From one mama to another, just pick up Hunger Games and start reading it…you will find the time! I read all 3 books in 16 days! They are easy reads and I might have gone a little over board by giving my kids a bath every night so I could read while they splashed! :) Happy Midweek!

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    Hey Megan,
    I've loved reading your blog for a while now but have never commented. Your babies are SO CUTE! I'm interested to read your post on breastfeeding. I nursed my now 16 month old until she was 7 1/2 months and have NO IDEA how in the world you are nursing 2 babies!! It's nothing short of amazing to me!

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    I have a Volvo XC90 and I LOVE it. It is the safest vehicle on the road and has a lot of great features. Third row seating that folds into the floor, DVDs in the back of both front seat headrests, sunroof, parking sensors, there are airbags all over (even in the third row), there is a built in booster seat – my list could go on and on. I highly suggest looking at an XC90. Happy shopping!!

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    We have a GMC Acadia (7-seater) and I love it. I don't like the 8-seater b/c you'd have to climb to get to the third row. Anyway – it's the 4th SUV I've had and by far my favorite! She drives like a car!! :)

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    We have a Chevy Tahoe, after going from the Chevy Trailblazer which was much smaller. Now we have teh third row seat if we have others riding along and plenty of room for their full size double stroller and a full costco run. It drives really nicely and is super spacious! I love it!

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    In August we bought a 2011 Jeep Cherokee – LOVE LOVE LOVE! Leather, sunroof, everything – and such a better price than a Lexus or Tahoe.. etc. We did TONS of research and have been so happy with the purchase!

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    I have the 11' Chevrolet Traverse LTZ. I LOVE it! I bought it because it has the third row and even with the third row up there is enough storage for our big stroller to ride at all times. Also, the front row folds flat for extra hauling needs. I am 5'2" and it's easy for me to lower and raise with just a lever. I originally wanted a Tahoe but then realized 1)the stroller wouldn't fit if the 3rd row was up and 2)the seat would not fold flat for more storage it would have to be removed…that was a pain to me. We got the 2nd row as captain seats which we like because it's easy for me or my mom to get in the back when we all go someplace with my parents. I like that it's a SUV, but not so big I have issue parking since I always drove cars. It has the backup camera, DVD, navigation, automatic lift gate with button and keyless start. I live in Texas so being able to start the car from inside and letting it cool down before I put my little man in is AWESOME.

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    Hi Megan! We have a Honda Pilot and I love it! It gets good gas mileage for an SUV, there's LATCH all throughout the car, so car seats can go wherever you want. The third row is fantastic. It's just a great car, plus Honda's last forever!

    About the butter thing, my son is very small as well. He's almost 3 now, but when he was around 9 months, we started seeing a nutritionist and she suggested butter as well. We did add butter to his baby food. We just kept it softened on the counter and stirred it in before we fed him. Yes, there are "healthier" fats, and we added those too (avocado, olive oil, shredded cheese once he's closer to 1), but for babies who are very small, they need all the fat they can get. There is nothing wrong with butter! Jax is still small, but adding those things definitely helped.

    Hope that helps you :)

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    I'm anxious to read your breastfeeding post. I actually just posted about it today, I'm kind of at a fork in the road and having SUCH a hard time figuring out which way to go. :/ Ugh.

    But, yay for a new car! If I could choose a (somewhat) realistic SUV right now I'd go for a Honda Pilot or a new Toyota Rav4 (they're a LOT nicer than they used to be and have a third row now).

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    Hi, I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in about butter. Butter, particularly grassfed butter, is a healthy fat and I think there is a lot of misinformation out there about what fats are bad for you. Not so long ago coconut oil was vilified and is now come into recognition as a healthy fat. What is more worrisome to me is the comment to add more canola oil as 90% of the corn in this country is genetically modified (something I adamantly try to avoid for my kids). Butter is definitely something we do not skimp on in our family (I have a 13 month old and a 3 year old)!!


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    With the twins and you being petite I definitely suggest a minivan! I am a little taller than you but definitely had a hard time hoisting the car seat into my suv. I have a Chrysler Town and Country now and I absolutely love it. My 2-year old can climb in herself and I love being able to push a button to open the doors when I am trying to hold her hand in a parking lot and juggle diaper bag and my 7-month old in her carrier. I also love being able to sit in the back and nurse when I need to. I am also Potty training my two year old right now and I have a portable potty seat I use in the van when we are out and about and I wouldn't have room for that in my suv (that may be weird but she's too small for public toilets plus they gross me out!) good luck with the car search! My 7-month old is a week younger than the twins-they are just growing too fast!

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    When we went from 1 to 2 kids after leaving Seattle for Boise we upgraded to a 2010 Acadia and love it! We have both kids in the second row and the fit great, even with 6'4" hubby and the seat all the way back. There is lots of hauling space with the 3rd row down and still plenty with it up. We get pretty good gas mileage, too.

  52. says

    Hey Megan!

    I just went through the car debate a few weeks ago. My other mom friends said the van is the only way to go. To quote one friend, "doors will magically open for you and your life will be changed forever!" haha. So, we test drove the Odysee and the Sienna. But at the end of the day, We're just not a van people. We gave up the convinience of the automatic sliding doors to drive something we would love to drive but that still seated 7. We looked at the Acadia, Pilot, Pathfinder and Traverse. At the end of the day we settled on a 2011 Chevy Traverse 1LT. And so far I am IN LOVE! However, we have a ton of upgrades on this car that helps me love it even more like leather seats (which are essential in my opinion with little kids that are messy! wipes right up!), DVD player, captains (bucket seats) in the second row instead of a bench (which is awesome because you can access the third row so much more easily when you have little ones in carseat in the middle row), rear/back up camera and a navigation system. I love all of the room in there. It's roomy like a van, seats 7 like a van, but has all the looks of an SUV. The LT and the LTZ body styles look super sharp too. If you head over to my blog you can see pics of our new Traverse. I highly recommend it.. SOOO happy with our decision! And.. hubby loves driving it too when we take our whole family out on the weekends! Good luck!

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    another vote for the minivan. I have an 08 Dodge Grand Caravan-SXT. It is awesome. It sits higher and has lots of room. I have easily hauled 5 adults and 1 car seat and still had luggage in the back. I have also hauled 4 children in car seats and 2 adults (yes it is 7 passenger but some car seats are HUGE and nearly impossible for me to imagine 7 people in there). The only downfall, there is only 1 latch connector in the back row. The front and middle seats can completely stow so we can use it much like a truck too. I get up to 24.5 miles per gallon on the highway and as little as 16.1 miles per gallon around town (that said I live in a LARGE metro area and I do sit in traffic which does have a major affect on it).

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    I drive a Suburban LTZ which has the back-up camera, nav, dvd, heated 1st and 2nd row seats and much more. I would recommend something with a back-up camera in a larger suv because it has helped me more than once at Target etc when I thought no one was behind me.
    My kids are older and both have their own cars now but when we go on family trips, they have lots of leg room plus we have a restaurant so we always need the room for supplies and Sam's trips.
    I have driven the Acadia and Traverse and both were very nice for a smaller suv. The Traverse drove like a dream and it had lots of space, I almost trade the Burb in but need the extra room.
    My sister-in-law swears by her Honda Odyssey if you like vans and my girlfriend and her husband both just got Highlanders and love them.

  55. says

    If you're not already on Twiniversity you may want to check it out. Another twin mom recommended it to me and I've gotten lots of great tips & advice from moms through the forum on the site, including what type of car to buy. We ended up going with the Odyssey for the space, the power sliding doors (a life & sanity saver!) and the fact that it sits low to the ground which has completely saved my back hoisting my boys and the double stroller in & out of the car. There are also air plane style vents positioned above each captains chair in the back which allows the a/c to keep a child in a rear facing car seat cool with direct air flow. This is something I never would have thought to look for but it's ended up being one of my favorite features especially given how quickly my boys get overheated! Good luck with your search & as always sending lots of love your way!

  56. says

    Hey Megan! I can sympathasize with your little shrimp Knox! I have a shrimp myself! He is in the tenth percentile for weight and height! However my doctor is not to concerned because she always says he is following his curve. That comment about butter cracked me up! I have honestly never heard that! Only in the south!!

    We bought a 2011 Chevy Equinox when we found out we were pregnant last year. I love it and unlike many small crossovers there is actually room for the carseat and you don't have to move the front seats up so your feet are crammed in the dash! I don't think an equinox wold be big enough for twins and all the gear! It's adequate for one baby but the cargo space is crammed when we have to take the stroller. It does have a lot of bells and whistles which I Love. The Chevy traverse is super nice and have a third row, we just didn't need that much room! Good luck with your search! And thanks for sharing your cuties with us! :)

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    I have a Toyota Rav 4 (I think technically it's a crossover) and love love love it!! I love the customer service and quality from Toyota! However, it's probably a bit small for a family with twinsies! BUT they make a slightly larger SUV, the Highlander. It probably gets around 24mpg highway which is decent for it's size! They even make a hybrid version! You can get it with 3rd row seating as well. It doesn't have captain seats, though. My brother has a highlander with his 5 yr old and 2 yr old and they travel in it a lot. Holds 2 big car seats easily, lots of luggage in the back, plus the dog! It is quite cheaper than a big escalade but probably slightly smaller. You can get it with navigation, dvd, sun roof, leather, the works. I would also suggest the Honda pilot, but watch out for gas mileage. I did not like the Honda CRV when test driving. It's small and feels cramped and hard to see out of IMO. I know both of us are short…I am 5'1", so it's something to consider. Hope this helps some and that you find something you like!!

  58. says

    We have a nissan murano and I adore it! It is wider, more like a car, so it feels more secure. IT drives really well and doesn't feel bulky, like some other SUVs. I love the backup camera feature. It also has a smart key. With a smart key, you just push a button on the door handle to lock and unlock the doors. It will only work if your keys are on you (in your purse or pocket). You can also start your car without putting the key in the ignition. I think this feature is great for a mommy with full hands. No digging for keys! There is good storage space in the back and it comes with a shade that covers what you keep in the back so that people can't look in your car and see what is in the back.

  59. says

    Hi Megan! Loyal reader here. :) I hesitated to comment on this post because of our story, but I wanted to throw my two cents in. We bought a Volvo XC 90 when we were expecting our twins last year. Safety was my number one concern, and everyone said it was as safe as safe gets. I love it so much! It doesn't have as many bells and whistles as some do like the backup camera, which would be a definite plus, but of course you can get one with it. I do think the leather seats are going to be great for kids. We still have it and I drive it everyday..we just need our kiddos to fill it now. Love watching your babes grow! They are so precious! Thank you for sharing your life with us. :)

    Margot at http://www.Findyourspark.blogspot.com

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    I just had to throw my two cents in about the car. We used to be an all SUV family and I said I would never ever ever drive a minivan. We now have an Odyssey and it was the best thing we ever did. The kids can get in and out on their own and the auto doors make a huge difference when you are parking and trying to get out. There are too many great things about this car to mention. My list would be too long. You should go test drive. It's awesome.

  61. says

    Hing sight is 20/20 and I would have totally gotten a mini van(Oddessy or Sienna)vs my Ford Escape. I have a 20 month old( who is RF'ing) and a 9 year old(booster seat). It is our "family" vehicle. I'm not a horribly short person(5'6") but even I find the tiny hop into my Escape annoying, especially when getting my DD in her car seat. The next car I will get will be for sure a mini-van. Once the kids start getting too many friends to count, the extra passenger room will be useful. Plus I believe mini vans are cheaper for insurance.
    I've heard the butter thing before as well as gravy! I don't believe a tiny bit of butter is horrible however I would try using avocados and maybe coconut oil(can be pricey, fyi). Coconut oil is really versatile!

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    We ended up getting a Chrysler Town and Country instead of an SUV…way more trunk space for our big stroller. I like having more door space and not having to worry about the kids folding down the middle row to climb in the back.

  63. says

    I thought we wanted an SUV, but got a 2008 Honda mini van 2 weeks ago. How did I ever think I didn't want a minivan? It is wonderful! I think what really sets it apart from the SUV is the sliding doors. I have an almost 4 year old and he can get himself in and out of his car seat. I just push the button to open the door and he can do the rest. It is also great to no worry about him opening the door too fast or too far and hitting other cars.

  64. says

    Hi there, I am new to your blog but have really enjoyed reading it! We had a Saturn Vue and it was too small omg with two kids it changes everything, when my parents came to visit we had to take two cars everywhere! I needed something with a third row and as practical as a mini van is I just could not bring myself to even look at them. Please no offense to anyone I get that they are great but I will admit the style and look of a car is important to me. More importantly is safety. After months of research and a little luck we were able to purchase basically our dream car. It was out of our price range but we were able to snag a used 2011 Chevy Traverse with 20,000 on it. AMAZING!! third row is awesome, we also got the captain seats which was a plus because its easier to get in and out of third row without doing a lot of wear and tear damage to the 2nd row seats. Has back up cam, sensors if you get to close to something in the back. a/c heat in all rows. Tons of stuff and it has some of the highest safety ratings and scores out there. Oh and it's also beautiful! did I mention I love this car, lol honestly if we won the lottery tomorrow (fingers crossed, lol! mega millions baby…ca) I would keep this car it fits our family so well! We also opted for a roof rack, the only third row SUV I could find that didn't come with one standard but we got them to throw it in the negotiations because I had visions of a christmas tree tied down to the top of our car and having extra luggage space for a 7 person road trip planned in our car for this summer! Hope that helps I do love your blog you seem so nice! Thanks for reading.

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    I have a Honda Pilot. We would buy it again in a heartbeat (and probably will). I can fit three carseats across the middle row (a chicco keyfit, a britax marathon, and an evenflo triumph advance {evenflo is a WIDE seat}) and and additional two marathons in the third row (with room between for a small person, especially if it was a child in a slim booster). The third row folds down into the floorboard of the back and is divided 1/3-2/3, so it's easy to pull up just part and keep your cargo space available. Also, you don't have to store the extra seats in your garage when they're not in use. There is room for a double maclaren behind the third row when it's up. With the third row folded down, there's more than enough room for even a big double stroller (we have a bumbleride) plus other items. With three seats across the middle row (or even with two), the people riding in the third row do have to enter and exit from the hatch or climb over the carseats, but that hasn't been a big deal.

  66. says

    The Honda Odyssey is the greatest for having small children. I have 4grandsons under 5. I have 4 Britex carseats, 2 daughters, myself and all of the children stuff in the trunk area. We travel around alot, beaches, parks and even a few long road trips. I just upgraded to the Honda Odyssey Touring and can't wait for our first trip together. Also Honda keeps it value far better than most and it is great on gas with it's ECO system.
    PS: Your babies are just adorable:)

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    I drive a Chevy Suburban LTZ & love it. I don't have any babies yet but use it for hauling things as I have my own business planning weddings. We got it with the intent to have it for many years knowing it would still be prefect for us when we have babes. It has plenty of room and all the luxury I could want & more. Gas isn't great – about 14 city & 18 hwy but the way we saw it was that any suv was going to be substantial drop in gas mileage from my toyota corolla & we may as well purchase one that we would truly be able to grow into.

  68. says

    We love our subrau outback SUV (not the wagon version). One of the reasons we love it is it will fit a toddler car seat with plenty of room for his legs and feet. Make sure to take your carseats along when you look at cars, and also think about the layout of toddler car seats. This was a deal breaker for the Mazda's for us.

  69. says

    My husband and I each drive a Honda CR-V and LOVE them!!! I drive a 2008 and he drives a 2011. When we bought mine, we had children in mind. Although we still don't have kids, we just traded in my old Camry that he had been driving for the 2011, still with kids in mind. We think they will be great family cars for when the time comes that we start having children.

  70. says

    A slow down or trouble with weight gain after introducing solids is, yes, a sign that baby needs more nutrients, but I don't think butter is the way to do it! :-0 This usually means, for breastfed babies, that they are not ready for the less nutrient rich solid foods and should go back to getting additional nursing or formula feedings. There is lots of talk now about how 6 months isn't really a magic age at which babies' digestive systems are ready for the harder to digest solid foods. Adding more breastmilk (or formula) to his diet instead of extra fats (animal or vegetable) is something I really suggest that you look into. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is one source of information about this. Others call it baby led weaning.

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